Sunday 23 November 2014

Sunday, by Ben

Today we went to church in the morning. I liked it because I recognised some of the songs from my church. 
Then we had lunch which was rolls, sandwiches, fruits, tomatoes and cucumber. 
After lunch we went to see the new Hunger Games film. We walked to the cinema. It was different to the UK one because the Ugandan cinema has 4 types of popcorn, but the UK only has 2. I had salted popcorn. Also the chairs didn’t slope up so high, it was flatter than the UK cinema. I liked the film a lot; it was ten times brilliant than the first and the second!
This evening we might go for a walk, and then we are planning what activities we will do tomorrow.

So far, the thing I have liked most about Uganda is that the food is different. It is nice in the UK but it is a different nice here. Also I like the children here, they are so cute and everywhere we go they call out Bazungu (which means ‘white people’).
They seem very excited when they see us, and call out Bazungu, and wave to us.

I try not to be emotional, but I am missing my family, and my sister’s birthday. Also when Benson told us about his family and how they were killed by the rebels, that touched me a lot. I felt sorry for him, as I thought what it would be like to be in his shoes, and wonder why do they kill my family, and kill innocent children. It was so sad to hear, but Benson is talking about it and that makes him feel better. When people keep all their feelings inside they won’t feel better, but if they express how they feel then people can see their body language and understand why they are sad, and help them feel better. And they feel much happier once they have told someone about it and not kept it inside.

Out of St Josephs’ school, Mityana and the Acholi, all three are my favourite. I know St Joseph’s will have missed me when I wasn’t there, but it isn’t fair to just go to one place all the time. I’ve liked all of it so far.

I want to thank John and Sophie for looking after us in Uganda and welcoming us into our home. And I want to thank the schools for letting us go in there and do the activities we’ve done, and help them in different ways.

I like all the team; Joe and Bailey make me laugh a lot, and we are having lots of fun together. The rest of the team are all good team players and let me join in as well and never leave me out. It’s a really good trip and I’m looking forward to the rest of it.

Goodbye from Titch / Ben!

a few random photos from the past week, as we didn't take any today!


Lorna Reed said...

What a lovely post Ben it must be a great experience to be making such a difference to the community over in Uganda.
Lorna (Jess's Auntie)

Lorna Reed said...

Hi Jess
Just to let you know Stevie Richie has been voted out of xfactor. I'm really pleased!
I enjoyed my gala today and got a certificate as it was my 1st one.
Love Darcy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Helen Hardwick said...

Hello team.
Great post Ben.Five types of pop corn i hope you saved me some...!!
Keep up the brilliant work.
We look forward to your blog and photos
Helen (jess,s mum)

Helen Hardwick said...

Hello all I am Jess's Sister!
Hope youre all good, and having a fantastic time! Looks like it by the photos, nice for everyone to keep us updated!
Lots of Love
Georgie x
Missing you Jessie

Unknown said...

Benny Boy!!

It’s your step sis Abi! Just want to say a massive THANK YOU so much for my beautiful perfume. I was just thinking the other day I’m sad that I cant afford to buy any – you are very thoughtful.

I hope you’re having the best experience ever – I’m sure everyone has warmed to you and you’re making a big difference.

I think it’s amazing what you are doing – you are so brave and kind.

Big love from all the family back here. Stay safe Benjamin!!!!


Unknown said...

Well done for All your news We lookforward to reading it & photographs love to Jess love from Jess's Grampy & Granny

Unknown said...

What a lovely post Ben!

It's great to hear about all of the things that you're doing. It's sounds like you are learning a lot and making lots of friends.

Enjoy the rest of your time there, I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when you're home.

Lotte xx

Unknown said...

Hi Ben,
I enjoyed reading your blog. It sounds like you have made some good friends in Uganda.
Looking forward to hearing all about your trip when you get back.
Rhean x