Monday 13 July 2015

Monday by Liv and Paige

Hey guys

We are missing out yesterdays blog because nothing actually happened apart from being on a bus for 10 hours as we drove from Butterfly Space down to the safari cam! It was really tiring but eventually we reached our lovely accommodation at Bushmans Baobab camp in time to watch a beautiful sunset over Liwonde National Park (we even saw an elephant!). We spent the night in a spacious dorm, however it was freezing!

We woke up at 5am in order to prepare for the safari at 6am. We were split into 2 groups and we each went in an open jeep which was surprisingly comfortable. During the safari we encountered many animals including elephants, waterbucks and impalas. There were also kudus and warthogs and we even saw a hippo, which was surprising as we had been told we were not going to see one.

We thought the safari was an amazing experience that we are sure none of us will ever forget.

We got back from our safari about 9am and had a delicious English breakfast. After breakfast we packed up the bus again and began our journey to Mabuya lodge in Lilongwe where we will spend the final night before flying home tomorrow.

See you all on WednesdayJ

Love from Liv and Paige and the rest of the team


Vanessa Gower said...

Hey glad you all enjoyed the safari, it looks amazing going by the pics. The english breakfast must have been sooooo good!! You have all done brilliant work over there and Im so very proud of you all. Kyle I will get you your favourite dinner for when you get home 😀 and a bottle of coke lol - rice n beans?? Take care and have a safe journey home. Lots of love Vanessa xxxx

Unknown said...

Safari looks fab, another great experience for you all!
You guys need to be so proud of yourselves for what you have achieved for yourselves and the kids out there.
I shall miss your blog next week, it's been a real life line, but looking forward to having you home.
Big hugs Moll & see you soon xxxx

Unknown said...

Hello everyone! Have so enjoyed all your stories and photos over this last week, the safari looked amazing,such wonderful memories you will all take home with you. We are so proud of you! Cannot wait to see you Imy, we have missed you so much. Wish you a safe journey home, lots of love gagixx

Unknown said...

AMAZING - well jel ( as you teenagers say)
The trip never to be forgotten.
I'll miss the blog too, it's become part of our evening activities.
Have a safe journey home all. Sleep when you can to make time pass quicker.
See you in Wednesday Harriet and Anna and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it on the trip home!
Miss you
Allison and Andy

Unknown said...

Last post! Glad to hear your last couple of days have been days to remember. I hope you all come home having learned loads and given loads. I have to say though that Wednesday can't come quick enough, I need my boy home now (sorry Ror, it had to be said!)
love you, mum xxx

Unknown said...

what a amazing day you've had, so looking forward to seeing you katie xxx, really missed you, it wont be long now babe till your bedrooms a mess again :) hehehehe, only kidding xxx .
hi katie its hollie, ive seen all your photo's on the blog, they are amazing it looks like you've had a great time, p.s dont forget to bring me a prezzy hahahaha.
see you wednesday love hollie.
well, hollie just needed to say something there lol, enjoy the rest of your trip babe and see you wednesday.
love mum an dad.
oh and lewis said dont forget his aswell hahahaha.

Unknown said...

And i would like to thank helen and the cred team, for making this dream journey come true, i no katie has enjoyed every moment of it :),helping the children in africa is her dream come true although im not sure on the mountain part hahahaha.
so a big thank you to everyone who has been involved in fund raising and organising :).
hope you've taken lots of pics katie click click :).

Hazel said...

Sounds like you have all had the most wonderful experience ,something that will live with you all your life. The help you gave the children was incredible and I hope you enjoyed it as much as they seemed to. The safari lookied amazing. I am so jealous of all the animals you saw. Have a safe journey home and I am so looking forward to hearing all about your trip Charlie. Lots of love from a very proud Granny xxxx

Unknown said...

Awwww the photos are amazing:) and what a special moment to watch the sunrise beautiful:) so proud of you all really am I bet it's been a trip of a lifetime:) Liv I can't wait to hear all about every special moment sweetheart, missing you soooo much it's weird me leaving the house and coming back and it's all in the same place, I don't like it, I miss you baby girl can't wait to give you the biggest hug, I'm off all weekend so get planning what you would like to go for dinner (I bet I know) love you darlin see you Wednesday be safe everyone on the journey home.
Mamabear Duke xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Moll, looks like you have all had a great last couple of days. Would have loved to have been on that safari with you all, looked real awesome, how far away from the animals were you. Not to long now before you'll be back home, can't wait to hear about everything you all got to do. I know I have said this, and so have lots of other. We are very proud of you all, and you should all be proud of yourselves. The things you have all done to help the children, something that you will all remember for ever. Bye for now Moll, take care and keep safe. love and miss you. Molly's Nanar and Grandpa xxxx

Alice's mummy said...

Wow!!! It looks amazing, better than seeing them in a zoo! After all your hard work you deserved a treat. See you soon baby girl, love you xxx

Sunita G said...

Hi Harry. Well done with all the work done at the school. You guys deserved to see loads at the safari and looking at the photos, you did., even a hippo!! Another great experience. You must have enjoyed the cooked breakfast. Safe trip home.

Love mum x