Thursday 23 July 2015

Thursday Rwanda by Daisy and Emma H

Rwanda blog Thursday 23rd
This morning everyone remained pretty tired after another exhausting day yesterday, which was proved by the Thornbarians who failed to wake up. Today was our last full day of teaching so all the teams were highly anticipating the fun that was in store.

The Incredibles kicked off the day with the tough topic of time which some of the members (Emma) struggle to do anyway. To much surprise many of the children took to the lesson like ducks to water and Barb did an excellent job of making it sound far less complicated. To finish the lesson, team Incredible played a game of Whats the time Mr Lion (Wolves are not known by the children). We even managed to incorporate our team song, In the Jungle, to prevent the Lion from waking. Sarah then took the lead on a lesson based on forces which the children found fascinating, focusing on gravity, air resistance and friction. The children really enjoyed the use of mini cars going down  a ramp to demonstrate how friction slows down objects and how some materials create more friction than others. Kaya finished the lesson with an exciting insight into magnetism and how iron fillings could be magically moved. The afternoon was action packed and very exciting for children and leaders alike. The team began by teaching manners to the children after experiencing the rampage for balloons, holla hoops and skipping ropes. The Incredibles then introduced the kids to what felt like thousands of pens to decorate their new t-shirts. Barb then suggested the idea of signing shirts so that long after this trip we will still remember all of the children.

Team Malala began the day with a classic British story, The Ugly Duckling, Genie hoped that this would introduce to the children to a snippet of British culture. The children were then asked to write their own ending, many of which were very imaginative. Up next was a hands on lesson taught by Lowri where the children made their own model lung using balloons and plastic bottles, the childrens reaction was really positive. We also managed to squeeze in some time to do maths worksheets, which the children understood perfectly. During together time it was our moment as team Malala to shine, we won todays team chant! Hooray! After lunch it was our crafty lesson of the day, T-shirt making. This received a fantastic response, with half of the class copying our Cred T-shirts. I (Daisy) started off a classroom trend by adding a red apple to a T-shirt, soon I had a line of customers awaiting their apple stamp. The day ended with a Teacher Vs student sack race, Lowri won triumphantly and was not willing to let any of the children win. Gideon’s (our class teacher) cheating did not go unnoticed.

After school we visited the ex sex workers, who’ve turned their lives around and now create beautiful crafts as a means to support themselves. We arrived to singing and dancing and some very thankful ladies. All of the group left with paper bags filled with gifts for everyone at home, so you can all look forward to those. 

We are all now nervously waiting to hear Pias’ personal experience of the genocide which is bound to be hard to hear but also inspiring. After becoming so comfortable at the school all members are upset  but extremely excited to have our final day with the children.

Ps. Mum I made it here alive, just took a little trip around Africa before I got here.
Ps. Cal I hope you aren’t feeling too worse for wear and that Mya is glad to have you back! Not too long now Mum, can’t wait to see you!!
Lots of Love, Daisy and Emma H xxxxxx


Unknown said...

Good to see Susie smiling

Unknown said...

It looks like you have all had another really busy day. The crafts that the ex-sex workers have made look amazing I am really glad you have been able to support them.
I hope you have had chance to share the science game you made Em with the children.Have a brilliant day tomorrow, bucketfuls of love, Mum xxxx
P.S. I will make a comment tomorrow but it will be later on as going out to dinner with Jen (your other mother) who sends her love xxxx
Nanna is reading the blog every night as well and sends all her love too xxx

Unknown said...

Really pleased to hear the forces lesson went down well Sarah and that the children loved using the mini cars and ramp.
Thinking of you loads.
lots of love
Mumma and Papa xx

Unknown said...

Hi All
Another fantastic Blog, every picture shows how in to it the kids are, I'm so proud of my beautiful Cathy & Genie for getting involved, getting out there and getting stuck in. That goes for all the CRED Team Rwanda.
Cathy, your car is home & back to its full beauty and the dresser has arrived, I spoke to Helen at Thornbury yesterday she sends her best. All OK here, Dad is now an avid follower of the Blog too and is even more proud than me.
Have a great last couple of days, I'm waiting for another Genie Blog, will there be a 2nd?
Love from home, Missing you.
Pete XX

Unknown said...

I hope the hero story went down well, Dais, my lil droog! Missing you!!

Love Sam

Unknown said...

Hiya Natalie (and all Team Rwanda)
Looks like another busy day, The craft looks beautiful (excited for my present!). The children are learning so much from you all with such a variety of lessons. Such a lovely idea to have your t shirts signed. Enjoy every last second of what's left of this truly amazing experience Nat. Can't wait to see you so you can tell us all about this emotional journey.
Auntie Beverley is asking about you and she said to say that she is so proud of you.
Had a lovely day in Swansea today with Dad. We saw students graduating outside the University!
Love you millions
Mam and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gary S said...

Hi Sophie and all the team, Sounds like you have had another amazing day, First thing I do when I get in from work is read the blog and have enjoyed reading it every day, Well done everyone you guys are doing a fantastic job and should be very proud of yourselves.
Gary (DAD)

Unknown said...

Hi Kaya not long now and your be home u all look your doing such a great job I see they like the holas u took love and miss u mum Shan Mia xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Kaya,
Glad to hear that Team Incredibles lessons have all been successful. I hope my mums time telling books were helpful. And I hope you have been wearing your sun cream like I told you. Photos are great to see you all in (working or sleeping) so keep it up. Hope you enjoyed your last day of teaching, keep up the great work.
Missing you
I love you

Unknown said...

Hi kaya looks like your having a great time cant belive your be home soon tje children are going miss u all love u nan grandad xxx

Linda Bohin said...

Hi Lauren, I have several hello messages to give you:
Lauren it is so good to read the blog - so interesting you will have lots to tell us when you get home. Time is flying. We'll see you soon. Love you loads Nanny S and Gramps xxxx

Lauren, you look as though you are having a wonderful time, it is great to see you with the Rwandan children and making such a difference. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back. Lots of love from A.Sandra, U Reg, Ash, Sinead, Amy and Jack xxxxx

Lauren, Mums turn you are looking a little tired!!!!! Enjoy and embrace your last day with the children, I think I will have to get in your suitcase on the next trip !!!!!!!

Loads of love Mum, Dad and Charlotte xxxxxxxxxxx

Peter Timblick said...

Hi Sarah, well done with your science lesson you will make a great teacher one day, look forward to hearing all the details when you get home. Missing you lots and really proud. Love Dad.xxxxx

Leah Rosemarie said...

Hey Sarah :D

So glad the lesson went well. You all look like you are having loads of fun. I can't wait to see more photos of you all.
Also I love reading the blog posts, so keep the coming, the more the merrier!
Sarah I will say hi to the Olympic stadium for you on saturday ;) missing you.
Mucho Lovin
Leah xxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Aislinn and team Malala,
Another great blog, you have lots of us following it now!
Looks a little tiring from the bus photos!?!
Keep up the great work, loads of love from us all here, M,D,H,J,G,M,B,S etc Xxx

Unknown said...

Hello sarah well done with the lesson. I know you always said you wanna be a teacher and you never know what will haopen in the future but i think your be really good at it. I miss you xxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Pictures look amazing , Sarah your awesome! Thoughts are with you from new Zealand! Xx

Duncan Weir said...


In the photo, are you asleep on that coach?

Keep going and enjoy your last day teaching - you are doing a really impressive job out there with everyone else.

Dad xxx

Nassar Kessell said...

Well done everyone. You're doing a fantastic job. You've done the people of Rwanda a real service by just showing up. It's a tough challenge, emotionally and physically, but stick at it. The smiles on the faces of those children its worth the world three times over. Big shout out to Potter and Mother Poppett from team Uganda. Great seeing the photos. Take care.

Nassar x

Jan said...

Nice dancing Daniel?!
It sounds as though you are really having an impact over there everyone. Such memorable experiences being created for the youngsters as well as yourselves. Great stuff! Jan Potter

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi My beautiful girls,

Wow, another great blog. It is so good to hear of all the brilliant work you are doing. Lowri - I'm pleased you haven't lost your competitive streak!

I'm sure you have all realised by now how much you are helping the children there. The impact of your support and kindness will stay with them long after you've returned home.

I hope you realise how proud everyone back home is of you. I receive several messages every day to ask how you are getting on.

I know I was the first to voice my concerns about you going - you know I'd prefer you to be wrapped in cotton wool with me fussing over you. But now I am so pleased that you decided to go and be part of this wonderful experience. I'm beaming with pride, my girls are beautiful - inside and out!!

That said I can't wait to have you back on Welsh soil so that the fussing can commence!!

By the time you read this your teaching will be finished, I hope you enjoyed the last sessions and didn't get too upset saying goodbye.

Eleri is missing you. She saw an aeroplane yesterday and got really excited thinking it was you coming home. Prepare yourselves for lots of squeezy kisses and cwtches - she has bought you 'skeets' for your return!!

We love you loads and loads and loads, always.

Take care my Leggy Bird and my Baby Girl.

Mam, Garrett and Eleri xxxxxxx

Ian Higgins said...

Hi Emma I've read the blog you wrote and seen the photos what a few days you've had truly inspirational for you and to read I'm just proud of you, Nanny and Grandad are checking everyday and send there love. I hope today goes well lots of love Dad xx

Unknown said...

Hey Emma finally worked out how to post, a little late I know. Everyone looks so happy to have you there, and you are all doing a brilliant job! Me and Mum have been enjoying reading about everything you've done scince you've been there, she said she wishes I would of done something so kind and heartfelt as you. You are very inspiring and alot more brave than me! You are doing AMAZING and I have to say the Higgins household isn't the same without you. We are all so proud of you Em and all miss you loads! Not long to go now, so enjoy the rest of your time. Love and Hugs Mya xxx

Unknown said...

Wow, great photos! Sounds like you are doing some amazing work :-) enjoy the last couple of days xx

Unknown said...

Hey Lauren Bohin! What an amazing tale you will have to tell us, you're doing really well, all of you are, looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about it, love seeing you in the photos, one proud auntie here! Love you lots me and the boys, young and old! Xx

Gary S said...

nicky short
hi sophie nearly time for you to come home! missing you loads poppy,charlie and the cats have missed you too, enjoy your last day, we are very proud of you and love you lots xx mum and dad xx

YLphotopassion said...

Some amazing photos and stories. Well done Tracy, Sionned and Lowri and everyone on your team! This is truly inspirational :) Lots of love xxx