Thursday 5 April 2012

Meet Our Community: An insight on how we work with our partners- Part 2

Integrated Holistic Approach- Urban Development Project is one its kind in the world and we are proud to have them as our partner, in our mission to transforming Lives. You will understand why- because in the social and political climate of Ethiopia, where the concept of state welfare is non-existent, Integrated Holistic Approach-Urban Development Project (IHA-UDP) has been able to fill that gap. IHA- UDP is an NGO that works among the very poorest of the poor in Addis Ababa, by giving them hope and changing their lives. AddisAbaba is the capital of Ethiopia, which is roughly the size of London, with very high proportion of people living in slum conditions.

IHA-UDP approach is truly an innovative 'all in one' approach to reduce the rate of poverty in 6 of the poorest slum areas in Addis Ababa, with future aspiration of expansion.  These projects stand out as a world pioneer, attracting visits from the like of Bob Geldof, Bono, Brad Pit.  The project currently reaches 40,000 people, and CRED Foundation is strongly part of the expansion strategy that is why we will continue to give our support towards education projects and other charitable projects in Addis Abba Ethiopia, that will positively, bring hope, break the cycle of poverty, and change communities.  

Within IHA-UDP, 8 years of existence, and the support of CRED Foundation it has empowered communities to deal with issues such as health care, sanitation, education and employment, and we will continue to support IHA-UDP to expand into new neighbourhoods, in the following areas:

 Community Development
  • Child Education Sponsorship
  • Library Service
  • Youth Activity Centre
  • Care of the Elderly
  • Special Needs Provision
  • Income Generation
  • Employment Schemes
Primary Health Care
  • AIDS / HIV Clinic
  • STD Clinic
  • Vaccinations
  • Eye examinations
  • Mother & Child clinic
  • Iodine Supplements
  • General Outpatients
Physical Upgrading
  • New Houses built
  • Clean water access
  • Sanitation works
  • New roads & ditches blue

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