Friday 24 July 2015

Rwanda Friday by Emma B and Natalie

On behalf of us all, we think it’s safe to say that today was an emotional one. After spending the last 5 days with the children at the catch up centre and developing a special bond with them, it was incredibly difficult to say our goodbyes.

This morning, team superman used balloons labelled with adjectives to describe positive attributes about class members.  Each child was given a balloon and then passed around the class and when Emma shouted STOP they had to choose a class member who had that quality about them. The children then had to create masks incorporating the adjective on the balloon that they were holding. Catherine then told the class a story about a Chinese hero and the children enjoyed it. We then had altogether time where Team Superman (Emma’s Team) won the team chant for the second time this week. After this victory we had a session of educational games such as scrabble, puzzles, dominos, card games and number quest – which Tracy spent the entire 90 minutes playing with a group of girls!

Team Mo Farah (Natalie’s Team) started the morning with a lesson on the circle of life of a frog. The children loved the little models of the tadpoles and frogs and then resorted to throwing them around the classroom – standard behaviour! Susie then read a story about a tadpole and a caterpillar – long story short, they were friends and then the frog ate the butterfly! The kids were laughing! We then had a lesson on number generators taught by Sionedd and finished with bingo. After the break and altogether time we practiced our team song ready for our performance. We then made masks where the children decided that emptying pots of glitter over themselves was a good idea; they were more glitz and glam than the masks! We then played Quick Cricket, with Susie trying to explain the rules without anyone understanding her. After this the children made Loom Band bracelets which they always offer as gifts once they’ve finished!

After lunch proved to be one of the hardest and most emotional parts of the week; it was time to say goodbye!

The afternoon started with chanting and performing group songs, where there was a tie as the judges (Dan and Stevie) couldn’t decide on a winner, it was a tough competition!  We then went outside and played a dart game to help with banking scores to see who would be the overall winner. Drum roll please…. In fourth place was Team Incredible (Barbara, Sarah C, Kaya and Emma H), in third place was Team Superman (Tracy, Catherine, Sarah T, Lucy and Emma B), in second place was Team MaLaLa (Rhona, Daisy, Lowri, Aislynn and Genie). In first place it was Team Mo Farah (Sionedd, Susie, Natalie, Sophie and Lauren) which ended up with the team shouting and chanting because I don’t think any of them thought we would win!

There were then speeches off Theoneste, Helen and Genie to sum up how amazing and inspirational our week had been. The children then started to sing and dance to a simple drum beat where even the smallest children were ‘boogying’- putting us all to shame!

As a final treat to the children we gifted them with African donuts and bottles of pop. It made us think of what we have at home and how selfless they were by offering us tastes and pieces of the treats.
It was then time to say goodbye to our new friends which proved to be difficult and emotional for the CRED team and the children alike. There was hardly a dry eye in the school or on the bus, especially when we pulled away and they were all running after the bus.

This evening we went for a meal with the teachers, translators and even the bus driver. We presented Alex (one of the translators) with a Cap, Gown and Diploma as he missed his graduation in the UK yesterday. He was overwhelmed and kept on thanking the team for recognising his achievement.

Overall it has been an emotional and life changing experience to teach the children and to be part of their lives this week. We will never forget them and believe that all of us are leaving a piece of our hearts in the Catch Up School.

Emma B and Natalie

(Sionedd helped by typing)


Unknown said...

Emma B and Team. We can see you have all had an incredible time and are leaving with some wonderful memories. The children you have met will always remember you and that you have made a diffence in their lives. We love you see you soon xxxx. PS Mr Sam says hello

Unknown said...

Hi All
Sounds like a bitter sweet day, from the Blogs and photos it seems like you have all worked really hard all week and brought a lot of fun & learning to the children.
I would love to hear more about the speeches & I'm really proud that Genie was one of the people to give one.
Have a great last weekend in Rwanda.
Love from home
Pete XX

Unknown said...

Hello sarah t and sophie. I think you have both done amazing this week with the way you have helped all the children and all the teaching younhave done for them. This story is quite heartbreaking to know that they didint want you to leave and by the sounds of it they must of had the time of there lives this week. I think all you guys have done brilliant all in all. Miss you sarah. Lots of love xxxxx

Duncan Weir said...

Well done, Bash. Good to see you on your last day of teaching. Great effort.

Friday night is pasta dish night here in Lower Morton and we are all reading about you.

So are Doreen and Jack and Big Dave in Toronto.

And not one joke all week ....

Dad xxx

Unknown said...

The experiences of this week will stay with you for the rest of your life. What you have done, with the support of all the team members, is truely inspirational. Although today has been extremely emotional, the children and adults alike have had an unforgettable day.
Lovely to see you writing the blog tonight and for winning with team Mo Farrow!!
Sadly for you your trip is almost at an end, Enjoy the time you have left. The blog has been amazing in giving all us parents, family and friends a little idea of what you have all been doing. However, we cannot wait to see you and hear all the stories you have to tell.
Love you millions
Mam and Dad xxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hey Laureney-loo!! Me again. Today looked fabulous, looks like you had a day to remember, albeit in a sad but happy way. Love the photo of you smiling and laughing, you'll have to tell me why!! Congratulations on your team coming first by the way! We'll be seeing you in about a week or so, looking forward to it, hope you have a great last 24 hours or so, not actually sure when you're back! Love you xxxx

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Linda Bohin said...

Hi loz, great day I have sat here with tears rolling down my face reading the blog such a happy and sad day for you all. Cant wait to see you on Monday so very proud of you and all your new friends. love you loads mum xxxx ooopppps and dad and charlotte !!!!! xxxx

Linda Bohin said...
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Jo said...

Hi Lucy,
I can't begin to imagine the emotional day that you have had today. Just reading the blog brings me to tears.
Nana has been thinking of you constantly and can't wait to hear all about Rwanda. Sam says "Hi"!!!
Dad and Granny have been following blog too!
You have done some amazing work out there Luce and made memories and friends that you will never forget.
3 more sleeps until you're home! I am counting the hours now!!
I hope you have a great last couple of days.
Must say "Hello" to Helen! I hope you haven't given her too much trouble this week! Helen you are a star.
Please bring some sunshine home with you!
Lots of Love,
Mum Xxxxxxxx

Jo said...

Sorry me again! Maddie did her bungee jump in New Zealand! Xx

Unknown said...

What an emotional day for everyone. I am sure you all feel your lives have been enriched for meeting the children of Kigali and they seem to have really appreciated having you there, loom bands and all.
Loved your picture today Em and saw your body stuck on the wall, it looked fab.
Looking forward to Monday and hearing all of your stories, loads of love Mum xxxxx

Unknown said...

Hiya Natalie!
Well done on helping writing the blog today and winning team Mo farah!
Like Mam said, today was indeed emotional saying goodbye to the children but they will for ever be in your hearts! I am so proud of you for what you have achieved for the past week! This amazing opportunity will always be with you and it is something to be to extremely proud of!
Today me and Carl went to sea life world and that was brilliant! We saw penguins, sharks and this massive crab! Then we went to see Miss Saigon which was fantastic!! I checked in the interval to see if the blog had gone up! The first half of the show ended and I felt teary and then I saw that you had helped to write the blog and I got quite emotional haha! Weather was rubbish today! Got absolutely soaked haha!
Anyway enjoy the last part of your trip and I will see you soon! Love you loads
Rachel and Carl xxxxxxx

GOLD Malawi Team said...

Wow Natalie!! And such a beautiful sentiment to end the blog on. Your heart will always be there and with the children and theirs will always be with you. You have done us all so proud at home - and you even won overall haha!! What a fab way to end the week. Seeing the bottles of fanta in the photos took me right back!! Aren't they so sweet and amazing? If you can find them in Rwanda try Fanta Pineapple, Fanta Passion Fruit and Sobo (plum and cherry flavour). Not long until you are home and we hear all about it in person! Tonnes of love from the family xxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hey Kaya,
Sounds like it was a tough day for everyone at the school. I hope you didn't cry too much, even though I have a feeling you might have. Unlucky on not winning the competition, you can't win them all. I should be leaving for Iceland when this is read out, but I should still be able to text. Hope you have a great last few days in Rwanda, keep the photos and blog coming and keep up the great work and I hope the trip to church is fun. Stay safe, work hard and keep strong.
I miss you but love you more.
Your Nath xxxx

Unknown said...

Great to hear Stevie and Dan get a mention in the blogs. Well done to both of them for all the hard work they've been doing.

Unknown said...

Hope this isn't too late - had trouble with my google log in!

The pictures say it all - so many smiling faces, both teachers and students! You've had an experience that will be truly life changing and will have a positive effect on those you've spent time with. You should be justifiably proud of yourselves, you have given these children the vision to live a better life that can be achieved through their education.

“A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.”
― Nelson Mandela

I hope that today and tomorrow are as fulfilling as the last week. Keep safe. Love you and am looking forward to seeing you again.

Kerys (Dad)xxxxx

Unknown said...

We miss you daddy! Love you so much and can't wait to see you and give you big hugs. Your girls XXX ps obviously the girls can't use a phone so I'm sending this on their behalf. Love you!!! Kxx