Saturday 1 November 2014

Last day spent at the Nile in the sunshine.


             Hi this is Ellie Simmons here;

-       Getting up later than usual ( only 30 minutes but made all the difference.)
-       Wearing our own clothes love the identity of the blue team shirts but nice to feel comfortable and clean in my own clothes.
-       There was a long drive of 2 hours to get to the River Nile where the whole bus was singing dancing and laughing the whole way.
-       We got on a boat and went around the river for about 2 and a half hours it was beautiful to observe and enjoy.
-       There were monkeys (red velvet monkeys / red tailed monkeys), lizards, beautiful birds and fish at the river.
-       At the end there were amazing rapids it bobbed us up and down, and behind in the clouds we all saw 3 dams.
-       We stopped off at a island to eat our tasty lunch (YUM,YUM.)
-       We got back on the boat and headed back to the bus.
-       When we got on the bus it was about 20 minutes to the markets where we got off and went present shopping ( also for yourself ) ahhh.
-       After trying to get prices down for an hour we headed back to the house where I was sweating so much I put my swimming costume on with MOLDY ( CHYNNA MOLD ) and went for a refreshing shower together.
-       I just want to say how much i miss my family ( mum, dad, zoe, sean ect.)
-       This trip has been an amazing experience for me and am so glad to of had the opportunity to help wonderful children and kind people. It has been extremely emotional, hard at times but amazing.
-       A massive thank you to everyone who has supported me through this trip with donations and general encouragement.
-       I love you mum and dad so much i miss you all and cant wait 1 for my bed but to see you and tell you about this amazing, inspirational trip I have experienced.

Love you all long tong
( bit of seans creation in there )

Chynna here … mum have you decorated my room  xxx

Connie here … miss you loads mum, nobby and daisy see you soon hope you didn’t miss me to much aaah xxx

Beth here … love you mum and dada and lil bros cant wait to see you all missing you loads xxx

Millie here … miss you family cant wait to see you love you
Ps. Hope the room is going ok which is more important than the summer house xxx

Chaila here … leave my room messy please xxx

This is most likley the last blog with photos but I hope to post final comments tomorrow afternoon.

thanks for all your messages.

Just a reminder we arrive at Heathrow at 14.35 (T2) so estimate arrival on south coast around 6pm!

thanks Paul


Unknown said...

Hi roo can't believe its only 2 days and you're be home missed you so much. The pictures today well they look great so for you all to see it naturally must have been amazing. Hope you enjoyed the market have a good sleep tonight see you Monday phone me when your in England. Love you billions hugs and kisses mum xx xx xx xx xx xx xxxxxxxx

Becca and Tim said...

Wow looks like you have had an amazing day. Great photos... Loads of love everyone xxxx

Kerry Simmons said...

Ellie what a brilliant blog sounds like an amazing day/what an experience ! Not long before you will be home to tell us all about this amazing opportunity !! Love you millions and see you Monday !!! Xxxxx

Unknown said...

Lol Chynna moldy, that was very short and sweet hehe, no darling I havnt as Iv had a very bad back this week huni. We're do it together when you get home. We're have a laugh doing it. Looks like you all had a nice relaxing fun day, all looking beautiful in home clothes.. Hope your all well and so so so so so looking forward too seeing you baby girl. Loved all the blogs. Love you lots xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hello everyone. Danushka you look good baby. I am sure you are all exhausted. Long travel ahead . I hope you all keep well. Cannot wait for you to be home now. Danushka please eat n drink plenty during the flight n travel. See you soooooooon

Unknown said...

Hi Jim Jam. Enjoy your last bit of time there. eat and drink plenty on way home.
Can't wait to hold you baby, and play with your hair.x

Unknown said...

Are you sufficiently embarrassed sweetpea?!!x Mama Jules x

Unknown said...

Hi Chai, sounds like you had a great day. dad and Granny are both following the blog but due to being rubbish Dad has not worked out how to comment. He can't wait for you to come back and share all the gossip about the stories you can't possibly post online. You will be delighted to know your room is still a tip but Rob has mended the window. Love you lots. Mum x

amanda said...

Hello my beautiful Katy, Happy 18th Birthday for tomorrow,i am sure you will never forget this birthday.Have an amazing day and thank you to everyone for taking care of my lovely Katy.see you soon lots of love Mum,Dad,Jack and the Doodle xxxx

Paul Zaft said...

Mel, we love the photos on the Nile, I am so jealous you were all boating on it. What a lovely photo of you together all dressed up and looking great!! We are missing you and can't wait until you are back home. Remember to pack everything!! See you soon. Dad and Mum xx xx.

Unknown said...

Hi Millie well the summer house is up and it's fab , when are you home? Better start your room ! Ollie Bon is missing you loads he keeps going in your room. I've had a fab birthday just got home after curry with camping families . Need a bday hug soon. We can't wAit to see you and the change in you and listen to your fantastic experience, can't believe we've been planning for a year and your trip is nearly over , love you loads xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Beth,
Hope you're ok. Looks like you had a fantastic day today, lovely pictures. Not long till we see you and hear about all the Amazing work you have done out there. Can't wait to see you, we have All missed you so much.
Enjoy your day tomorrow and have a safe journey home. Take care, Love you loads, Love Dad, Mum, Alf and Joe. xxxx

Unknown said...

I cannot believe it has gone sooo fast! have tried to 'blog' more but connections here have made it difficult :) hope you had the most fantastic time - it certainly looks like it, - you worked hard for this experience, as did the people responsible for organsing it - I can't thank them enough for their hard work in making it possible!
Not sure whether you will see this before you leave Victoria, or if you will have a chance to reply - dinner Monday night? Any preference? lol
love you loads
(Ooops Lol'd again! sorry!)

amanda said...

Happy birthday Katy have the best time ever,love you lots mum dad and jack x

Unknown said...

Hi Jez, looks like you all had another fantastic day to add to your experience.I hope you got some bargains at the market and the river trip looked amazing.....Brighton lost another game to Bournemouth 3-2 and think they are missing your support lol..can't wait to see you when you get back tomorrow loads of love Mum and Dad xxxxx