Wednesday 10 February 2016

Tuesday 9th, by Maddie C and Livvy

Hey guys,
It’s Maddie Cook and Livvy.

Today Reagan and Ellie went to the visually-impaired class for a short visit; they had a really good time there and it was a real eye opener for them. There will be more people going there later this week, so you’ll hear more about it from some of them.

As well as spending the morning at school teaching the same children as yesterday, we also helped at the Butterfly Youth Club in the afternoon. There were about 25 – 30 children of various ages, and we all had a great time playing volleyball and other games, doing loom bands and other crafts (some of their loom band strings were soooooo long!), and the children also loved the musical instruments that we had with us.

tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and so, because the school is a Catholic one, they are having a day off. So we are going to another of the Butterfly projects that works with disabled people, and then in the afternoon will do some games and crafts with some of the older pupils who have the option to come to the school specially for time with us.

Today I led a presentation about England and its culture, and how it’s similar and different to Malawi and its culture. This was the first time I have had to stand up in front of them and speak confidently by myself- somehow. It was very nerve wracking right before I started as I’ve never really done a presentation in front of so many people before, but as soon as I finished I felt so proud of myself and so very relieved at the same time.

Also, to my dad, sister, brother (Ellie and Josh), my ever so lovely dog Alan, and everyone else in my family: I am actually eating the food, and it’s surprisingly nice. I’m having a fantastic time over in Malawi, and have much to tell you when I get back! Don’t miss me too much ;-).
I love you all so much and thank you to everyone who has supported me thought all of the preparation time – especially you dad, thank you for everything, thank you for allowing me to come here and experience this, despite your many worries that you have held about me getting ill or something disastrous.

We did a lot of painting and creative things with the classes today and the standard 5 class loved it and got on with it really well but the standard 6 group really struggled. We have an albino boy in our class and he just throws himself into everything. I taught him how to use the play dough cutters and things and he was just having such a great time. That’s only one of my million stories I need to tell you guys so make sure you haven’t worn your ears out before I get back because I will be talking to you about everything.

I love you all so much and just wanted to say thank you to everybody who helped me get here and the team for being so supportive especially Megan. I really don’t want to leave, Alice has done such an amazing job here and I couldn’t ask to be in a more beautiful or special place. Also, the food is amazing. We had pancakes today so we didn’t miss Pancake DayJ

P.s. Dad your message literally made me bawl. I never get messages from you. Mum I didn’t cry at yours but that’s because I expect yours every time. I love you both and josh. Tell him I expect to hear from him before the week end too. Lots of love.

That’s it from us can’t wait to hear your comments, until the next blog. See you all soon.


Unknown said...

Another fab blog. Well done everyone you should all be very proud of yourselves.

Lovely to see a photo of you Ellie and to see you smiling. I bet you are loving it. You won't want to leave those children. How cute are they? Good to hear that you've being doing some youth work (see how hard my job is ;-)). Well done for wearing your band I can see it in the photo and really hope it's working.

Not much happening here. Keely is staying at school today until 9 to help with props for RC ( you got out of that ha !!)
Everyone is asking how you are getting on and although not commenting are all reading the blog.
Hope you've had a great day babe. Look forward to hearing tomorrow's.
Love you lots and lots and proud as always.

Love mum. Xxxx

Unknown said...

Sounds like another good day was had by all. Nice to see your face sasha well most of it lol. Kath says hello and hopes your enjoying yourself x had a disaster with pancakes the mixture in the bottle stuck snd even thou tina shook it lije mad when i poured it in the pan it was just milk we did laugh but got there in the end. Hope ur eating enough to get by! Love and miss you love mum xxxx

Unknown said...
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heidi nye said...

Another great day by you all,
Although I beginning to think Mollie has got lost out there or she is avoiding the camera at all times
Nan and grandad send their love as does dad and Rebecca
Keep up the good work
Mum xxx
Hi bex and Beca and sasha xxx

Unknown said...

Seems you ate all doing great work and please do come back home. Thought you might cry if dad msgd you. Lots are asking after you at school and work. 6 days down only a few to go. Lots of love and all the gushy stuff with it mum xxx

Unknown said...

Seems you ate all doing great work and please do come back home. Thought you might cry if dad msgd you. Lots are asking after you at school and work. 6 days down only a few to go. Lots of love and all the gushy stuff with it mum xxx

Ellie's family said...

Hi Ellie been thinking about you loads , its looks such a touching way of life they have to lead, and makes us all realise how lucky we all are ,not long till your home love you lot Ellie rose love coopers pic have touched me well done to all of you

Mum and Dad Beardmore said...

Hi Oli. x You all sound like you are having a lovely time. The pictures look amazing. We are all missing you loads and can not wait to hear all your stories. I have just spoken to Granddad and he told me to send his and nannies love. Not much exciting news here but I have been keeping an eye on the news and the American Presidential race has had elections in New Hampshire. The Papers say that Donald Trump Triumphed!! so guess he won...I bet no one else wants to hear this and I expect they are all booing by now!!! Love you Matey and continually proud x Spray - Net - Pop xxxxx Love you zillions and zillions xxxxx

Unknown said...

Hello David Lem. Aunty Sybil and Cousin Toni send their best wishes and hugs. Hope you're coping with all that added responsibility and rising to the challenge. I'm sure you will be doing fine as a team leader.
Feels like you've been gone ages and time is passing really slowly. I bet it's flying past for you guys because you've got so much to see and do.
Kat's a reformed person but you'll have to see for yourself. She send her best wishes too.
Your parcel arrived TODAY. The cost of the postage wasn't right!!! Never mind maybe you can use them on your next trip. Big hugs Dad xx

Nehpets said...

♠ ♠ ♠ JACQUELYN ♠ ♠ ♠ - Compared with the awful weather we have been having today was a good day - The sun came out to play Hip, Hip, Hip, Hooray :)

As you know I'm not really one for small talk so I will leave you with some more quotes I tracked down - not just for you Jacquelyn but for all of you to be inspired by.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

"It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings" - Ann Landers

Always in my thoughts xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Abby it is Baylin !
I have seen all your photos and the one when you were teaching all of the Malawi children. I wish you were here I really miss you. The swimming pool looks massive! I wish I was there to! I can't wait for you to come and babysit us!πŸ˜„❤️
.LOTS OF LOVE Baylin age 9 and Hayden age7

Nehpets said...

♦ ♦ ♦ JACQUELYN ♦ ♦ ♦ - Whilst you are all being inspired here are two more ...

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today" - H. Jackson Brown, Jr

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team" - Phil Jackson

Unknown said...

I hope you all are having an amazing time and have even more fun for the remaining days ! It looks like you all are enjoying it and are having a good time making the children happy! You are all amazing people and should be proud of what your doing! Ellie I'm so proud of you and cant wait have you back and to tell us all about your adventure and what's happened on your amazing trip! We're all missing you and love you very much❤️ Love you lots❤️
Love Lilly ❤️
Ps. Your bed is soooo comfy πŸ˜†

Courtney said...

hey amber! I hope you're having a great time ((it sure looks amazing!)) I take back what I said yesterday,we're gonna wait till you and nanan are back to have a pancake day;) I can't wait to see you and take you out for a special sprinkles;) love you lots xxxx

Sara said...

Hi Abby , Wow what a difference you are all making & memories you will never forget . They all look like they are having lots of fun & enjoying every minute.
I love seeing your little face when I look at the blog photos , I'm so so proud of you & so is Dad , missing our sofa times but your doing a far greater job where you are . Love you lots Big Girl & Dolly sends lots of purrs too .love Mum , Dad , Amy ,Alfie , the Woo Woo's & the rest of the Animals Xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Chloe , amazing pictures it's great to see them. Glad you had another good day. Just to let you know Jay and Carley had a baby boy today (no name as yet). Keep up the good work. Looking forward to next blog. Xxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hey guysss its laila..not too sure how this commenting thing works as ive never been this side of the blog before!! Ive had a flick through the photos and it all looks insane! So jealous I cant be there with you all.
Right where to start...
Hope my main gurl tinney is loving it and not missing me too much. I know you hate me at the moment but our love is too strong and I cant wait to abuse you when we get home!
Mollie I hope youre holding back the tears and brushing your teeth regularly.
Corbs youre beautiful and I love u, im sure youve already started many debates and shared your political views with the group.
To the highly abusive and often inapproapriate rebekah, I cant believe weve parted for so long! I miss the bants man, its so strange to go so long without being called a minger. Youre amazing I hope youre last trip is as good as the rest and cant wait until we reunite!
And finally helen, I hope everybody is eating and drinking adequate amounts for you, or god help them is theyre not! Although you terrified me when we first met I cant believe how close we have come over the years. I owe so much to you and cant thank you enough.
I hope you all have an amazing trip, im with you in spirit!
Lots of love, laila xxx
Ps. Massive shout out to all the losers that havent recieved a blog comment yet, weve all been there havent we bex?
Love love xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hey amber! I spent about 10 mins (over exaggeration;)) doing a message and forgot to post it haha. Anyways it looks like you're having a lovely time! By the way ignore the post I put up yesterday, we're gonna have a belated pancake day with you and nanan! Make sure you get lots of footage, mum will explain;) pretty cringey but exciting at the same time ahah. I hope you're having a great time! I miss you alottt and can't wait to take you out for a cheeky sprinkles (in which I probs won't be able to eat hahah) love you millions!xxxxx

Lisahopton said...

Hey Bailey, wow! Those pictures look fab! I'm so very proud of you. I hope you have given the children a Bailey music lesson;-) I bet you and Ollie are entertaining them brilliantly. Nanny says hi and grandad says behave yourself. I hope you will write on the blog one day as its great to hear what you are all doing. Phil and I are looking at surf spots for August for your birthday. Can't wait to give you a massage hug. Love you sooooooooo much Boo Boo xxxxxxxx

Michelle said...

Hi ya Jemma

Great to hear another good blog and to see some pictures of you, sorry you got my talent for drawing! But I'm sure the children were not worried or it made them smile!! Also see you are managing to get some gymnastics in!! I want to read a blog from you about how much you are eating too please!
Thought about you all lots today as we have been on safari and you will all love it, will be a great final to your time there. We also saw lots of children going to
School and lots that were not so lucky to be going and a ferry crossing back to Banjul, I don't think we will ever forget! Look forward to the next blog installment love you loads and loads Mum and Steve xx

Unknown said...

Oh I just realise I posted it twice;) sorry;) hope you, Lew Lew,Abby, Maddie and everyone else are having a great time❤️❤️
PS;; Hope my girl Mrs C is having a great time;) missing you more than I miss Amber;)

Unknown said...

Hello dumplin' boy xxx
Message for Maddie - sooooooo well done for doing, and enjoying, your presentation. I still get nervous and still get that great buzz when I've finished!
Looks like all having a fab time with the kids, and giving them a good time.
Now off for a week bubba and going to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Mayflower tomorrow with Sally and the Catholic OAPs!
Keep having a great time.
Looking forward to the 16th, love and hugs, Momxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Sammy.
Nice bit of tambourine action there! Not sure if you were singing too? If so, I hope the children enjoyed it!
I hope you are enjoying every moment and can't wait to hear all about it. Make sure you get plenty of photos - of everything!
Missing you - especially weird when I walk past the open door of your empty bedroom.
Can't wait to see you next week. Keep working hard. Love you lots. Mum xx

Gary Cook said...

Hi Maddie,
So so proud of you and love you so much. Well done on the presentation it takes a lot to be able to do those sort of things, I certainly couldn't do it. Your growing in confidence and growing up really quickly. And I'm so glad your eating and can't quite believe it. Your all doing amazing and such a worthwhile trip. Can't wait till you get home and tell me all about it. Enjoy
Love from us all. And Mum would be so proud of you darling. Keep up the good work.

Susie Conway said...

Hi Sammy and team, just been catching up on what you have been up to in the last few days - it sounds and looks amazing. Look forward to reading the rest of the posts. Auntie Susie and the gang xx

mandy said...

Hi megan - moo

Can't wait to see you, time is really dragging here. I bet your time is going really quick with all the stuff you al have planned.
It's good to see the odd photo of you,try and take some more so you can show us.on a selfish note I want you home but I know what you are doing is a fantastic experience, plus them adorable children need you more than us right now roll on Tuesday thou.
It's been lovely reading the blog and seeing what you have been up to each day.
Beryl and chas send there love.
We are so very proud of you darling missing you loads.
Lots of love mum,dad,danielle, Asia and nan. Xxxx

Hi jacquelyn

Looks like your having amazing time. I expect you have talked everybody's ears off but I'd love to hear your and Megan voice right now. So proud of you. love mummy mandy xx

Zoe McCullough said...

Hi Ellie,
We've just been looking at the blog and it looks like you're having a great time and it's lovely to see the photos too.
I'm sure the children will benefit from all that you're teaching them and your memories of this trip will last forever.
Have fun and look after yourself.
Love you lots Auntie Zoe, Alex and Claudia xxx

Zoe McCullough said...

Hi Ellie,
We've just been looking at the blog and it looks like you're having a great time and it's lovely to see the photos too.
I'm sure the children will benefit from all that you're teaching them and your memories of this trip will last forever.
Have fun and look after yourself.
Love you lots Auntie Zoe, Alex and Claudia xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Penny , looks again like your having a fab time. Photos are great especially with you surrounded by kids think you are making loom bands.

We are missing you loads , but toffee is really missing you !!!!
Looking forward to next blog.
Love and kisses

Mumma and Reebs.xxxxxx😘😘😘😘😘

Unknown said...

Hey guys, glad to see you all arrived safe and sound and are in full flow with your teaching! The place looks absolutely stunning and the kids look excited to have you all there. Sorry i can't be there to support the amazing work you are all doing, unfortunately i've got a ton of lesson plans, marking and an essay to get in before the end of next week, the life of a trainee teacher never stops. Anyway, thought i had better leave a message for a few people. Firstly to the LeAF Studio mob, great to see you getting stuck in and doing the school proud, hope Geography lessons aren't too boring without me. Hopefully i will qualify by the end of May so I'm planning on coming down for a few days to do some work with Paul so will see you all soon! To Corbstar, sorry i'm not there to share a beer and some tunes with you brother, but keep up the good work, Rwanda style, love you mate :) To Bex, oh my beloved Bex, how i wish we could sit there an shout "guuuuuys" at the top of our voices to annoy you know who and give out our special awards to the group. And finally to Helen, thanks for giving these guys another once in a lifetime opportunity, they will still be thinking about this trip years down the line like me. Anyway thats enough from me, have a smashing time, learn lots, enjoy every second of it and keep the photos coming because i have't got time to read all of the blog posts! Peace and love from the north west, Carl x

Unknown said...

Hi Amber

Once again it was great to read the blog and see lots of pics, the children look so pleased to have you all there. It looks like your all having such a great time that you probably won't want to leave, but remember the memories will stay with you forever!
Nothing much exciting has happened here other than the BBC and Meridian tonight coming to my work today to report about the doctors going on strike. I didn't get myself on TV (phew!!) but I felt I had to mention how my 15 year old daughter along with an incredible bunch of teenagers are in Malawi providing a weeks education to children much less fortunate than themselves. I was very surprised when they showed an interest and they told me that if you get some good footage of your time in Malawi we are to contact Martin Dowes (who gave me his business card!) and they might run a story!! They even suggested a video link interview of you all out there!
So get the camera films rolling you could all be the next stars of Meridian Tonight!! (Lol)
Anyway enjoy the last couple of days teaching, keep up the good work and we very much look forward to having you home.
All our love as always Mum, Dad, Courtney and Roxie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Dan

Hope you are having a great time-looks like it from the pictures. I bet you won't want to come back after spending time with the children.
It's so quiet here without you, we are missing you loads.
My mum sends her love and hopes you are having a good time.
Hope you continue to enjoy this amazing experience, so proud of you! Can't wait to see you to hear all about it.

Lots of Love
Yas and Jay xx

Darren Toms Coaching said...

Lovely update. So much good work being done and some wonderful experiences.

Sammy, all is well at home. Everything is packed and we've even cleared the garage ready for the big move this weekend.
Nessa dog is slightly worried with all the boxes and activity but she'll love the new house when we get settled.
I know you must be having such an amazing experience. Enjoy it all and take photos, videos and diary so you can look back in years to come.

We're missing you a lot here too. Can't wait see you.

Love Dad, LenLen, Julia, Lewis and Nessa Dog.

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca, I hope Africa is treating you well!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Livvi, hope you are enjoying yourself, missing you, look forward to seeing you next week, love you lots, grandma xxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Livvi, hope you are enjoying yourself, missing you, look forward to seeing you next week, love you lots, grandma xxxxxxxx

Callum Scoulding said...

Its awesome you guys are having a great time cant wait to hear all about it when you get back livvy
Miss you lots xxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Mrs Cummings, Missing you! Looking forward to having you back after half term, I hope you are having fun there and that all the pupils with you are behaving!
Love Jennifer

Unknown said...

Hey Bailey,

Some cool pics ... it looks like another world out there ... hope you are enjoying it. Like the volleyball too ... not sure your mum will like that! Hey ho ... hope you taught them your Dad's moves!

Will be great to see you when you get back ... really look forward to hearing all about it. Safe trip home.

All our love, Dad.