Tuesday 3 April 2012

Kenya Team - Team Highlights from Day 3

The team were asked to give highlights of the day at the daily debrief:

Running round chanting their countries and waving their flags as teams
Kids high-5ing us at the bus as we left
Hearing the children saying our names
When they took me into a classroom and they started singing a song to me
The dance and hand-clapping to welcome us
Just seeing all the team working together so well
Being hugged goodbye by a couple of the older girls

Playing ring a roses with a few kids, and then it got larger and
larger as more wanted to join in
Looking at the children in assembly from behind (threadbare clothes
etc) and then seeing them from in front smiling and so aware – just so
different from our kids at home
How they want to just be with us, and know about us and have
conversations about life – both theirs and ours – just so open and
keen to engage
Seeing how our team just got on with it so well, and didn't hang
back, but got right in there
One kid Brian who just suddenly did 2 back flips
Seeing how excited the kids were to spend time with us
Being shown the house where one of the kids lived, and how it made
it all so real

The initiative shown by the team right from the start
Hearing from the teachers and head-teacher just how excellent the
work was that we were all doing
One of the teachers saying 'its a real God's blessing that you are here'
The kids – cheeky chappies, seeing how much they can do in bare feet
The kids give us the determination to push on and give them a great
time, cos they are so deserving


Jane Taylor said...

Keep up the good works guys and girls! Inspiring to read of all the joy you are bringing to these kids' lives! More pictures please! x

Sarah Burling said...

Sounds like you are not only having a great time, but doing great work as well...enjoy every minute, we all love reading the blog,

Sarah Burling x

CRED Foundation said...

They are all bunch of inspiration and our hope for a better world. A billion thanks to the Team...:)