Friday 12 July 2013

Friday - final day with Women At Risk

Today we woke up at 7:00am. We were all very tired but we wanted to get up because we were excited for our final day of work. After a usual breakfast of eggs and omlettes we set ofF ready. We arrived and quickly set off to the classrooms to get ready. We started our lessons, we had a fairly fun day. We did cricket, tennis, volleyball and some English. We finished early today for lunch as we were going for lunch at The Women at Risk offices. We had the traditional Injera and What. It was quite nice but not very good. We then walked to the place were the women made their scarfs. We watched them make some and we bought some necklases and scarfs. After we did this we returned to the school for the  final celebration. In the final celebration each group did a summary of what they did in the week. Everyone did something and the kids parents also came which was great. The final celebration was great and everyone had a good old laugh. It was a great day and a brilliant week. But then came the sad time we had to say goodbye to all of our friends we had made over the past 5 days. Everyone was very emotional and a tear came out of nearly everyone's eyes. It was a sad time but a celebration of the fun we had had. The bus on the way back was silent as everyone reflected the last 5 days. In the evening everyone had a some downtime and some fun. The St Christopher's lot all went to a very good Italien whilst the older ones had dinner at the hotel and the went on a late night tour of the city.

Everyone was upset but we all felt very happy with what we had done. We knew the people we had met would be friends for life and we would remember them in our hearts. We have had a great time and I am sure many of us will hopefully come back to Ethiopia with the Cred Foundation to work with the children or to meet up with our friends for life.


lunch at Women at Risk offices


weaving scarves is one of the income generators for women of the project

youngest class do their songs at the celebration event

a bit of freestyle dancing from the oldest class

final goodbyes


Jane Bushell said...

Wow!! what a week you have all had - fantastic teamwork, well done everyone. Alexander, we knew your heart was set on undertaking the Cred charity trip to Ethiopia right from the very start and you have been amazing - very proud of you and all from St Christopher's. Much love, Mummy and Daddy xx
Ps. Leonie and Elias - thanks for putting up with Alexander's constant chit chat and good to see Mel in the photos at last and looking so happy.

Unknown said...

I've just read back the weeks blog and pictures, one thing struck me and that was the smiles on everyone's faces. The work you are doing must be so rewarding to you all as much as it is enabling to the children and women there.
looking forward to seeing Georgia and Evie home, take care all.