Wednesday 30 October 2013

India Wednesday

After another thunder-free night (thank God!) the day started with the ear bleeding noise from the alarm at ridiculous o'clock. Everyone clambered out of bed, tired yet motivated. Then...yay! Time for the Bouncy Bus Bonanza, passing the famous wild monkeys on route. Breakfast consisted of weird rice cake ball things and... surprise, surprise... CURRY!
Then followed more extravagant and varied lessons, ranging from science to dancing to the YMCA. Then came another incredibly energetic episode of 'The Hannah and Mikey Show' where Charlotte, Alice, Stu, Ryan, Sophie and Chloe B all participated in the fun-filled games. Alice and Jevhan had an emotional moment when a student gave them each a really sweet letter (cue: awwhhhhh).

By mid-morning, the sun was beating down and we all began to feel the effect; sweating buckets but drinking endless bottles of water. Some enjoyed the spirited game of rounders, whereas most of the team watched from the side line (in the shade). Others painted hand-print trees with the eager children. Then came lunch...CURRY; the usual ratio of 3:1. We are, also, still being haunted by a swarm of annoying flies. But Eden and Jevhan decided to start ninja-chopping them. It didn't really go to plan...

Afternoon activites were mainly inside (woohoo!) so some of us took the time to wind down. NOT! The kids were still as hyper-active as have been throughout the week. Eden, Jevhan, Alice, Lily and Zach taught their group of children the song 'In the Jungle' which didn't particularly go as planned, ending in a mess of noise, but the kids still had a great time and that's what matters.

In the afternoon session of 'The Hannah and Mikey Show' volunteers from each team stood at the front and threw beanbags at a bottle, with yet another twist. Blindfolds. Teachers from the school even joined in and everyone had a blast. Although we had to end it when one unlucky child received a bean bag to the head (joking).

Then we all started to calm down. The children all had free play so most of the team sat in our shaded upstairs area and had a drink. After preparing our resources for the following day,  the team gathered and awaited more curry.

Now we are off Sari shopping, travelling in Tuk-Tuks.

Written by: Eden, Megan and Kiran

Melissa: Mum, I broke my me a new one please? :-)
Megan: Thanks for commenting, it's lovely to hear from you :) Love to everyone (especially            mike :p) xxxx
Eden: Hey Mum its really great to get your comments read out to me every morning. Miss            you lots, thank you for handing out blog address for everyone to read :) love to             everyone xxx
            Dec if you're reading this, leave a comment :) xxxxxxx
Kiran: Hello Mum,Dad,Jack,grandad and grandma hope your having a great time in blackpool.     It is amazing out here I might consider staying(no joke) :) thanks for all the comments           and love the new desks, they're really colourful.


Unknown said...

Hi Chloe B yet again another lovely blog enjoyed reading it and looking at the days photos of you all having fun hope you have been eating plenty and drinking plenty of water..;0) Miss you smelly xxx

Marcus AKA Your Daddy xx

Unknown said...

hello you, so you have now subjected them to your dancing nice!!!!! Hope your activities are going ok. Yey mummy is going to get a sari whoo!!! milly is well missing you she is moping around looking for you to fuss her Charlie wants to say something when I asked him if he had a message for chloe in india he replied "chloe smells of poo poo".so there you go little brother loves ya oh yeah surprise surprise nanny wants to know what the savoury doughnuts are like?love you with all my heart keep up all your hard work by the kids faces so far it looks like its working sleep tight baby xxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Another great blog - can't believe you're now over half way through. Kiran - delighted you like India so much but if you could possibly come back and do a few exams before you settle there would be much appreciated :-)
The desks really do look great - I will ask Jane if she wants to send the beavers the blog link. We are having a great holiday, jack was delighted that Man U won (just!) and loved the old Trafford atmosphere, the jury is still out on whether the de vere is as good as it used to be, the Pepsi max was closed due to the wind so you didn't miss that one!
Really pleased to see that the rain seems to be staying away and you can do the outside activities - hope it carries on. Have another great day tomorrow. X x x

mike mccready said...

Looks like your all having a great time, especially the students which is great! Good luck to everyone!
Send my love back to Megan:) she is dearly missed! X

mrabp said...

Well done guys ... blogtastic again. You do realise we'll be expecting daily reports like this when you're back at Worthing High !
ps love you Jed
pps love you jed
ppps love you jed

Unknown said...

Sitting in the hairdressers reading your blog update for today and feeling very proud of you all .... Great to hear all your news can't wait for you to share your experiences with the rest of the school! Mrs Hayler..... Not much news on the staff hope they are all doing OK..... I!

mrabp said...

Hi Jed and all of Team india 2013
How are you all feeling?
we're all super proud of you all so far.
just keep it up.
In fact push harder. its a once in a lifetime so far experience.. so give it your all.

Aside Jed can you get some favourite curry recipies from the cook?
any chance its kite flying season.
i hear a good kite competition can be very entertaining.

finally just to let you know its very peaceful and tranquil in windless worthing.

p.s my chess skill have taken a bashing.. even kiaya beats me regularly...
p.p.s.stay there longer ?

luv to all sune!!!

Unknown said...

We are really proud how everyone is pulling together to help others in the team. A fantastic team!
Thank you for another great blog. Abi hope your lessons are going well? and thanks for such a wonderful picture of you with the little girl smiling, made us quite emotional.
Enjoy your shopping trip and be safe on those tuk tuks sounds a bit scary... Dads jealous of you having so many curries!! Lots of love Mum, Dad and Sophie. xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Grace.... great to see you smiling, another great day it appears , 6 days down really looking forward to hear your stories..... love you loads Daddy

Nyree said...

Sari shopping and tuc tuc rides!!! I'm so jealous..did you buy one?? , a sari I mean, you'll never get a tuc tuc on the plane!!! Loves ya, too much top gear, karting and avengers in the house when you're not here, counting down the days now xxxxxx

Nyree said...

.... Guess how much I love you .....

Anonymous said...

you're away from us but right here too, love blogs really helps those left behind feel just a small bit involved. Thanks to those uploading the photographs, they are wonderful, you can almost feel the warmth of the sun.

Roo, did you really sing, were earplugs a resource you packed? Enjoy the curry, remember to barta, they enjoy it when you buy something, it is tradition, almost an insult if you don't! Loves ya Papa Suthie xx

Unknown said...

Hi Darling Girl
Sounds like you're having a ball, we are so so proud of you, and look forward to reading the blog every day. Yet another beautiful clear picture of you and I'm glad to see you put your make up on for that one!!
Thank you for the "shout out" even if it was only to tell me you'd broken your school bag! I'll get you another one before you come home. Hope your lessons and activities are going well, and that you're taking loads of photo's so we can share your experience.
Take Care Sweetheart and know how much you're loved and missed.
Mum, Nannie, Grandad and Jordan xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Zach great photos not sure about
curry for breakfast but when in Rome etc. Not just your papa that misses you but seeing all the pics makes
you all seem a little closer.
Thank goodness for technology. Keep
safe love you. What were you making
with the balloon. All our love
Nana Barbara Grandad James. XXXX

Katie glover said...

Hey...big shout out to nancy Noo from dad, mum, Stan, grandpa, grandma, nanny Joan and all the Liverpool O'Melias. Half way through now. We are so looking forward to seeing you again, although I am quite enjoying being able to get into the bathroom. Have you seen any elephants yet? Or did the monkeys scare them all away? And, Nancy, the question everyone wants to know is, Have you developed a taste for curry?
Lots n lots o'love, Dad, Mum and big brother Stan.
P.s. mum n Sarah have gone to the filming of Strictly! Takes Two.
P.p.s. I finished the front room, very different.

Family Penfold said...

Hiya Soph its Mills! Looks like you're having a great time and the children are enjoying your activities. Wanted to say hello and tell you that Jumble was looking for you on Sunday when we saw Nanna. The boys are popcorning alot too! We're off to chessington tommorow with Yaz- she says hi! It looks quite scary but hopefully not as frightening as tulleys!! Looking forward to doing some more beatboxing on your revision dictaphone!!!!!! Love ya loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Soph - another great blog full of news. It sounds wonderful and we hope you got your sari. The photos are lovely too and gives us a idea of what you are up to. The children really look excited with everything and seem to be very involved with what they are doing. Love the masks! Loads of love as always Grandma and Papa. xxxxx

Unknown said...

Love reading your blogs but Eden get in some photos love all the barrows and riley roo xx

Unknown said...

Hello Precious Gracie ..... Another exciting day We love seeing you in the daily blog but it will be lovely to see you and your beautiful smile back home .... Can't wait to hear all your stories .....have an exciting day again tomorrow ... Love you lots Nanny & Grandad xxxxxx

Katie Maw said...

Glad to see you're enjoying yourself Hannah, can't wait to hear all about it soon!! Take care x x x

Joe Cook said...

Hi Nikita, looks like another fantastic day from the photos, beautiful one of you with the children today, thank you. Hope the sari shopping went well! Miss you and love you loads. xxxxxx

PS Mel had a delicious spicy vegetable curry pasty from work nice she's up for buying you one!!!

Lots and love & hugs
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Family Penfold said...

Hello Sophie Soss! Another full on day by the looks of it - put your feet up in the tuc-tuc!! Pumpkins are going into the porch tonight - they look great! Have a fantastic day - looking forward to hearing about it later! Also, a big thank you to all the leaders for their support during this amazing experience. Lots of love Soph, we're so proud of you! Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nyree said...

Weather forecast for Rajahmundry (in case it's hard for you to find out there).. Thursday: 32'c overcast , Friday 31'c partly cloudy, possible showers. Then the same on Saturday. Have fun

Laura Towner said...

Hi Sophie. Sounds like you're having such anamzing time. How was the sari shopping? Absolutely loving reading these blogs and posts every day. I am such a proud Auntie. Sending lots and lots of love. Auntie Laura xxxxx

The Hig said...

Hi Megan lovely to see all the work you are doing, lots of smiley faces!
Clocks have changed here so make the most of the sun shine. Love you lots Mum & Dad.

Mary Teakle said...

Your whole trip sounds amazing and seems to be getting better and better. Wish we were there too. We are so proud of you for bring such huge smiles to the children's faces .... yours are pretty big too. Hope you're enjoying all the curry - told you it was for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make the most of every moment of your last few days and be the best you can be. Missing you - it's very quiet here. Lots of love M&D xx

Andi said...

Hey Noo'
Glad those ninja moves i taught you are being used !
Blog is brill, highlight of our day, love reading it and spotting you in the photos.
Dads well impressed with the wild monkeys and Clem wants to know when your coming home ( only cause he's moved in on your playstation :) )
Can't believe it's Halloween, your presence will be missed but will makeup for it when your back.
Keep up the amazing teaching, everyone is so proud of you all x
By the way I've adopted Lucy and dyed her hair, I was bored :)
Love u most xxxx
Mum,dad,clem,daisy and Hot Buns xxxxx

Andi said...

Hi Eden it's Nanny and Grandad
Sending you our love and well done you've done great.
Mike and Tracey send their love too. Oopps not forgetting Charlie xx

Unknown said...

Lovely picture Chloe H. Looking forward to the next blog
Mum, Dad & Aidan x

Unknown said...

Hi Sophie!!
Looks like you're having a really good time! I can't wait to hear about it. Miss you so much xxxxxxx

p.s. mum and dad say glad you're having a great time :)

Anita Rowe said...

Hi Lissie

Glad thunder has stopped. Everything looks like a fantastic adventure, except curry three times a day. Enjoy every minute.

Love Nan and Peter XX