Sunday 19 July 2015

Bulgaria day 1

We started off the day at 4am, where we joined the long queue for Easy Jet. We arrived in Sophia at midday by which time Bulgaria was already very hot. Dragging our suitcases around we travelled to the hotel. Slowed down by Penny Majithia’s suitcase however she was saved by the heroic Miss Plank (the birthday girl) and Theo. We then arrived at the hostel. We would also like to big up Lily Belton for bringing a cake for Miss Plank all the way from Brighton in a Tesco carrier bag. Which was scrumptious! We then went to a lovely Italian restaurant and afterwards had some free time to shop and explore. We look forward to the rest of the trip.

From Kate and Josie


Unknown said...

The cake made it to Sofia? Wow, I'm impressed! Hope Miss Plank liked the pink icing and glitter. Good luck on your first day at summer school tomorrow xxx

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that you've all arrived safe and well; we missed you at Lilah's party today, Theo. Are you properly on the mend now?
Dad did some reading today about the Roma and says that only 1% finish school, so remember how important this project is.
Love, the Vamvii

anne and peter said...

Hello Lovelies
Sending you all love and hugs and good luck for tomorrow.

Anne , Peter and Florrie

Unknown said...

Pleased to hear you've arrived in one piece. Sorry the suitcase slowed you all down!! Hope it all goes well tomorrow. Thinking about you.
Lots of love xxxx

Unknown said...

Lovely to hear from you. Hope today goes well. Andrea and Paul and Polly.

The Joneses said...

Hi all - so good to see you there & all set to go Monday ... We look forward to the next instalment :-D
Take care,
The Joneses
& Barley x

Ed Hughes said...

Glad you all arrived safely. Hope summer school today went well.
the Hughes'