Friday 10 July 2015

Thursday, by Haresh and Megan

Hi Englanders,
We’re having a great time here and we don’t want to leave, especially because we had pancakes for breakfast today!!

Today was our second to last day in the school, the classes had settled down and we felt we had really bonded with all the children particularly because our older class is of a similar age to us. As we are having an end of week show tomorrow our older class taught us a traditional Malawian song which their performance of was amazing although our Tonga needs a bit of practice. Our lunch of rice and cabbage today was much more appetising than yesterdays. Kyle loved it.(surprise, surprise)

After lunch we were lucky enough to have the chance to visit one of our pupils homes and meet their family which on one hand gave us a real insight into their culture and made us feel very fortunate for everything we have as the family were desperate for the simple opportunity to afford for their child to access secondary school however we also felt a little as though we were intruding on their personal life, although the family were extremely welcoming

We returned to butterfly and relaxing by the lake, evening meal and debrief we are now all ready for bed and thankful that we only have to walk up the dreaded hill one last time tomorrow and excited to perform our newly learnt African vocals.

See you soon, Haresh and Megan

Ps: we love your comments! Martin G where you at?


Unknown said...

Hi Rory and fellow campers
Sorry I haven't been commenting. I've had no internet until today so am just catching up on all your news. It seems you are a real hit with the school children but also that the trip is an education for you all as well. So glad to hear you are safe and well, enjoying your time and working hard. I'd like to see a few more pictures of you, Rory, you seem a bit camera shy!!
Missing you, looking forward to seeing you (not soon enough) but hoping you have a fantastic send off tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your time. Lots of love R&B xx

Unknown said...

We love the blog. Thanks for keeping us up to date and for the photos.
Its really good to see you all doing your bit. Your hosts look really pleased to see you each day and I'm sure they would love you to stay for another week or two. I hope someone recorded your beautiful singing so we can hear it when you get back - will it make number 1?????? Seriously, make the most of every day. Keep taking the photos and hopefully recording in your diaries all those special moments to share when you get back. We can't wait to hear all about it.
Harriet - we are sharing the blog and photos everyday with G &G . You'll be pleased to hear they are a bit happier now they can see what you're up to but say don't forget the suntan lotion!!
Work hard and have fun.
Love you loads
Allison, Andy, G &G

Martin Humphreys said...

Hey Team CRED, thank you for your great blogs, love hearing about your daily adventures and the photos too. Imi sorry i haven't been commenting, couldn't work out how till now, doh! Missing you sooo very much, what an amazing time you're having, can't wait to hear all about it when you return. Lots of love from Dad, Herbi & Mikey xxx

Vgower said...

Hey, love hearing about your adventures, great to see how you're enriching their lives and seeing the huge smiles on their faces.
You're all doing brilliant work. Take care and enjoy the rest of your time there.
Love Vanessa xx

Unknown said...

Again,amazing to hear all your stories. You should all be so proud of yourselves! We all are! And Imy, we miss you and love you! Will try not to send this 5 times! Have an amazing rest of your time there you are all so special!
Love from gagixxx

Sunita G said...

Hey Harry. We have been waiting for your blog entry before making a comment. We have kept up every day and enjoy looking at the photos and reading the blog. You guys are working very hard. What on experience. Keep enjoying it, you will make such a difference for those kids. Something both of you will never forget. Are you camera shy Harry?
Dad and Dan have gone on the camping weekend. They will be walking up a hill tomorrow! Nik at cricket at the moment! So taking a few minutes to send this.Nik enjoys looking at the photos.
Make the most of every day, not too long now. Nanny and Grandad G will be here on Wednesday when you come home. Look forward to catching up.
Love mum x

Unknown said...

Hi Anna Banna lovely girl
Well we have made a daily trek to get wifi to read your blogs but we're not able to send a message.
It sounds like you are all having the most amazing time. The pics are very cute lots of smiling faces all round.
Can't wait to hear your stories and how the lessons went.
Trust you and Harriet are behaving yourselves and not over doing the Fanta!
We are enjoying our holiday but missing you loads , very proud of you.
Love you sweetheart. Mum and Dad xxxxx

Ps papaya and fish eyeballs will be in the fridge for when you get back

PPS . For Barbie. Please give Anna a great big squishy hug from us and then Anna Barbie thank you gorgeous friend Happy Bazzaday!!!!
Cazza and Neil xxxxx

Vgower said...

Is there anything I can help with to make this trip a lasting legacy? It would be great to see how we can all make a difference long term.

Unknown said...

Louise,hi looks like you are doing an amazing job.Ava said she misses you lots and is proud of you,her and Keira have been dancing and singing to uptown funk all evening you would be proud!lol Ava wants to know where you poop ?Keira said she misses your brilliant dancing!love you lots Lorna,Keira and Ava

Unknown said...

Again a wonderful blog and an insight into your amazing adventure:) love reading it every night makes me smile all the way through and love looking at your photos, especially when my Liv makes an appearance. What a difference you are making all of you, you must be really proud as I know I am:) Liv love you and miss you every single day a little bit more!! But you are making my heart swell with pride in what you are achieving. Seeing all the gang tonight at Lisa's BBQ so will show them all the amazing photos and blogs:) love you poochy counting the days of when I can give you a big mamabear snuggle:) xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Love seeing how much you are all enjoying yourselves and taking on the challenge you have taken on. Amazing. Miss u so much Megan. Very proud Daddy 😘