Friday 24 July 2015

Bulgaria Thursday

Thursdays Blog

As we left the hotel on our penultimate day we took the boiling hot walk to the youth centre, where the children were eagerly waiting for the lessons we had planned. After spending two hours playing various outdoor activities such as skipping, limbo/high jump, volleyball and frisbee we returned back inside dehydrated in serious need of water. We continued with the lessons and the children never failed to make us laugh and surprised with their knowledge such as knowing the capital city of Madagascar and Lesotho! 
After a sweaty day the youth workers took us to regional museum of Stara Zagora and we had an hour-long tour of the museum which helped us gain knowledge of the city’s background and then arrived back at the hotel and got ice cream. 
After getting back to the hotel we realise how sad we are going to be when we have to say goodbye to the children that we have grown so close with over this week. We are really looking forward to tomorrow and spending the last day with the children and youth workers that have made this week a lasting memory. 


Unknown said...

You must all be feeling sad to leave but sounds as though you've done amazing work. Looking forward to having you home!!!

Unknown said...

It's pouring down here today so make the most of that heat! You all seem to have settled in so well.

Anonymous said...

Firstly well done girlies, secondly a big well done to my beautiful Bestfriend Reianna. I miss you loads and can't wait to have you back! I've got a few surprises for you to come back to including the standard cheeky nandos.

Love you loads chicken,
Ree and the Chandys xxx