Monday 8 July 2013

day 1 photos

sorting resources

and more

and more

and more!

preparing for lessons


admiring the view from the top of a very high hill outside Addis (we drove there, not walked!)


happy birthday Helen, and congratulations Andy Murray!


NickiHesketh said...

All new to this blogging thing, in case you didn't get the last one... I didn't realise how much stuff there was packed into all those suitcases, fantastic! You are all going to have the most amazing experience and we look forward to reading all about it. Elias good to see you didn't loose your suitcase! Love Mum, Dad & Lyra x

Unknown said...

Lovely to see physical photos of you all and to know you are safe and sound over there. Wishing you the most incredible amazing journey over this coming week. Love, Mummy, Daddy and Alexa xxx

rathi mills said...

It is wonderful to see pictures . Hope you are all having a wonderful time .Very proud of You Louise .Love from all your family .

Julia said...

Wow! What a lot of stuff - amazing how much you have all collected/has been donated. Amazing. Looks liek you have already been hard at work planning/sorting/organising for your week ahead, yet good to see you are still able to find time to enjoy some sights and relax a little.
I look froward to reading the blogs each day and hearing all about it on your return.
Angelica - don't forget to write your journal, take lots of pictures and come home with lots of stories to tell us.
Love Mum, Dad & Ethan x