Monday 8 July 2013

Day 2- By Elias and JJ

With a mixture of excitement and nerves we embarked on our great adventure.
After a short journey we arrived at the school greeted by loads of excited kids.

First we sorted the kids into groups for Jimmy and Kizzy's activities, and gave them wristbands according to their group.

Afterwards we took our lesson groups to our classrooms and started our activities such as arts, crafts (and dancing to high school musical).
Even though free time was cancelled due to the extreme downpour everyone was still in good spirits by the end of the day.

Even though the poverty was so obvious it was wonderful to see the children smiling and excited with everything we did.
I know everyone has already made some friends and all of us agree, We can't wait till tomorrow!

Carl – aka Pinky

As soon as we stepped off the bus a few of the early arrivals made their way over, shook our hands, said hello and flashed us a winning smile – with those simple gestures how could you not be up for the day and set to enoy it.

I may be a seasoned pro back home but this was going to be a whole different ball game but with the cheery enthusiasm of the children and all the CRED gang everything just flowed off the bat and any doubts and inhibitions just melted away for all of us.
The whole day was a blast from start to finish including the steak and pepper sandwich at lunch which was 'super awesome' – that's  for Laatz back home! The children definitely enjoyed their day and although we had to go with the flow once on the ground, this is Africa after all, which did mean some hastily changed plans the day was a positive event in all our lives and it's only the first day!

The football, volleyball and short tennis were very popular in the afternoon if somewhat manic with them all running in the same playground but great fun.

As we left in torrential rain we were definitely looking forward to tomorrow and what that day may bring. Plenty more smiles for sure!


NickiHesketh said...

We get the sense that you have all had a really uplifting day and can't wait for more of the same tomorrow, which is wonderful to read. Great to see the pics too, it does look like everyone is having loads of fun - bet you'll all sleep well tonight! Big Love Elias. Mum, Dad & Lyra. x

Julia said...

What an incredible day. Looks like you have all bonded on some level with the kids at the school. The photos of the games and fun and arts and crafts all look amazing.
Angelica, you look like you are in your element with the young 4-5 year olds - you always said you love little kids! I'm sure you will make some wonderful friends this week.
I am in awe!!
X Julia, Dale & Ethan