Tuesday 22 July 2014

Ethiopia Tuesday

Yet another fantastic day! We were woken up by the sound of typical English weather, rain; reminding us of home. Fortunately, the rain had stopped as we arrived at the school but some of the lessons were delayed as some of the buses were battling the wet roads.

We completed the lessons much more confidently than yesterday as we had got to know the children and their abilities. We found that today's lessons were more structured which maximised the enjoyment of both the children and the teachers because of the classroom dynamic that everyone shared. It was such an amazing feeling as we saw the delight on the children's faces as they gained more knowledge.
In class 5 (13-14 years old), they made story boards. Many of the children wrote about their own or their mother's lives which was emotional and many of us saw it as an eye opener. In class 2 (6-7 years old), sock puppets were made in the afternoon. It was like a glitter factory explosion but all the children had so much fun and looked delighted as they proudly presented their puppets to us.
Jimmy also led another great activity today. We tied balloons to the children's ankles and we had to run around and try to pop one another's balloons. This activity allowed us to bond with all of the children as we all shared the laughter and the fun.
Today, the home visits have started and classes 1 and 3 have left to go on the visit and the rest of the classes shall go tomorrow and on Thursday. We hope they have fun and gain a good lesson from it.
We all miss you and we are having a great time on this once in a lifetime trip.

From Monica, Mia and Maisie.


Marianne said...

Thank you for keeping up this blog . It is so great to be able to hear what you are doing . Your students look so happy and absorbed . You are clearly doing a brilliant job .
We miss you and are extremely proud of you
Marianne ( Maisie's mummy ) xxx

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Isobel!
Lots of love, Mum, Dad & Po xxx

js6501055 said...

Really proud of you all! Absolute delight to see you working so well with the students. Thanks for being such great ambassadors for BHHS.
Jennifer Smith

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Isobel love Amelia and Fraser xxx

Unknown said...

Such a nice feeling when your work starts to blossom .

Lots of love.

Gigi & Ehab kelada