Wednesday 1 July 2015

Day 7

Today was our day of fun and adventure. After waking up at 8:30 we then ate and sorted ourselves out ready for the 2 hour drive ahead of us. On route to Jinja Mitchell, Kayliann, Shannon and Michael had a mini rave with speakers, this included raving, twerking and jumping about to the music. After taking the backstreet roads to the river Nile Kayliann, Mitchell and Shannon with permission decided to climb through the sun roof and sit on top of the jeep, flying up and over hills. Whilst riding the jeep they interacted with the locals by shouting “ole-ochia” (hello) and “cibi-ochia” (how are you). 

On arriving at Jinja we had a short walk to our boat tour, on the way we saw a few monkeys climbing trees. We were then greeted by our host Alex who drove the boat for us. We then explored the River Nile for an hour or so. During this journey, we see massive lizards, otters swimming in and out of the water and some amazing multi-coloured birds of all sizes. We then stopped to explore a cave and Kayliann thought it was funny to chuck a water bottle into the cave where there was about 50 bats that flew at us. As Mitchell was about to climb out of the boat and into the cave he was horrified back on to the boat by many little spiders. While sitting in the boat we saw a massive hand sized black and orange spider, our host Alex thought it would be funny to pretend to pick it up, this caused Mitchell to cry with fear hahahahahaha, the boat started to violently rock back and forth due to Mitchell trying to cower away. After this little d-tour we carried on down the Nile where Kayliann and Mitchell put their feet off the boat and into the river. We got to the Dam and there were a few rocks which then led the current to get stronger. We then sailed back to where we started and that was our boat ride finished.

Arriving back to land we then took a slow walk back to the cars where Kayliann, Mitchell and Shannon sat on the roof again. We shortly arrived in Jinja town where we had something to eat and went shopping for gifts.

After a long and fun day in Jinja we then prepared for our surprisingly fun journey home. Stuck in traffic we didn’t get home till 7:30 when everyone was drained and prepared for something to eat. For dinner we were presented with Rice and beef with pumpkin and vegetables- which was very nice – it was so nice Mitchell had 3 lots :D. After dinner we prepared for our day of teaching at Acholi tomorrow.

{This blog was written by Kayliann and Mitchell}

 P.S it's Kayliann here - I had a lovely Whatsapp phone call to Mum and Nan as I came across Wifi. Tell Harley stop being a little pain and I will see him soon love you all millions, miss you all like crazy. Xoxoxoxox

P.P.S this is Mitchell, and I just wanted to say to my mum and my nan ‘n’ dal , also to my uncle chris and everyone else that I love you and miss you all soo very much and cannot wait to see you all again.

Again love you all lots Mitchell xxx


Nan and Dal said...

Sounds like you all had a fun packed day :-)
Haha, SPIDERS.... Mitchells' worst nightmare!! ;-)
Keep up the good work everyone.
Love you too Mitchell, missed you loads x x x
See you soon x x x

Jade said...

Typical Mitchell with spiders lol bet you was screaming like a girl xxx love you loads mitch keep up the good work, make the most of your time left xxx love you love you love you xxx

Unknown said...

You are having an amazing time! apart from the spiders

Graham S said...

We are really enjoying reading this at School. Some of the photos are amazing & we are putting them on the display screens. Enjoy the rest of your time.

Mr S & the Ark