Saturday 7 April 2012

Day 8: The Grand Finale - Mini Olympics & Football Tournament

Saturday – The Grand Finale

Today saw the culmination of all that has happened during the week,
with the mini – Olympics for the Spurgeons kids in the morning, and
the football tournaments for the teams run by the various football
coaches in the afternoon.

The mini-Olympics was total participation for all the students who
turned up, with every student taking part in every event, and the
scores being based on the team's performance overall rather than
picking just the best individuals to take part. It made for a fabulous
atmosphere and some really good team work as the older and younger
ones all competed together representing their countries.

There were 5 events that they all took part in: 10 bounce relay, vortex howler,
triple jump, chest push and sprint relay. The leaders were very much
kept on their toes keeping a tally of how their team was doing, whilst
also making sure the events were run correctly. Everyone did
brilliantly, and the event was a great success.

Mention must be made
of Gwynnies excellent powerpoint presentation last night which helped
very much with the preparation for today – it's amazing what you can
do with paper, pen and sticking plasters!

The Olympics finished with a relay that included the leaders racing
the final lap. Points were not included for that however, due to the
number of disputes about the final placings. The only placing not
disputed was Helen (oldest runner taking part) coming in first – she
did have a head start though, so not necessarily the fastest!

The final result was very satisfying for the Brazil team who came in
first, with Australia in second and Germany in third. Unlike the real
Olympics, the USA didn't dominate it is good to report! The trophy was presented to the winning side, and it is hoped that this will be carried out again in future years as testimony to the Olympic legacy that we have all endeavoured to set up as part of this trip.

In the afternoon it was the football tournaments. There were 4
different 7 a-side tournaments: u-12 boys, u-14 girls, u-14 boys
schools and u-14 boys clubs. The competition was fierce and well done
to Shoj, Lillie, George and Charlie for their refereeing prowess, and
also to Olli, Nathan, Laura and Sophie for their lining, assisted by
some of the teachers. Everyone did really well, and the u-12's ended
with a penalty shoot-out won by Spurgeon's team. The winners for the
u-14 girls was Shofco club followed by Stara Rescue centre, the u-14
boys schools was won by Spurgeons on the Old Trafford pitch, whilst
over at Wembley the u-14 boys clubs winner was Young Super Eagles. All
the matches were games of two halves, and it often only took a minute
to score a goal. It was a feast of football and we even got some

Thanks to the generosity of many people and organisations back home -we were able to give each school or club a full football strip, 6
footballs, some bibs and some cones. They were all delighted and
sported their new strips with pride – thank you to everyone in the UK
for helping to make that happen.
Trophies and medals were given out to the delight of all winners and
runners up, and then it was time to say goodbye to all the Spurgeons
children that we have grown to love during this week. There was not a
dry eye in the house, or on the bus home, and the stories and
experiences will stay with us for ever. Be ready for some changed
lives when we get home!

The day finished with a meal out at Java coffee house, and then
tomorrow it is safari for some and giraffes and baby elephants for
others before the long ride home.
See you soon everyone!

[too busy to upload pics, sorry, hope we can do this tomorrow]

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Sue Isaacs said...

Sounds like brilliantly organised events - well done all. Can't wait to see the photos, hear the stories and see you all, especially Soph xxx