Tuesday 7 July 2015

Monday 6th July by Alice and Molly

Hey guys!
So today we woke up at the draining time of 6:30 and prepared our bags and resources for the hour long trek to the school we will be working with for the next 4 days. We all had massive suitcases packed full with a large range of pencils, pens and arts materials for the on-going experience of teaching eager (yet confused) children- but thankfully we didn’t have to carry those on the trek, they got a ride in the back of a pick-up, we just carried water bottles with us.

Today was unfortunately (or not?) Malawian Independence day so instead of having classes of 80 kids, we had a mere 30 - 40. This was really, really great because it allowed us to guage where they were in terms of English and Maths ability so we can further plan our lessons more effectively, which means they can have the best lessons possible.

Teaching the lessons was no mean feat; there were no translators so we had the absolute joy of teaching using solely hand movements, laughter and weird gestures. Unluckily for Charlie, she had to break up a fight over crayons! Apart from this, the children were sweet and considerate, even giving us some cheeky hugs and handshakes. Their smiles were so genuine, and we knew at that moment that everything we were doing was truly worth it. Tomorrow we will have translators as they won’t be on Bank Holiday, so that will be a bonus.

Rory and Liv truly showed off their insane muscles by pumping the water pump for half an hour, providing water for not only us, but also the locals. We’ve been in Africa for a few days and yet we’re still shocked and mind blown every time we see small children carrying gallons of waters on their heads.  

We were pretty fortunate in the fact that we got served lunch (most kids don’t get any) at the school, and it was pretty good- we had a filling lunch of beans, greens and rice. Kyle loved it (shocker).
Once we were back down at Butterfly, we had a great twenty minutes attempting to wash mud-covered clothes in a small bucket, whilst the rest of the group did their washing, relaxed on the deck, and enjoyed a couple of hours off.

The beach is truly stunning and we all took advantage of that by posing for cute pictures and skimming stones, whilst Harry got his belly button full of sand. Kiran was an absolute babe and bought us all nice, cool glasses of Fanta to drink on the beach! Cheers Kiran.

Lots of love,
Your fave gals Molly and Alice


Unknown said...

Hard work but fun. What an amazing experience x

Unknown said...

Let the fun commerce - enjoy your time as it will be over before you know it. Looks like you are have a great time. Lots of love xx

Unknown said...

After seeing the way their school are, it makes you feel so lucky the way your home schools are kept and kitted out. Hopefully you will help these children as much as you can, in the time you have with them. I know that you will all try your best, We are both very proud of you Molly. Take care and keep safe. Love and big hugs Nanna and Grandpa xx

Unknown said...

Great to hear that you are working hard and enjoying the culture. You should all be very proud of yourselves. I hear that Lorraine and Sue have shelves in their room! Love Stuart and Rowan

Unknown said...

Awwww lovely to see you all working so hard with the children, hard work but so rewarding;) loving seeing the updates keep it up everyone you are doing amazing. Miss you boo boo was singing KOL Supersoaker in the car yesterday wasn't the same without you being there singing it to!!!! Love you poochy love mamabear xxxx

KristaEdieNell said...

Hi Daddy/Jim/Chris
We hope you are having a nice time, we are missing you so much. If you are not having a great time you have gone to the wrong place as we have seen the photos of your accommodation (joke from Edie)
I have nearly learned breast stroke (Edie) and I have just got my costume for the ballet show ( Nell)
See you soon we hope
Nell and Edie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

5 years of living in the Philippines and wouldn't eat rice, beans and greens - are you sure this is the same Alice :) lol

Alice's mummy said...

What an adventure you are all having, new foods, your own washing 😁 and making new friends and new memory's
Enjoy!!! Love you baby girl xxx