Friday 26 April 2013

Capacity Building for Partners in Ethiopia and Rwanda

In Ethiopia, CBISDO and AHISDO are two local organisations continuing the work of IHA-UDP.  Comic Relief have funded a two year bid to strengthen and develop them, and now is the first 6 month review.

Some fantastic progress made amidst some challenges.  Getting management systems reviewed or in place, supporting the management teams and Boards in tough decisions - it's not easy, but worth it for the people you meet for whom it makes a difference.

CRED Team Trip Ethiopia goes to AHISDO in October.

For Rwanda, Good News for Peace and Development in Rwanda (GNPDR!) are doing some great things.  No-one else is taking street kids and marginalised children and young people and transitioning them to mainstream schools...  They really do have a key solution to a big problem.

We've been letting our imaginations loose, dreaming dreams and scheming schemes...  Their vision is to facilitate education for vulnerable children and young people in Rwanda's prisons and from the streets.  We're with them all the way.

CRED Team Trip Rwanda goes to GNPDR's Street Kids Catch Up School in July for the first time - the kids in Rwanda are really looking forward to it!

The library at AHISDO

Local women pitching in to help cook meals for children and the elderly

School lunches at AHISDO for sponsored kids

At the special needs provision, memories and resources from Teams gone by!

Not looking too happy - just woke them up from nap time...

Fruit in African nations: organic and unbelievably delicious, the UK doesn't know what it's missing out on!

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