Wednesday 24 June 2015

Ready to go!

Waiting to board the plane for the first leg of our journey.

7 happy smiling faces :)

See you on the other side! 


Nan and Dal said...

Safe Journey.

Love to Mitchell xxx

(Nanny) Kim and Dal :-)

Unknown said...

Much love to you, Mitchell. So proud of you! Nanny and Grandad. xxxxxxx

Lisa Bennett said...

Just think guys you would of reached ur destination soon. Have fun and make loads of memories. So proud of you all. Lots of love kayliann. Mum and dad xx

Jade said...

Hope the flight wasn't too long xxx enjoy yourself and do as your told Mitchell xxx make the most of this experience xxx love you loads xxx mum x

Nicola miller said...

Hello Kayliann. Just heard from mum that you arrived safe. Have fun making loads of memories. Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures and hearing all about it. See you soon. Love Nicola. Xx