Monday 21 July 2014

Blog Monday

“1fvgcgghgthfgggvvvbvbvvfgggghhjcxfdffgtgr6rt6rrtrrrrtrrtrrrrrrrtrrt6rtrtrtrrtr6tr6rrttttteterertre” - Tariq, one of the children, and who has a lot of learning difficulties as well as cerebral palsy, impressing us with his keyboard skills for the first time.

Hey friends and family,

Today was our first day of teaching! Everyone really enjoyed sharing their knowledge with the kids and loved getting to know them. The youngest being only 3 and adorable! Some being as old as 20. They are all so pleased to meet us and eager to learn. We've had lots of fun and games, the weather has been great. The language barrier is interesting but the translaters are helping a lot. Can't wait to come back to the school tomorrow and continue with teaching. The pace the children are learning at is very impressive.
Interesting to hear the background stories from some of the kids, one in particular stood out; a boy named Mandela who has been part of the programme for a while and it was delightful to hear his mum had qualified as a cook thanks to WAR. Their old lifestyle has been changed for the better over the last year.
The women working for the programme provided us with a fantastic lunch! Hope everything is alright at home everyone sends their love.
P.S Everyone's going to do an Angelina Jolie by the end of the week!

Lots of love and hugs from Issie, Rosie and Cammie x


YvonneB said...

Great to read your news and get a glimpse of what you're up to. It must be strange to actually be there after such a long build up. I hope all your hard work in planning and preparation is proving useful but imagine there's a lot of making it up as you go along too.
Take care everyone and sending lots of love and good wishes.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you are all having fun, the pictures tell it all, great to see the children so engaged. Think you may have your work cut out re the key board skills!. Thinking of you all, we are very proud of you, keep up the good work.

Looking forward to the next blog.

Hope you all continue to have fun.

Claire (Issie's Mum)

Unknown said...

Can't tell you how proud we are of you!
It's great getting your blog, especially with the photos. It makes it more real for us at home.
Have a great week!
Heather and Bill xx

Unknown said...

Very nice photos.keep up the good work.
So proud of you

Ehab kelada

Unknown said...

ebstchsending our best wishes to all,
& thank you for updates & pictures, looks like everyone is enjoying the experience,xx < Amber's Granny Kay>