Monday 13 July 2015

Saturday 11th July

What a treat…a lie in ! (well for some,  as quite a few got up to watch the sunrise at 5.30am today which was really amazing . Of course some of us have seen it most days …just saying !)
Pancakes for breakfast and NO WALK UP THE MOUNTAIN !

We had a great visit to the Butterfly Space vocational centre for people with disability. This is another fantastic project supported by Alice .  And what a welcome ! We had an all singing all dancing welcome committee followed by a slap up meal and a tour of the facilities including the tailoring school, catering area, juice shop and much more. It was so lovely to see folk with disability being treated with respect and being offered training . As we were being shown round the mushroom farm Mr Nkhota , the chairman who a teacher , a volunteer at the centre and is himself disabled, explained that attitudes to people with disability is very poor in Malawi and they run the centre to teach that disability does not mean inability. 

After buying lots of their beautiful bags we headed off to Nkhata bay to buy some of the lovely crafts to take home. What amazing bartering these students do. Hate to think what the Asda shop will be like from now on ! Humaira and Kyle , now crowned King and Queen of the wheeler dealing.

This team has been truly amazing . We spent our last debrief session reading out messages of encouragement and thanks to each member of the team. This turned out to be pretty emotional with very few dry eyes by the end. Parents you should be very proud of your wonderful kids …we certainly are. It’s been a privilege to lead them. A pretty remarkable bunch of teenagers !

A beach BBQ and indescribable local talent contest brought a great laugh to the end of our life changing stay at Butterfly. I’m sure many of us will be back…. Alice , Thank you !!! so much !!!


Hazel said...

You deserve a lie in. Have really enjoyed reading the blogs. Enjoy your last day xxx

Unknown said...

It's gone so quickly - you've packed so much in too. Looking forward to hearing about it all on Wednesday. Xx

Unknown said...

Amazing words:) memories to last a lifetime and friends who will always have a special place in your heart:) hope you've played your yukalaylee Liv and making made some steel drums to use your drumsticks.

Love you poochy xxxx

Alice's mummy said...

I have very much enjoyed reading your blogs and being able to share in your wonderful experiences, you should all be proud of what you have achieved in such a short time, I know I am. Xxx