Tuesday 3 April 2012

Day 4 (Bex and Katie)

So it's day 2 of working with the children at the school, we all woke up very excited and raring to go.

We arrived at the academy with extra BAGs and suitcases full of moreequipment to please the children as they were ecstactic to see us! The day started with the teacher William welcoming us and the children,before telling the children to find their team leader...the question was would they remember their country? But yes they did, as beaming smiles came running towards us, throwing their arms around us and chanting their country names.

Once all the teams were together, we began by parading around the playground singing and chanting our team names and before no time there were conga's and the competitive sides of each team wanting to win started to show (especially the leaders!)

Shortly after the activities had finished, the primary finals took place - both the shuttle run and chest pass relays - with lots of chanting and cheering. Germany and France took the win and wereawarded t-shirts, chuffed faces all round. The children began to pull and tug at our clothes trying to get our attention and pointing to the sky; we looked up and realised that a full circled rainbow was above us surrounding the sun, absolutely incredible, and something that would only happen so near the equator!

A Spurgeons Gymnastic team then gave us a display of incredible talent: back flips, roundoff
flicks, and no handed cartwheels amazed us all, especially Mr Gwynnwho quoted “I've never seen such high talent in england.” They have so little equipment – just an old flat crash mat, but they were brilliant. The boy in RED really was a PRO, but the rest were definitely little STARS.

Time for lunch. Off to Kenyanito's we went, walking past lots of small self-managed shacks, as little children gathered around saying “How are you” “How are you”. We arrived at Kenyanito's and were swiftly supplied with, yet again, lots of wonderful food.

After relaxing and refueling ourselves we headed back to the school for another round of fun and laughter with the older students. This was yet again an amazing afternoon full of joy and happiness! The afternoon ended with basketball shuttle run relays with Australia taking the win - this then meant they had to take on The Leaders and The Teachers!

The teachers tried to claim they'd won the title but Katie heard them say “quick lets cheer now, they'll think we've won” as proof of them not winning, but this did not get past the wonderful
spectators who began chanting “LEADERS, LEADERS”! Skipping finished the afternoon off and we said goodbye for another day, as children questioned us...will you be back tomorrrow?

Over and out.
Katie and Bex xxxxxxx


Sue Isaacs said...

This is the highlight of my day - reading what you are all doing and making me feel so very proud. You sound like you're having a great time, well done

CRED Foundation said...

Thank you Sue, those youngsters are transforming lives and making a difference. We are proud of them to bit ....:)