Monday 6 July 2015

Sunday in Malawi by Rory and Imogen

Hello all,
Today we finally completed our journey, with only the small hitch of Rory’s rucksack tumbling off the top of the bus and bouncing 50 metres down the road. After safely recovering the rucksack (nothing was damaged)  we have ended up at Butterfly Space, a small community overlooking Lake Malawi.
After surviving the 5:30 AM start and the 6 hour coach ride, our group then had to endure a 1 hour uphill hike to the school in extreme heat, where we will be spending the next 5 days working closely with the children to give them an experience they will never forget. During the exhausting uphill hike we met and greeted several members of the local community all of whom were eager to chat and seemed pleased to have us there. It was good to get up to the school and give us the chance to see it properly for the first time ahead of being there with all the children from tomorrow.
Arriving back to the camp, exhausted and hungry, we were finally able to relax and enjoy Charlie’s 16th birthday with a delicious dinner of spaghetti bolognaise followed by an extra treat for Charlie of a traditional pancake which was cooked especially for her by the chefs.  
Butterfly space is a lovely place, and we are excited to spend the rest of our time with each other here.

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

PS from Helen (team leader): all blogs are going to be at least a day behind I'm afraid, so although Monday's blog hasn't been written yet I can tell you that everyone had a lovely but quite intense morning at the school today, and finished early thanks to today being Malawian Independence day. So the team are all now relaxing by,  or paddling in, the Lake, before prepping for tomorrow. But I'll let them tell you the full story in their words later and I'll try and post it tomorrow for you.

now for some photos!


Unknown said...

Amazing to see the start of your wonderful adventure:) you all look so happy xxx

Vgower said...

Lovely pics and great to see you all intergrating well with local community. Cherish every moment xx Ps hope you had a lovely 16th birthday Charlie

Unknown said...

Hope you're all having an amazing time!!

Paige.. We are all missing you, wish us luck on trying to feed these creepy reptiles of yours!

Lots of love from Mum, Chantelle, Cody, Claire, Destiny, Romano, Kamari, Theo and Ceejay. Xx

Unknown said...

Great to be able to keep up with what you guys are doing. He you had a wonderful birthday Charlie. You will never have another like it xxx