Tuesday 14 July 2015

Final blog – thoughts from everyone

Before this trip I wouldn’t have been able to speak in front of a class, but after a week I have gained the confidence to do so. I have enjoyed getting to know the children and their way of life and it has made me appreciate my own life a lot more.

This trip has been inspirational. Their happiness is always there, and brings a smile to your face whether you are having a good day or not. Their commitment to come to school and learn, even though it can be a long walk, is really amazing. At times the language barrier can be difficult, but they will always try their best to learn and to achieve as much as possible.
The trip has made me into a new person, and I now feel that I can make more of a difference, and have more challenging goals for the future.

Africa has been the best experience of my life. I have met some of the best people who I hope to stay friends with forever.

What an amazing team! Its been such a privilege to share a love of Africa, the mountain climb, the beautiful Bwelero moments: ‘you take my breath away’

Africa has been absolutely incredible; I have had my perspective on everything changed, and gained truly irreplaceable friends

I think that this trip has shown me how I can spend time with a group of people who are very different to myself and still enjoy myself. Being with a group as diverse as this one has in many ways shown me how, just because I have different beliefs / morals to others, I can still enjoy their company and learn from them. The magnitude of what we have experienced together hasn’t really struck me yet, but I’m sure it will.

Malawi has been an amazing experience and has taught me so much that I will never forget. I’ve also met amazing people that I hope to stay friends with forever.

I have been consistently amazed at the courage and capabilities of this special team. The young people all developed beyond expectations and I am extremely proud of you all. Remember to keep the serenity prayer in your hearts. All my love, Louise

Africa has been a fantastic experience. It has made me appreciate all I have and has changed my perspective on a lot of things. I have also made a variety of friends that I hope to keep in contact with as we all endured through this experience together

It has been an amazing week and I’ve had an experience that I won’t forget

It’s been amazing – it’s changed the way I look at life

What a journey we have had!..... from £35 fundraisers, endless bag packs and Friday samosas, that final month of cakes, cakes and more cakes, to finally reaching our £27,000 target. This was followed by another long journey half way across the world to a place more beautiful and happy than we could have imagined.
Each team member has done things that they wouldn’t have thought possible and each person has made a pledge to carry the people of Malawi in their hearts when they get home.
We have learned that happiness does not come from owning material things, that cold showers are actually a luxury and that a smile and a cheerful ‘how are you, I’m fine and you?’ can make your day.
It is difficult to put into words how proud I am of each member of Team Malawi 2015, but I know that the bond that we have formed with each other and with Africa will not be broken.
My love to you all for always

I am so happy I have come on this amazing, unique and life-changing experience. I have learnt so many new skills and one key skill that I have learnt is teamwork. The trip has impacted me in terms of I feel I have changed as a person and become a better person. An amazing, once in a lifetime experience.

I have learnt to embrace all the opportunities I get. I have had the best week with the best people – thank you CRED!

This trip has changed my perspective on life and has given me the confidence I needed in myself

I hope that all the parents, carers and families acknowledge, understand and foster the changes that this trip has made in the attitudes and aspirations of their young people. They have all developed so much and have been so cheerful throughout the difficult bits.
I also hope the families of the team leaders will accept and understand the impact of this project on their loved ones.
I look forward to meeting all the young people again soon, and over the years to come. I wish them all well and congratulate them on their achievements.

This trip has opened my eyes and made me appreciate the little things. I’ve made life-long friends and I will miss everyone greatly

I’ve had an amazing time. I’ve learnt so much and seen so much. Things will never be the same again

This trip has been amazing! I have had so many memories that I’m sure will stick to me throughout the rest of my life!

I have been really impressed by the whole group - students, teaching staff and CRED team – who with tremendous energy and gusto have made the trip to Malawi a fantastic, eye-opening and thoroughly worthwhile experience. This journey will surely impact on all of our lives and I hope Bwelero school, where we worked, will benefit from further partnership. I know all of us have been blessed.

This trip has made me realise how lucky I am and I will appreciate what I have a lot more. It has been amazing and we’ve experienced things we would not normally get to. Thank you CRED!

It’s been a really shocking but also incredible experience that will stay with us forever. Thank you to CRED, Helen and all the leaders for making it possible

As scribe of the blog I get to go last! This has been one very wonderful trip. It has been beautiful to see the team transform from a group of individuals to a close and supportive family, and to see them all embrace the experience and rise to overcome the particular areas of it that were challenges to each of them individually.
We have made a lasting positive impact on the lives of those at Bwelero: the students, the staff and the wider community – and that was our main aim. But this trip has also made a lasting positive impact on each of us – and that will continue to be worked out once home.
Be proud of your team member – they have been truly incredible.
Thank you for letting them come on this trip.
And be gentle with them when they get home – some will want to chat loads, some might take a bit longer to open up, as they try to get their heads round the massive contrasts and new perspectives they have on life.
A date for the diary: September 20th, late afternoon / early evening for the reunion. More details to follow, but please can all team members attend.

Have a lovely reunion when they get home tomorrow, and thank you for allowing me to lead your loved ones on this amazing trip.


Alice's mummy said...

Safe journey home everyone xxx

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Well done one and all. Have safe journey home

Vanessa Gower said...

Lovely comments, you have all done such fantastic work. Have a safe journey back. Love Vanessa xx

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see you all tomorrow when you land at Rushcliffe School, and am really looking forward to seeing you Charlie - missing you madly xx

Unknown said...

You have clearly been a wonderful team. You have done a fantastic job together. Well done. Now get home safely! Hurry up Ror xx

Unknown said...

Hi Moll What a fantastic experience you have had, team building to get the work done, and friendships that you will always remember. It's not been easy, you have all so had to work so hard to get there, but it seem to have be worth it, An experience of a life time. You are now on you way home, and we are looking forward to hearing all about it, and hopefully all the photos you have taken. What a way to finish it off, that visit to the Game Park Safari, that must have been awesome seeing all those animals in their own environment. So proud of you, see you soon take care and keep safe, Love you Nanar and Grandpa xx

Unknown said...

Safe journey home, see you soon Mrs P xxx

Unknown said...

I thought 10 days was miles away but its gone soooooooo fast, i cant wait to see you katie and look at all the piccies you've taken :) and you experience in africa.
I would just like to thank everyone who has made this trip come true and for many memories and friends gained but most of all i wish you all a safe journey home xxx.
see you tomorrow katie :) love you mum xxx

Unknown said...

Safe journey home everyone, what an adventure you've had and how much you have grown as young people. Many thanks to all the adults involved in keeping our children safe and supported through the trip. Xx

Unknown said...

Absolutely amazing comments:) well done everyone so proud. Liv my darlin your comment made me shed a tear, so so so so proud of you honey can't wait to see you and give you a big mummy hug.