Saturday 11 July 2015

Friday, by Humaira and Katie

Hey guys!

Today was our last day at Bolero School and it was an emotional day. In order to prepare for our celebration we all made sure that our last lesson was memorable and enjoyable.  At the end of the day we all got together to celebrate our hard work with the children, this was truly a remarkable moment! Lots of singing and dancing took place, songs such as the Beatles ‘A hard day’s night’ and 'lean on me' and also 'walking in the light of God'. Along with this we sang a variety of African songs. The smiles on the children’s faces glowed and shone, it was amazing!  During the celebration, speeches were made by Kiran and a student from the school, as well as Helen and the headteacher; they were emotional and hit home for most of the people on the trip. 

We had lunch at the school; however it was also with the teachers which made it even more special. For pudding we had a lovely lemon drizzle cake that Imogen’s nan had made, and everyone loved it, in fact we even went up for seconds! We would all just like to say a big thank you to Gagi! J

Then it was time to say goodbye. This was difficult for most of us as during our time at the school we had bonded with the children and had got to know them, so this made it even tougher. In fact tears were streaking down faces; however we knew that it was now time to leave, so we all made our way down the challenging mountain, but the journey was made easier as dozens of children joined us on our final trip down. The mountain was harder for some than others, but we all encouraged each other and spirits were high! In fact we are all now really fit and ‘hench’.  

We finally reached Butterfly Space and we were glad to think that this was the last time that we would be walking up and down the mountain! This was a huge relief for us!   

In the evening, we all heard the story of Alice (the butterfly space owner), who originally lived in England but then moved to Malawi. It was very interesting and inspirational and we learnt a lot about the Malawi culture, which was very fascinating. To conclude, today has been a great day which was full of amazing memories that I am sure will stay with us forever!

This blog was written by Humaira and Katie

PS from Helen: there will be a bit of delay before posting the next blog as we are heading down to the game park for safari etc so won't be able to get online until Monday evening. At that time I'll probably be posting blogs for Saturday, Sunday and Monday - so be prepared for lots of words and photos!!
love to all of you from all the team


Vanessa Gower said...

Aww, it must have been hard to say goodbye. You should all be very proud of the brilliant work you have done, I know I am 😀. Enjoy your last few days. Love Vanessa xx
PS What day/ approximate time are you back?

mamamayhem1970 said...

Hi Everyone. I have just been looking back at all your blogs and photos and reading all the comments from your parents which were very touching. They are clearly very proud of you all and I am not surprised. It looks like you have made some wonderful friends and memories that will be with you forever. All that hard work has been worth it. Back here at Rushcliffe, we are missing you all but not as much as we are missing the Samosas! So much so that I had to drive over to Forest Fields and buy some today. Yum!
I am sure your experiences will have taught you a lot about the world. Please come and see me and tell me all about it when you are home. Well done everyone. Mrs Roberts

Shareen said...

Hello Humaira and all,

It seems like your all having a fantastic time in Malawi and I'm sure your going to have some great memories that will be with you forever! It's been great reading all the blogs and experiencing part of your trip!

Lots of love, from all of us at home - Baba Love love :) xxxxx

Sunita G said...

Hi everyone and Harry. You should all be proud of yourselves. The last day at the school must have been quite hard. I am sure there would have been some tears. You will have memories of this that will last forever. No more hill now!! Look forward to hearing your African songs on your return. Nik can't wait to hear them!! What a fantastic experience. Loving the blog. Enjoy your last few days.
Good to see a few more photos with you in Harry. By the way, I will have rice and cabbage ready on your return!! It's amazing how much food is in the cupboards when you are not home!

Love mum and Nik x

PS not sure if Dad and Dan have any signal in the Peak District. I am sure they will post a comment when they come home x

Unknown said...

Hi Harriet and Anna
Hope you both survived your last day at school and have lots of wonderful memories to share when you are back.
Really loving the photos today. You look like you are having a fab time.
Enjoy the next few days. Have you managed to see the medical centre?
It will be strange not hearing from you for a few days but keep trfa k so you can share when you can.
Have spoken to Ems who is all packed and ready for her World Challenge adventure tomorrow. She's looking forward to catching up with you when she's back.
Hope you have a great last night at Butterfly and don't drink all the Fanta!!
Missing you and love you loads. Mum and Dad, G & G (AKA The Wrinklies )xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Moll and friends, It sure does look like you have all an a fantastic time out there in Malawi, lots of great memories that you will all have for ever. Moll looking forward to hearing all about it, after looking at some of you fantastic photos that have been posted, hopefully you will have a lot more for us to look at.. It's amazing what you have al done in such a little time, You all should be very proud of yourselves, Moll Nanar and me are so very proud of you. Enjoy your time at the Game Park Safari, You may have seen some of the animals in the many zoos you have been to. But to see them in wild, will be awesome. That is one thing I would have like to do. Bye for now Moll, take care, and keep safe, keep on enjoying yourself. Love and miss you lots. Nanar and Grandpa xx

Unknown said...

Hey baby girl Liv and your wonderful friends:) absolutely amazing all of you. So emotional I bet on your final day with such beautiful children. I'm sure you will have lasting memories and have given lasting memories to the children EOTO:) this is what it's all about. Liv the Angels will be with you all tomorrow nana will be looking down on you with her heart bursting with pride 😘😘😘😘 every one sends big hugs and kisses from the gang and says enjoy every minute sweets.
Love you poochy with all my heart xxx

Carol and Neil Weatherley said...

Hello Anna and friends - my lovelies ( bit of Bristol there)

Hope you had our message the other day.
We really look forward to the blog every day and today's pictures are truly wonderful. Anna - the one of you holding the children's hands is lovely brought a tear to my eye! When I think of all that hard work you all put in at home and how it seems like your team will have made such a difference there's a tear in my other eye. what a magical time for the school children and you all - memories to last a lifetime

Hope you are not feeling too sad today - enjoy the next stage of your adventure. Hope you get to see some major wildlife- you could entice an elephant with a sticky bun?

Take care lovelies

Carol and Neil xxxxxxx

PS. Hugs and kisses Anna - love you! Xxxxx

Unknown said...

hi everyone, what an emotional day you have had, its making me want to start fund raising again which im sure i most probably will do in the future :), ive really loved your blog and cant wait for monday to see the rest :), looking forward to having you home katie we have missed you xxx, hope you have taken lots of photo's babe, if you hav'nt get clicking :).
you've all done an amazing job and im sure you have all made a very big difference in these childrens lifes, you should be really proud of yourselfs :).
hope you all enjoy the rest of your trip you have deserved it :).
from a very proud katies mum :) xxx

Martin Humphreys said...

Must have been hard saying goodbye to all those lovely children after your time together, what a fantastic experience you all shared. Enjoy your last few days. Can't wait to see you Imi, Herbs & Mikes missing you too, much love Dad xxx

Aunty Usha said...

Hi Harry! Sound like you're all having an amazing time! What a great experience, one which you'll never forget.
We all love reading the blogs to see what you're doing each day. The photos are great, you all look so happy.
Shivvy loves hearing the stories and trying to spot you in the photos. He's really concerned about you and asks if you're eating breakfast and sleeping in a soft bed! He said come home soon so he can have a cucumber competition.
Nanny and grandad R are also keeping up to speed with your adventures..they've got the hang of it now!
Enjoy the rest of your trip and especially the safari...uncle anand and I have been on safari in Africa and it was amazing!
Dhruv is now avery experienced dribbler.not with the football though...he's teething!
See you soon..take care. Love from Aunty Usha and the boys!

Alice's mummy said...

Hi baby girl, I bet the tears were flowing today!! You have made me even more proud of you and I didn't think that was possible.
Well done ALL of you, one kind act can make all the difference. I am looking forward to hearing all about everything.
Love n hugs sweetheart xxx

Unknown said...

Hi there, no doubt your last day at the school was hard, for all of you and for the children you have been working with. Ror, I hope the safari fits with your morals and you have a great trip. You have all made such a difference, be proud. Can't wait to see you. Bon is very excited....lots of love always, mum xxx