Sunday 26 May 2013

We have arrived

After a night on a plane with very little sleep, we are now in Kenya and so is all our luggage, thankfully J

Having checked in to the Mayfield Guest House, our home for the week, we went out and visited the Giraffe Sanctuary and the Elephant Orphanage this morning. Everyone got to feed the giraffes that wanted to, although none on this team tried the giraffe kissing option!

The elephants ranged from really tiny with sun-tan lotion on, through to cheeky juveniles out for a bit of fun, and as a result some of the onlookers got splashed with mud - not any of us though.

A good meal back at the guesthouse revived the energy levels, and then we went and did a bit of shopping – some craft items and some supermarket bits and pieces.

The afternoon finished with a visit to Spurgeons Academy, just to see what it looks like, to get a feel for the space, and to help with the final preparations tonight.

The drive to Spurgeons involved going through the outskirts of Kibera, with rubbish dumps along the side of the road, and crazy driving everywhere, and lots of noise, and smells, and sights that are way outside what most of us are used to. A very thought-provoking journey, which we will see twice a day for the next 5 days.

The school was a bit of a shock, as they have just started doing some major building work; and as a result there is organized chaos everywhere. We all still have rooms to do our workshops and teaching in, but its definitely not quite how we were expecting it!

Never mind – it will all work out, and we will still get to spend time working with the children and staff, and that’s the main thing.

Now its time for supper and then sorting out preps for tomorrow before an early night – definitely been a long day, but a very good one at that, and a great start to our adventure.

That’s all for now

Helen, and team

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