Tuesday 20 October 2015

Bulgaria Tuesday - Beca and Mollie

Second day of our project, up bright and early once again with breaky being 15 minutes late, putting us behind schedule and munching on sandwiches on our journey to the school. 
Routines are not very consistent out here and the majority of the time we’ve all got no idea where we’re going or what we’re doing - all the fun of it we’d say **quoted by Beca and Mole. 
After splitting our separate ways we all got stuck into teaching our grade 1 – grade 8 children! These children (a mixture of Bulgarian and Roma Community) are purely amazing and full of so much mischief.

Once we’ve left the school we are off to the youth centre for lunch, bread.
‘Bread is good for the head and the heart, bread is life’.

After sorting through all of our resources last night ready for today, everything had taken a turn for the unexpected.


Split into 3 groups we went on external adventures – 2 of our groups went to different orphanages which contained children aged 11-17 and the third group went to a Kindergarten where the children were all aged 6.

Back at the hotel ready for debrief and a chilled evening, all set ready for the morning.

Ø  Quick shout out to Sean - if you're reading Bex wouldn’t mind a comment mainly to know if you’re still alive!?!?!?!
Ø  Another shout out… SASHA Happy Birthday Princess, hope you’re having a great great day we both know you’re not going to make it in tomorrow. Lots of love Carly and Mollie! Xxx

You should know that we’re in no rush home but we miss you guys!

Kind Regards,

Beca, Moly, Calvin and Clive.


Sarah said...

Hi Carly,
We are so happy to see everything's going well, by the look of the pictures you are having a great time!! We are all so proud of you, keep up the great work and selfishly we cant wait to have you home!!
Love Mum and Dad

Paige Van-der-zee said...

Ello Katherine Maw,
I am currently sat eating a cheese and salad roll and enjoying the peace and quiet without you here :) :)
Hope you're having a lovely time and cant wait to hear about it all and help you make the scrapbook for this trip.
See you sooooooooooon,
Paige xxxx

Kelly Batson said...

Hi Robert,the blog and pictures are great.The photos show that everyone is enjoying there day.We are so proud of you.Well done to you all,and Robert I'm looking forward to seeing you when your home but until then enjoy all that you are doing.Love Mum and Mike.xx. Well done to you all. : )

Kelly Batson said...

Hi Robert,the blog and pictures are great.The photos show that everyone is enjoying there day.We are so proud of you.Well done to you all,and Robert I'm looking forward to seeing you when your home but until then enjoy all that you are doing.Love Mum and Mike.xx. Well done to you all. : )

Unknown said...

Hi ya Amy, good to see you smiling. Enjoy it while you can, as this week will fly past. Missing you. Lots of love Mum, Dad, Sophie, Katie, Jake and Josh xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi team!
Looks like your having an amazing first couple of days! I hope that you are all enjoying yourself and making the most of your time on project!
looking forward to reading the rest of the weeks blog and seeing loads of photos!

love Amber N :)xxx

Courtney said...
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Courtney said...

hey guys!
looks like you're having an amazing time down in Bulgaria-same with the kids! I'm so jealous right now,it looks so amazing and I wish I was there with you lot! anyways,I'm so excited to hear all of your stories!
love from Courtney Nation (:
ps; little shout out to Asia! keep doing what you doing jib jib,missing you lots xx

heidi nye said...

Hi Mollie, you all look like your doing a great job out there and the pictures tell a great story.
Really missing you and dad says he misses your gobbyness coz the house is too quite without you
Take care and keep up the hard work your all doing xxxx
Rebecca sends her love to you and Becca xxxx

mandy said...

Hiya asia, looks like your having a amazing time. hope your enjoying your self. Love looking at the pictures of you!! It's very very quiet at home, it's not the same without you. Enjoy the rest of the week and make many memories. Can't wait to see you soon. Don't forget i'm so proud of you. Love and miss you so much. From danielle and shane xxxx

heidi nye said...

Hi bex, hope Pocahontas is not driving you too mad lol
I trust your getting her up ok in the mornings, if not just chuck cold water on her 😀
Take care Xx

Unknown said...

Hey Amy,it looks like again you have had an amazing day teaching the children many new things.
You look like your enjoying yourself and getting more and more from your time there.Well done honey.lots of love dad and jenny.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Valbae said...

Jess and Laila !! Looks like a real jolly!! The children look like they are loving it!! Keep up the good work.

Love mum and mike xxxxxxx

Sean cummings said...

Hi yea I'm still alive surviving on apples and tomato soup, pics look good hope all is well over there, can't wait to see you sat love you lots s
Sean xx

Unknown said...

Very quiet here and tidy without Chloe, no muddy football boots and kit, smelly socks, astro turf bits, mud and grass on the floor, missing you really !! Glad you are all having a great time.

Love Mum and Toby x

Unknown said...

(Its Ellie)
Looks like you're all doing amazing!
Far too quiet in this house now I've got no one to argue with.
Hope you're having a great time Keely,

Miss you
love ellie xxx

Unknown said...


Sounds like another great day, even though your plans were changed !! Its amazing to see you really getting involved Keely. I hope you enjoying this experience and learning along the way. Like Ellie said its far too quiet here so cant wait to have you home but please make the most of these last few days.

Love you lots
Mum, Dad, Ellie and lilly xxx

Unknown said...

Hello Rebekah!!!!

Hope you are all safe and Mollies head is well intact. Just to let you know we are currently in your lesson working hard as per usual, you haven't missed out on much. Hope you are enjoying yourself, have an amazing time we are all missing you so much! Looking forwards to see many more beautiful pictures of you all.

Lots of Love.

Lamara, Megan, Penny and Jade

Dan Potter said...

Hi Helen!

Looks like people are enjoying the trip out there. Trust things are going well for you and being sole team leader! Remember... 1) you are loved. 2) God knows what lies ahead for the rest of your week there, and beyond.

Half-term starts tomorrow so I'm looking forward to a bit of down time. And duty with my in-laws on Sun-Tues! I'll see you for Tuesday evening at OWW but look forward to a proper catch-up at some point soon.

God bless,

Dan <3 :)