Thursday 2 July 2015

Day 9 - What this week has meant to us...

My memory for today is the kids were grateful about everything. I enjoyed this trip very much and even if I say so myself it was a life changing opportunity and something I will always remember. I have grown a close bond with everybody including the kids. I would definitely do this again. I am so grateful to Hannah and Ian who arranged this trip and would like to say thank you for inviting me to come with you. I have had a fantastic time and I will remember you’se all dearly.

My memory for today is that I learnt that the kids respect so much stuff and that at home I take it for granted. People in Uganda have made me feel very welcomed into their country especially John and Sophie which have welcomed us into their home, I appreciate this a lot as they have put so much effort in for us to feel safe and at home. This experience was so amazing , I enjoyed teaching the kids as when they smiled it made me smile as it showed how happy the kids in this country can be with just bubbles or painting .This journey has been very emotional as it made me feel sad that people was living in these conditions. I would like to thank the XLP team and Hannah for organising this trip as I have witnessed a life chancing experience and I am truly grateful. I will remember this trip as I have enjoyed my time here and also because I have made many people smile.
-Shannon x

One of the best memories that I am going to take from this trip is how happy people who are living in tough conditions are despite how bad their own situation is. They could be in the worst shelter for a home that you could think, hardly have any food or water, and not have very much to do in their lives, but they are still always very happy. It makes me think that back at home, I shouldn’t take advantage and not be to happy with a few things in my life because there are happier people in a more worse situation yet are still extremely happy. I like to thank those people who made it possible for me to be on this trip, including those who offered me the chance, those who organised the trip and those who sponsored me so I had the money to go on this trip.

I had some good fun today and learnt a lot about how optimistic the community really are, I see how much the children appreciate education and even simple things like water and colouring in. This whole week has been amazing and eye opening for me, I had so much fun just playing and helping the kids, even participating in the brick making was surprisingly enjoyable but very tiring. I think our relaxing day was incredible, the boat ride through the Nile was fun, and the meal after was delicious. I will 100% definitely forget our amazing driver “Moses”, he has such an amazing character and would laugh and teach us Ugandan. Also he was just such an amazing sport, as he would let us sit on top of the jeep and he would just have friendly banter with us. Before this trip I had many concerns, such as Ebola, the food and missing home, but Ebola isn’t here the food cooked was amazing and I coped with missing home, but am now on my way so feel happy. This has been an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone.
-Mum I will call you when I am at school so you can pick me up, also I would really love KFC chicken burger for dinner tonight I am soo desperate for one lol xx  love you xx
- Mitchell

This trip has truly been amazing, it is clear that materialistic things are worthless when you have such high hopes, Ugandan style. The people of Uganda have minimal resources but nonetheless this does not bother them the slightest, they are always happy, excited and thankful for everything. I am happy I was given this opportunity; it is unfortunate that I am unable to help more but nevertheless I am happy with the work I have put in even though it was minimal but I know the communities are thankful for our help.  This trip has given me a completely different stance on life and that I will never forget, Lastly I would like to thank Sophie, Teddy, John and Moses for having us. You have been very accommodating, thank you!! –Nicole xxx  

We have had a really amazing week, we were inspired by meeting and living with an amazing man called John who despite coming from a shanty town and losing his family in the Rwandan war, got the opportunity to come to study in England and has now come back to Uganda to help change peoples’ lives. To having moments of anger when we met a lady called Lillian who lived with her whole family in one horrible room and had just lost her child and was about to be evicted by the government – we want to do what we can to help her. We have had ups and downs, we had to use disgusting toilets and some of us got sick and one of us even got bitten by kid the team never gave up what they came here to do which was making the most of their opportunity and doing whatever they could to help others. I am so proud of this team who have worked all this year to raise money to come on the trip, to prepare for what they would do, who overcame fears within themselves and many people saying they shouldn’t or couldn’t go and did it. WELL DONE TEAM!
- Ian

What a week! 
And what an amazing team - it has been a privilege to go on this adventure with them - watch out world these kids are coming for you!!
- Hannah x


Nan and Dal said...

Thankyou for taking us along on your adventures too :-)
You've all done a fantastic job helping others.
Thankyou to all who played a part in this trip.
Safe journey home.
Love to Mitchell x x x See you soon x x x

Lisa Bennett said...

Glad u have had a amazing adventure and have helped so many people. I have enjoyed following your blog. Have a safe journey home and i shall see you tomorrow. Lots of love kayliann. Mum and dad xx

Unknown said...

Well done Mitchell ANC the team! Proud of you!