Tuesday 21 July 2015

Rwanda blog Tuesday, by Aislinn and Sophie

Sophie: It was the second day of teaching today! My group (Team Mo Farah) taught Maths, English (led by me, Sophie) Biology and as our creative activity we did loom bands. All the lessons went really well, and they absolutely loved the loom bands, they didn’t want to stop. 
In my English lesson I was soooo nervous, but it ended out fine. We did opposite words, months of the year, days of the week, and grammar. We also did all together time and my team (team Mo Farah) won the over and under ball game. In the English lesson we asked them what makes them sad and happy, some of the responses we got from the children were very sad. 
Miss everyone so much at home. 
Me and girls in my room (Sarah and Kaya) made our own card game 51, because we don’t know any card games. I will show you it when I get home.   
Happy Birthday Dad for tomorrow!

Aislinn: Team Malala (Aislinn’s group) started with Geography using world maps and inflatable globes, which amazed the children as many of them have never seen a map like that before. However, our group was very surprised with how many countries they all knew and all their spellings. 
Team Malala was the highest level group so we decided to test them with map coordinates although they sped through those as well. We then moved onto science which they were all very excited about and got everyone involved to demonstrate the particles in solids, liquids and gases. 
However the most exciting part of the day for the children (and us) had to be loom band and bracelet making!
All the children were definitely more confident today as well which really helped everyone to be more relaxed whilst teaching and playing with the children.

Overall, the trip is a cultural shock to all of us especially with the one cup of watery porridge the children receive, however, they still seem to have lots of energy to play activities such as volleyball and the parachute game.

PS. We are loving getting your comments - please keep on sending them through!! (note from Rhona - that includes you Chris, Lara and James!!!) 


Unknown said...

Great to read your blog. So glad to see that a year's preparation, fundraising and hard work are paying off for both the Rwandan children and for yourselves. Missing my three girls but I'm very, very proud of you. Keep making a difference. Love you all. Kerys xxxxx

Linda Bohin said...

You all look as though you have had a wonderful day, the photos are great, they do bring a tear to my eye to see how everyone is so involved and having such good fun and making such a difference to the children's day. Great to see some action shots Lauren!!!!!! Love you lots keep up the fantastic work. Mum, Dad and Charlotte xxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hiya Natalie. Love reading the blog - its the highlight of my day! Even though its only the second day of teaching, you have done so many wonderful activities with the children. And I think you are learning from them too. I love the photograph of you making a loom band (a new found skill!!) Both Nan and Nan and Granch send their love. Keep strong, you are making an amazing differnce to the lives of the children.
Love you millions Mam Dad and Rachel xxxxxxxxxx

Duncan Weir said...
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Duncan Weir said...

For Aislinn

Hi Bash!!

Sure you're having an amazing time out there, the pictures look like you're doing a great job and really impressed with your blog.
Make sure you keep that Lucy under control I know what she's like ;)

Good luck to both of you and everyone else you're with for the rest of your week,
Love your favourite sibling x x x x x

P.S. Eastenders is kicking off!

Unknown said...

Hi Kaya,
Happy to hear all your lessons are going well and that they are remembering you from last time, you must have been a good teacher.
So good to see you in the pictures.
I am trying to message you but they aren't sending through.
I miss you so much
I love you
Nathan Barclay

Unknown said...

Even more fantastic photo's, what memories you are making. You are all working so hard and the kids look really happy to have you there. I am sure I even saw you wiping up Em, amazingly our house is really tidy without you and your brother!!
Mya says hello too. Love you gazillions Em,sleep well xxxx

Go Team Rwanda

Peter Timblick said...

Hi Sarah T, looks like things are going well and looking forward to hearing about your lessons. Love the photos everyone seems to be having a good time, it must be great knowing you are making such a difference to the lives of others and making special lifelong memories in the process. Love and hugs Mum and Dad xx

Unknown said...

Hi Sarah,
So happy to see you doing such wonderful work.
The blog and photos are great and a nice way of keeping us urban dwellers up to date with your progress.

Much love

Aunty Linda x

Jo said...

Wow! It looks and sounds like you have had another amazing day of learning and fun :)
The pics are great, it's so nice for us back home to see what you are up to!!
Well done Aislinn, really enjoyed reading your blog x
Super proud of you Lucy, I hope you are enjoying the experience.
Womble sends you a big licky kiss!! 🐴
Miss you loads,
Keep up the good work!
Lots of love
Mum Xxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Dear. Aislinn,It sounds as if you are turning your hand to a lot of different tasks, well done. It must be nice to help such keen children. I hope you are managing the hot weather. Lots of love, Granny.xx

Unknown said...

Hi Kaya
U all look like u are doing well the kids look like there having a lovely time love seeing the photos love and miss u so much
Mum nan Shan Mia xxxx

GOLD Malawi Team said...

I am so proud of you Natalie. Each photo of you makes me smile and I can't believe you are out there right now doing such amazing work. Already I'm excited for you to come home and to hear all about it. Keep smiling and making memories - Africa always be a part of you now (trust me on this one). I was over nan's today and she said to write on her she loves you and misses you. Big love from your big cousin Becky xxxxxxx

GOLD Malawi Team said...

*Africa will always

Unknown said...

Hi kaya your doing so well we are so proud of u keep up all that good work your doing out there love and miss u
Nan grandad xxx

Unknown said...

Hi all three Twinberrows we're a bit early for today's blog but see Lowrie is looking very studious in one of the pictures. Keep up the good work. All the children appear to be enjoying the lessons. How's the magnets? Mam and Dad

Gary S said...

hi sophie s and sarah t
it looks like you are working hard and having fun
from nicky and gary s

Unknown said...

Hi Natalie,
We've looked at all the photos and it looks like you're having fun!!! We are so proud of you and hope you're having an amazing experience! Miss you loads and we feel lost without you:( love from the baeless bros aka Taylor and Bethan x x

Gary S said...
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Gary S said...

Hi Sophie
Thanks for thinking of me on my birthday after your busy day, I have given all the family the blog address so they can keep up to date with all the work your doing out there, So proud of you and missing you. Love all the pictures and sorry for the delay in posting a comment.
Love Dad

Unknown said...

Hey everyone. Looking through the photos and recognising some of the children has bought back many memories. I wish I could have returned to experience the incredible place again. It's lovely to read the blog and hear all the new memories being made! Enjoy the life changing experience. Georgina Merrett

Duncan Weir said...

HI SOPHIE!!!!!!!!!!

Love Holly x

P.s. Suppose you could tell Aislinn I said hey, please let her know if she fancies staying another few weeks the peace and quiet would be appreciated!
x x x

Unknown said...

Hi Mum!

Looks like you're all having a great time. And the kids too! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

Love Lara xxx

(PS I sent off my visa application yesterday so please stop stressing about that! x)