Saturday 17 October 2015

Team Bulgaria - Saturday, by Amy and Asia

Hello all from the Bulgaria team, 
we are all safe and well and arrived this morning in Sofia. It had been a long night in Gatwick airport but we all seemed to have a good time keeping our selves entertained with card games and silly jokes.

 After our flight, we got picked up by five taxis, all taking us to our hostel: Hostel Mostel. As we travelled through the city, we were stunned by the magnificent views of Sofia. 

Also, this afternoon, we went for an interesting, but quite long walk around the city, and managed to gate crash a wedding that was happening in a church! We discovered quite a few of the monuments, and some of the team were delighted to find a Costa Coffee!

The accommodation we are staying in tonight is very clean and cosy and we have already made our selves at home. 

Tomorrow, we are extremely excited to travel to Stara Zagora to meet the children we will be working with for the next week. 

We will be soon going out for dinner and later on be heading back to the hostel. 

We are all missing you lots.   

Amy and Asia x


Unknown said...

Hi Guys,

We're glad to see you're arrived safely and that you're having fun.
Just wanted to say that I am so proud of you for going out on this adventure to help others and to see the differences first hand between the Bulgarian community and our own back home. I hope you enjoy the experience, make friends and learn something new.

Looking forward to the next blog entries,

Tobi and Mum x

Unknown said...

Glad to see you got there safely and that you are all having fun! Amy we are so proud of you! Missing you lots already. Big hugs. Lots of love Mum, Dad and Josh xxxx

Unknown said...

So happy to see that you have all arrived safely. Great pics and it sounds like fun. Keely we are so proud of you. Enjoy the experience and give it your all. Miss you lots but looking forward to hearing all about it and the blog entries.

Love you lots.
Mum, Dad, Ellie and lilly xxxx

mandy said...

Hi Asia and the rest team.
Glad you have all arrived safely, you all look gorgeous considering you haven't slept much. I'm surpised Asia didn't keep you all awake at the airport with her non stop talking. Asia we are all so proud of you, enjoy every minute as the time will go so quick. Love you lots mum, dad and the rest of the family. P.S Thanks Bek's without you my girls wouldn't have these experiences. Xxxxx

Kelly Batson said...

Happy to hear that you've all arrived safely.The photos are great.Robert we are very proud of you.Enjoy every minute,your minutes will go fast.Lots of love Mum and family.xx

amelly said...

Glad you have all arrived safely, George and Jackson send their love Robert and we hope you have a fantastic week, the photos are lovely, Sofia looks beautiful.....Take care Dad and Nan...xxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Well done guys, I would have loved to have been out there with you and the children, but unfortunately I didn't have the time to raise the money. However, I hope you all have a great week and make a lot of people happy there!

George Woollard
Year 11

Unknown said...

Hi team, glad you made it all safe and sound! Gutted I'm not there as part of the flower arrangers (heshri you better not have changed the name). Great to see Batson and Traves flying the flag for studio and my Geography lessons, proud of you both. Can't believe Bex has gone all the way to Bulgaria to crash a wedding, you would have thought she had enough seeing them week in week out! Have a great time, make the most of all your opportunities and most of all have lots of fun. Remember if it's banter it's not malicious :) peace x

Unknown said...

Hi Katie x just seen photos :) Sofia looks grand, especially the Cathedral! Look forward to seeing pictures of you supporting the children, have a brilliant time. You and the Team will, as always, enrich their Learning experience! Boys send their love especially your Jake xxxx

mariemears xo said...

hey glad everyone had a safe journey:)
i would of writen on here earlier but i was having trouble with it.
hope your okay mrs cummings, amy , keely and asia x
btw amy keely and asia if we find out the theme of rock challenge i will tell you on here or you can just wait till u get back.
anyway miss you loads already simmons :( cant wait utill you get back. love you millions.
bye guys x
love marie xo

Unknown said...

Hi bunzil,hope everything is going well.Love you lots,Mum x
have a good time and make the kids happy like you love dad xxx

Unknown said...

Hey glad everyone got there safely,
So proud of all of you. Amy I'm missing you silly amounts and what I told you I've got for you is here waiting ❤️ Can't wait for you to come back. Hope your all having a great time and you all stay safe. Love you Amy❤️ And we've got a gig next week so be prepared 😂 see you all soon 💕
Love, Molly 💫