Tuesday 12 April 2016

Bulgaria Day 3 (written by Dan and Tyff)

What a great day it’s been! We started the day with a light breakfast and tea. Then we all had a group discussion about the day ahead and the jobs that needed doing.

We started decapitating daffodils first whilst others were organizing the garden into piles of rubbish or bricks etc. and Tyffany W, Angel and Angelina were organizing the playroom in the Ark ready for the kids on Saturday.

I (Dan) helped to construct some drainage with the broken-up rocks along with Neil and Josh.
After that, some of us participated in another football match with village locals (they really love footie here!), and Tiff Evans made Spaghetti Bolognese.

We were all tired, dirty and ready to wind down by the time dinner was made, but took great pride in the hard work we’ve been doing over the last couple of hours.

Tyffany Wyatt was encouraging us to practice our rudimentary knowledge of the Bulgarian language as we walked to the shop and back, and the villagers were very happy to speak with us to their credit. We have been making tentative progress in establishing good connections with the local population. We were even assisted by some friendly Bulgarian girls who also allowed us to test out our language skills on them!

At the end of today we hope to wind down with a good DVD and probably have a well-deserved early rest ready for tomorrow.

PS the first few photos are of Dobrich where we were yesterday, and then the photos of today start from Dan and Tyff dead-heading daffodils

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