Tuesday 25 November 2014

Tuesday Blog, by Liam; Through the Lens

Day visit to Jinja

It has been nearly two years since I last came to Uganda with the first AfriDACA trip. I was originally worried and anxious about returning, but as soon as I arrived I realised I had no reason to be. My confusions and unanswered questions about my last visit to Uganda shadowed how beautiful and amazing this place is, and looking through the lens of my camera has opened up a whole new Uganda.

The great thing about getting film footage and photographs of the trip is that it allows me to also sit down and speak to many of the people in my photographs. I have learnt so much about Uganda, good and bad, by having conversations with others. I realised that last time I only saw the surface of reality. From John and his inspiring story, to the deep and dark story of the Acholi community, this visit has revealed many truths, which I hope to tell in the films and photographs I produce when we return to the UK.

Today we visited a resort called Jinja. After a long drive we arrived near the dock where we would get some small boats out onto the River Nile. There was lots of wildlife, a tricky visit into a bat-ridden cave and some awkward ‘front of the titanic’ recreations by David and Nass. We returned to the dock just in time to avoid a very heavy tropical rainstorm, where after around ten minutes of rain, we realised that we had left the sunroof open on one of the cars (which had numerous bags of wallets and camera kit inside). Through the pouring rain, mud, thunder and wind, Bailey, Adam and I rushed to the car; Bailey jumping onto the roof, hanging down and throwing the soaked bags into the back of the car, before managing to close the roof – It felt like some sort of Action Movie. Despite very wet car seats and bags, luckily no belongings were damaged inside (phew!).

We then went to the shops in Jinja to buy souvenirs and gifts, before returning home to a wonderfully cooked meal by Sophie and Annette.

It’s not long now until we come home back to England – I wish I could stay for another two weeks. Thanks to everyone who is on this trip with me for being great friends, as well as being fine with the camera. I hope you all enjoy the final product.

Also, thank-you Helen for inviting me back to Uganda. It has inspired me to think about my future and the futures of others, and has made me realise that I probably don’t want to have a career where I’m always sat behind a desk.

Sending love to everyone at home.

Liam x

PS from the team - thanks to all of you who have sent comments. We love to hear from you, so please keep sending them.


Unknown said...

Jambo Bezunga :)

I hope that says hello white people? Anyway if not that's what I meant to say :)
Lovely pics Liam - you've really captured people well and given us all a sense of participation in your adventures.
Looking forward to seeing the video.
Take care - give Benny Boy a hug from me.
Sara - xx

Unknown said...

Hello everyone Hi Jess.Thankyou Liam interesting blog & photo's.We look forward each evening to hear from you all & in our thoughts. What sights you have been seeing.Enjoy your last few day's.look forward to tomorrow's news& pic's Love to all & big hug for Jess Love you loads Jess Love Grampy & Granny x x

Unknown said...

I love reading the daily blogs and looking at all the photos.you are all doing a brilliant job.
Not long until your home Joe, I can't wait to hear all about what must be such an amazing experience.
Take care
Lots of love
Nan and everyone here xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Liam, so great to read your blog! We are so proud of what you and all the others have done on your trip, you have done so much and I'm sure all the people appreciate everything you have done. We're sure this trip will be one you will not forget in a hurry. Can't wait to see you on Saturday to give you a big hug Liam! Enjoy your last few days everyone xxxxx

Unknown said...

I look forward to being handed the tablet to read the daily blog. It's always a great read, you should all be very proud of your achievements! The eyes say it all in the photos, you can see the communities appreciate your help. Keep up the good work. With love and prayers to you all Debbie(Leonies mum)xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Joe, just been reading the past couple of days blogs...you should all be very proud of yourselves you are all doing an amazing job, you can see from your pictures what a difference you're making, they will miss the company of you all when you leave.
Can't wait to see you Joe and listen to all you have to tell, I bet there is so much that doesn't go into the blogs (you'd be all day writing!)
Yet again....very proud of you, We all are.
Love you Joe. From Auntie Lou xxx ps. Have a lovely video of Chloe singing at her school talent show (she came 1st) I will show you when you get back...or mum will. Take care xxxxx

Lorna Reed said...

Hi Jess, News from home is: liv has gone home from hospital today with baby Pippa, Darcy is in charge of looking after the school chickens this week (so she is full of it)! Andy has started his new job & Ethan is finally doing his homework!!
Not as exciting as your news & photo's. Great blog once again, thank you Liam.
Love & miss you Jess. Auntie Lorna xxxxx

Unknown said...

Good pic of David with his mouth taped I have often wanted to do that Love You Loads David xxxx Nan