Wednesday 22 July 2015

Bulgaria Tuesday by Genny and Bela

The second day of teaching went really well for all four groups. On arrival, the children came sprinting into the classroom buzzing with energy and eager to get started. We all felt more prepared and optimistic this morning about the day ahead of us and it was nice to begin the activities with familiar faces and a positive atmosphere. All of us felt we had learnt a lot from yesterday and used our experiences to make to day even more successful.

We started with physical activities outside and spent about an hour throwing around beach balls and frisbees which all age groups really enjoyed. Some children got so carried away that there were some entertaining falls, although luckily no one was hurt!

Next we went inside and began the first lessons, some included the history of Bonfire Night, clothing and naming capital cities and flags of the world. The rest of the day ran just as smoothly and after the children went home, the team ended on an insightful and valuable presentation from Gancho, the coordinator of World Without Borders – the charity CRED is working alongside. By the time we returned to the hotel everyone was exhausted but really pleased with how successful the day was.  The debrief of the day was filled with positive comments and tips that could help the other groups throughout the week.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Glad to hear it's going so well and that you and the children are having fun. We loved the plasticine animals :) Hope the food is good too.
Well done everyone,
Lots of love,
Karen, Andy and Rosie

Jack Vamvas said...

Nice post. Sounds like the mood is upbeat. Hope it's going well.

Avni Thomas said...

Sounds like a great day. Make the most of this wonderful opportunity. We are very proud of you Bela.
Mum, Dad, Luke and Auntie Jo is here today with Tilly, Theo, Nesta and Denis x

Ed Hughes said...

Great post guys, thanks. Lovely to hear you are having such a worthwhile and fun time. Make the most of it!
Love E, J, A and C x

Unknown said...

Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job and so good to hear the children are enjoying it.
I might not have internet access for the next few days but I'll check in if I do.
lots and lots of love

Unknown said...

Bonjour from Paris where we follow the updates avidly. Well done all

anne and peter said...

Hi - Just great to hear how well it is all going - sounds like you are doing a brilliant job.
Can't wait for all of the stories and photos!
With our love
Anne , Peter and Florrie

Unknown said...

Love the photos and the plasticine animals. Sounds like it's all going really well. Love Andrea and Paul and Polly and Otto x

Unknown said...

Great pictures - keep them coming ⭐️
Girls look happy and hope the teachers are getting to chill in the sun?
Miss you Reianna and your craziness.
Lots of lve Anita, Jig, Rohan, and Nana says JSK xx

Unknown said...

It has rained all day here in Brighton - You are lucky to be be enjoying the sunny weather Over in Bulgaria --- make the most of your last day