Friday 26 June 2015

Day 1

On the 24th June 2015, our journey began. We were set on a course to East Africa (Uganda) to improve the lives of others. Our team consists of 7 members who are ages 15+. Participating in this trip is a life changing opportunity.

After meeting at St Paul’s Academy at 6:15am we then set off to Gatwick Airport for 7:30am. Once we arrived at Gatwick we met with the rest of the group and were ready to go through check in. Following check in we then had 3 hours before boarding our flight. During these 3 hours we explored Gatwick Airport shopping center. Where we discovered there was a McDonald’s!  A few of our team members went for a well-received meal before boarding our flight to Istanbul at 10:30am. This 4-hour flight gave us time to catch up on our sleep and socialise.  During this flight we were given the option of either pasta or chicken, beef and rice. We then arrived in Istanbul at approximately 3:30pm Turkish time. After arriving, Shannon, Mitchell and Kayliann went shopping and Kayliann and Shannon found a bargain in one of the shops! After this, we went to go and get ready to board our next flight. Unfortunately, this flight was delayed by an hour. During this 8-hour flight, many of our team members slept. When we arrived at Entebbe airport in the early hours of the morning John (our host) was there to meet us.  Half of us travelled in his jeep whilst the rest rode with Moses in the mini van. After 40 minuets of traveling we arrived at John’s house and our home for the next 9 days, we were shown to our rooms and jumped straight into bed and slept!

Day 2 - 25th June

This morning we all woke up at various times between 10am-midday, we were served breakfast by Sophie, John’s wife.  Today was pretty laid back as we were settling in and unpacking. We have had a few laughs and experiences, for example we found a lizard on the ceiling of the girls room. Also we went for a local walk and found a Woolworths and Uganda’s first 3D cinema costing only £2 for a child and £3 for an adult! Later that evening we arrived home and had a lovely dinner prepared by Sophie, which was beef stew, rice and mash. As we finish writing this Kayliann has just discovered another finger-sized lizard in the bathroom!

So that’s all for now and we will continue updating you as the week goes on.

Kayliann, Mitchell and Shannon


Jade said...
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Jade said...

Glad you arrived safe xxx sounds n looks like your having fun xxx love you Mitchell xxx don't forget to put your sun cream on xxx mum

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