Thursday 9 July 2015

Malawi blog Wednesday 8th july- Grace, Kiran and Kyle

Today was yet another eventful, fun and jam packed day. It all started when we (Kiran, Grace and Kyle) got woken up in our different tents by the crashing waves of Lake Malawi. Breakfast was rice porridge and it received mixed reviews. All 3 of us found this meal fairly bland however filled us up, ready for the trek up Mount Kilimanjaro (the hill to school). 

Today was a very long and hard day due to how hot it was. However Kyle ‘GlennDog’ Chawner has been working on his stamina in the gym (getting hench lol – quote V Gower) and so was up the hill in a heartbeat. 

The lessons were fantastic and everyone in the team managed to step up their game and everything ran so smoothly. However lunch was not so smooth. We had the famous Malawian National dish, Seamma, which is fairly similar to mash potato but a different texture was again very bland (this makes us very picky and fussy). 

In the afternoon Kyle and Grace went on home visits whilst Kiran stayed at the school getting beaten up by children craving loom bands. He managed to get a few upper cuts to the face and some kicks to the back and his supply of 15000 loom bands, which were supposed to last the whole week, were gone in 2 minutes flat. 

The home visit for Kyle was touching as he met a mother called Alice who lived with her family of 12, they lived in a small collection of houses along with a few other families creating their own “clan”. Kyle and his group were shown how the locals farm as they grow sweet potato and other local delicacies that would sometimes take up to a year to grow meaning they would have to think smart and plan for the future, finally the thing that touched him the most was the amount of love that was shown for each of their family members even though they lived in very small houses with poor conditions they remained happy. 

On Grace’s visit she met a 19 year old who was studying journalism at college, unfortunately he said he was unable to further his studies at university as his family couldn’t afford it. This made us appreciate the opportunities we have in England and realise how unfair the world is. 

When we returned to butterfly space Kyle had a quick photoshoot (photos soon to be released) in front of the beautiful sunset, which showed that every angle of Kyle is as beautiful as that sunset. Kyle is now trying to feed Grace some popcorn and Grace is having none of it. But as we all know sharing is caring and as Kyle says there is no I in Mala’we’. 

For dinner we had burgers and wedges. This meal was by far the best of the day and wedges are something we all definitely miss. Right now everyone is chilling watching a movie on movie night here at Butterfly Space. In other news Kyle has proposed to Grace. We all love reading your comments and we all love and miss you. All the best and we will see you soon!

Kiran, Kyle and Grace.

Hi Mr G, Mum and Nez, its Kiran! I would never have thought that on this life changing journey that I would feel homesick however this is not the case. I really do miss you. Mum, I hope you are keeping well and staying safe and honestly I miss Mummy’s hugs. Nez, I hope all your mock exams have gone well, especially your Business and English mocks that you had today. I bet you stormed it! Hang in there bud. Mr G, I hope work is all good and I miss chilling with you in the evenings and honestly I miss you shiny, bald head. Stay safe guys and I’m forever thinking of you. I hope I’m doing you proud and I love you all so much. All the best,



Unknown said...

Very proud of you too son, miss you loads. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Carry on making a difference I am sure you are all appreciated.

Mr G

Vgower said...

Loved reading todays post, its great how there all so very funny.
Kyle your a bit young to start proposing to girls lol but its nice your all getting along and enjoying yourselves.
I bet the burger and wedges were good after the previous meals nom nom.
Pictures are great and its lovely seeing all the smiling faces๐Ÿ˜€.
Me and Daniel miss and love you lots Kyle.
Take care love Vanessa xxx ps looking foward to the photo shoot pics xx

Unknown said...

Another fab blog - we love reading them & seeing the photos. It's clear to see the kids are loving having you there.
Don't worry about home, you will be home before you know it - I'll make rice porridge ๐Ÿ˜‰
Big hugs & kisses to Moll - she loves them so much!!
Enjoy your time.
Sarah & Ray Mudd xxx

Alice's mummy said...

Another full day!!! I love seeing the pictures and hearing about everything that you are all doing, well done!!! Be proud of your selves, we are xxx

Unknown said...

Great reading about what you have been up to, looks like you all had a good day. The children look so happy, you all must be doing something good for them. I know you are all doing your best, and all think of all those memories you'll bring back home with you. What a great experience you are having. You must be very proud of yourself, I know that we are very proud of you, always have been and always will be. Keep up the good work, take care lots love. Moll's Nanar and Grandpa xx

Unknown said...

Wow another fun filled day. I'm pleased to see that Harriet is still wearing odd socks - obviously feeling at home! I hope you didn't crush any of the poor children Harriet. That mountain obviously plays a big part of every day. I'm sure by the end of the week the trip up will be a breeze. It looks like the careful packing of the resources into the suitcases was worth the effort. It's a shame we didn't have one for loom bands only!! Enjoy your last few days at the school and the rest of your time. It's flying by so make the most of it. It's very quiet without you and the miles on my car don't seem to have moved much - odd. Be good and keep safe. Allison Andy, G & G. Xx

Unknown said...

lovely pics again, the smile's on their faces says it all, wow! burgers and wedges hey :) and here's me worried that katie wont like the food lol ;), we are all missing you katie, chloe,lewis and hollie say's hi and send you a high 5 for all the hard work your doing :), keep it up, hope you are going to bed early for the climb up mountkillaman in the morning hahahah, will check in tomorrow love mum & dad xxx

Unknown said...

Every night my favourite part of the evening is ready this blog:) you all should be so proud of yourselves for making such a difference. EOTO boo you know what I mean pass on your learnings and it just evolves:) missing you sooo much sweet pea and izzy keeps looking around the house for you keep up the amazing work you are all doing, memories of a lifetime.
Love you to the moon and back Liv (Boo boo)

Unknown said...

It's nice to know that you're all getting into the swing of it after such a short time. Just think how fit and trim you'll be when you get back. I've asked at Morrisons and they don't stock rice porridge, pity! It feels like you've been away for ages. Unlike you we're not woken to the sound of waves crashing but I suppose the noise of the traffic on the ring road is very similar. Keep up the good work and we look forward to your next blog. Love Stuart and Rowan

Vanessa Gower said...

Kyle, your Dad asked me to say how proud he is of you and how lovely it is to see you all making a difference.
He cant afford a wedding yet!! Take care and see you soon.
Love Dad xx

Unknown said...

You guys look like you are having a ball, I can't wait to see you Charlie and hear all about what you've been up to. Won't be long till you are back - the house isn't the same without you - PS still haven't washed your bedding but Sasha has been keeping your side of the bed warm - it is Friday you're back isn't it ;) xxx

Unknown said...

Looks amazing and everyone seems to be having a great time (Although most of you don't know me and would be thinking "Who the hell is Samuel Towner!?") Seems like you are having an great impact on the locals too! Make the most of all your time out there because it's an amazing experience and don't let anything stop you from making a difference :) Missing you Char and I hope you are enjoying it, See you soon!

Aunty Usha said...

Hi Harry! Sound like you're all having an amazing time! What a great experience, one which you'll never forget.
We all love reading the blogs to see what you're doing each day. The photos are great, you all look so happy.
Shivvy loves hearing the stories and trying to spot you in the photos. He's really concerned about you and asks if you're eating breakfast and sleeping in a soft bed! He said come home soon so he can have a cucumber competition.
Nanny and grandad R are also keeping up to speed with your adventures..they've got the hang of it now!
Enjoy the rest of your trip and especially the safari...uncle anand and I have been on safari in Africa and it was amazing!
Dhruv is now avery experienced dribbler.not with the football though...he's teething!
See you soon..take care. Love from Aunty Usha and the boys!