Thursday 2 July 2015

Day 8

Another early start to the day with us having to wake up around 7:30am, in order for us to get ready and prepared to return to Acholi for our first day of teaching in that area. We arrived at Acholi to start our lesson at 9am. We split the day into two, with Ian, Shannon and Kayliann teaching the kids colours for the first half followed by Nicole, Michael and Mitchell teaching the kids numbers for the second half. Both groups helped support each other when it wasn’t their lesson that they was teaching.

The kids that we taught today don’t usually get the opportunity to go to school, so the kids were both naughty but enthusiastic! This meant that it was the hardest day for us so far! The naughtiness included Mitchell being bitten, Shannon having things thrown at her, the stealing of play dough! There were a lot more amazing moments such as the kids waving their flags with pride, all the kids singing along to the number and colour songs and the day ending with the kids leaving having learnt a lot from us. We managed to even get the kids to learn about odd and even numbers! We think that a special mention has to go to our ballroom dancing experts Mitchell and Kayliann. We think the pictures do the talking.

On the journey home, Ian and Michael got especially excited when they saw the Ugandan national football team minibus! When we got back from Acholi John had surprised us with takeaway pizza!

As we are writing this, we realized we are exactly 48 hours away from landing back in Heathrow! This trip has really gone quick.

See you soon England! Michael and Nicole.

p.s. We are really jealous that we are missing out on the really hot weather in England! L

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