Thursday 19 February 2015

Thursday blog, written by Mackenzie, Jodie and Drew.

Over the past two days, the whole AfriDACA team have attended home visits with various members of the Acholi community, with the help from a few acholi ladies that were able to translate. Each teaching group visited a different home, most of which consisted of only one room housing up to eight people. As you can imagine, this alone had a huge emotional effect on each team member. During the visits, we had an opportunity to ask questions and to find out the backstory of them finding refuge at Acholi.

The home Jodie’s triplet visited housed a grandmother her son and 4 great grandchildren whose mother died, as well as the grandmother caring for a young great grandchild whose mum works out of the Acholi community at a nearby hotel. She had lived in the same room for over 20 years and felt safe all that time however recently she has heard that investors are trying to buy the land that the Acholi community lives on and will demolish the community, leaving them to go back the north Uganda or seek housing somewhere else. This was really sad and I (Jodie) had a little cry on the way back to johns, this was surreal!

The home Drew’s triplet visited housed five people, a mother and her four children. It used to house seven, though due to work in the quarry, both the father and grandmother were crushed during an accident. Drew found it particularly traumatic how the children slept, as they had to sleep on top of one another on the floor. It was so overwhelming for Drew, and she struggles to put into words exactly how she feels.

The home I (Mackenzie) visited belonged to a woman named Helen, and housed her and her three children. Altogether she had 6 children but two left her to live in a village in North Uganda, and her eldest was killed in a road accident whilst fetching water. Helen originally moved to Acholi Quarters with her husband, who was later killed in the Rebel war. She tried before to leave Acholi Quarters but couldn’t find anywhere to work, as her education was interrupted by the Rebel war, so has found herself stuck there. I found it particularly hard to hear this story as she has suffered so much and it is hard for her to make money to feed her children, but it was also amazing, as she has many hopes for her future to move out of acholi and learn to farm, to sustain her family.

After our packed school day, we ran a free play session where we could interact and play with all of the Acholi children; this reinforced their obsession to learn anything and everything they could from the Muzungu’s . The session was filled with games, such as football and netball, which was particularly enjoyed by Gloria one of the translators who loves netball, and almost had Danny passing out (look like he needs a heavy gym session).

A group of girls found us (Jodie and Drew) and all they wanted to do was sing and dance they even taught the ‘Jason derulo- wiggle’ which we love, as well as traditional African songs that all could pick up and join in easily.

We are all looking forwards to the meal tomorrow with some of the Acholi ladies as a celebration of the week. But tomorrow will also be a sad day for all as we have to say goodbye to all of the children we are teaching, and have come to care for very much.

Love and missing you all,
AfriDACA team.

P.S can’t wait for all of your comments.


margaret maher said...
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margaret maher said...

Just think how much you have done for them children jodie we are so proud of you and all the team have done a great job love and miss you nan and grandad x x

Unknown said...

Todays blog made me cry! :'(
Then the photo's immediately made me smile!
Lovely pics of you Tom, fab to see you smiling.
I also forgot to tell you to become best friends with the cook and get all the best recipe's.
I keep posting your pics and info on FB so everyone can see how amazing you are!
Keep up the good work.
Love mum xxx

Unknown said...

Hi John and Team hope your all well. Im sure yesterdays home visits were very emotional for you all your all doing a great Job were very proud of you all. enjoy your meal tomorrow miss and Love you loads mum and ste xx

Unknown said...

Hello Nathan,

Today's blog was very sad , makes you wonder how they still have faith & hope that their lives will get better. The photo's are brilliant and nice to see you interacting with the children. Your a natural Nath. I post everyday so Grandma and Lee can see what you have been doing.
Not long now and you will be back home. Enjoy the last few days. Today's post is short & sweet after yesterdays essay haha. Your new sim card has arrived.
Miss hearing your voice and thumping music coming from your room.
Can't wait to see you on Sunday.
Hugs & Kisses , Love Mum, Andrew & Lincoln. xox

Unknown said...

Hi everyone,
Really touch me your blog today especially all of the fantastic photos.
Really looking forward to seeing you on sunday Travis for a big hug and kiss.Tayla better get tidying your room of her dolls.
Can wait you see all of the daca/cred team sunday at the airport and am afraid we will all be blubbering.(john we will be picking you up)
Lots of love to all of you
Angela patrick,tayla,nana and grandad xxx

Unknown said...

Hiya everyone

It's so good to read your blog each day!

You've all been great at keeping us up to speed with what you've been doing and how it's made you feel.

Fab to read yours today Mackenzie! Hope it's helped you to understand resilience and the unshakable hope for the future that helps people get through their days.

Lula is very excited about your birthdays coming up!! As you know she does go on a bit haha.

Still no puppies....

Gary is singing in the kitchen, you know what he's like singing to the dogs! Not much change here,

Keep up the great work. Enjoy your last day at the school, make it memorable and then have fun on your meal out.

This birthday will be one you don't forget in a hurry.

Really proud of you. Love you loads.

Mama xxx

Lula Chinery said...

Hi mackie 2 days to go you are amazing and we are all proud.

From Lula xxxx

Lynda Brown said...

Hi Carly and all. Great Photos and Blogs the last few days. Love following and seeing the photos of you all- been showing everyone at work. You all look like you are having an amazing time teaching and playing games with the children. It sounds like you been having some nice meals made for you in the evenings. Enjoy your last few days in Kampala. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday Carly - Chinese takeaway for tea :) Love to you all - Love Mum and Dad xxx

nicola maher said...

Oh dear today's blog made me cry so moving what it must be like for you guy's blow's my mind ,Jodie & Drew your special young ladies keep smiling see you both soon xxxxx

Unknown said...

Awwww todays blog touched me as makes us realise how lucky we are, bet it was emotional for you all, keep smiling jodie and drew your doing a great thing. Well team i will miss your blogs when u all get back home its been great to read about all the amazing things your doing and experiencing. Enjoy every minute of your last day.
Love vics xxxx

Unknown said...

You're obviously doing a great job, it's a fantastic experience for all of you and the memories will surely stay with you for a long time after you get home. They talk about 'children in poverty' in the UK but what you have seen puts it into some kind of perspective. Your emotions must be all over the place when you witness at first hand the sad plight of some of the families but then you see from the smiles on their faces the joy you are bringing to the little kids. The pictures are making our hearts melt back here!

Jack, we're missing you loads and looking forward to seeing you back safely on Sunday. We're so proud of what you're doing and keep sharing the photos with friends and family! When you get back to your own room and your X-box, plasma TV, iPhone (and car!!) etc. you'll have no need to feel guilty but maybe you'll better appreciate what you have and what future opportunities you and all DACA students have!

We hope there aren't too many tears when you have to say 'bye to everyone tomorrow - from you lot we mean, not just from the little kids. Enjoy the meal on your last night, you've worked hard all week and it's a nice way to finish off.

The above was written by your dad as you've probably guessed ;)

Love you loads, miss you loads
Mum, Dad, Lewby and Rockster Rabbit!

Theresa said...

Wow! I’m an outsider looking in and I am in awe and a massive well done to all those involved in this project.

As a family, we moved away from Darwen almost 6 years ago. Not by choice really, my husband’s job sort of dictated our move. It meant our sons, who were 16 and 14 at the time, attended a local international school. Our eldest went on a community trip to an orphanage in Romania, and only he himself can tell you the impact that visit had on him. As I wasn’t there, I can only surmise, but what I do know is how much he grew up after the trip.

Well don’t to you all and keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Easy Lewis!
The wind up telly is a goner! New tv ting has arrived and its sick! Ooof! Can you believe your Ranga bro whooped yours truly on Fifa.... Gutted!
Anyways lad, hope that your all good in the hood as they say!!
See thee latter cocker :)
Dad X

Unknown said...

Guys you have made a massive difference to them be proud I have been so moved by your comments and pictures. Keep it up for the next few days. Toby hello we are missing you

Unknown said...

Wow-I had to quickly read tonight or else I would have been in bits again!
You guys are amazing! You really must be seeing some sights.

Loving your pics Tom-and Jaden flexing his pecs!! Where's the beach???
Jay-we are having a Trivial Persuit night tonight & I am getting my backside kicked by all 3 of them. :-(

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday and hearing more stories x

Unknown said...

Hi team. Can't wait to see you all back safely on Sunday. Missing the racket coming from your room Jay :P missing you loads, I can't explain how much I am missing you. I bagsie first hug!! Oh- guess who won Trivial Persuit? I DID! Loving the picture of you flexing Jay! Bet Harriet has saved that on her phone!
Love you lots and lots
Katie xxx

Unknown said...

Nearly there gang!- emotional roller coaster I'm sure it's been but you all seem to have coped amazingly- embrace everyday and enjoy every last moment- don't feel sad at leaving things/ people behind- they are all that much better for having had you in their life's... As you are too.So come on,have a fab celebration meal tomoz (Soz molls for the chav text-I couldn't resist!)- enjoy your meal/ night and take a leaf outta the book of the kids u have been helping- big smiles:)- they know how to look on the bright side of life (q for a song but u r all 2 young for monty python!!:) ) still loving and missing you molls- I keep enlarging the photos I see you in- saddo that I am! Lol- love to you all as always xxx mum,dad and maisie ️xxx

Unknown said...

Amazing to see the big smiles on their little faces! You guys do that! Awesome work xx enjoy every last second of this wonderful adventure and take as much as you can from it xx try not to be too sad,think of the happiness you have brought from afar... Sending big hugs and loads of love Mollie xx super proud of you always xx aunty Chrisi,uncle Tim and Jenson xxx

Unknown said...

Morning guy
Loves you all and so proud of you all miss you and cant wait to see you all on sunday.
Everyone sends theres love and proud messages.
Xxxx mum,dad,tayla,nana and grandad x

Unknown said...

Morning guy
Loves you all and so proud of you all miss you and cant wait to see you all on sunday.
Everyone sends theres love and proud messages.
Xxxx mum,dad,tayla,nana and grandad x

Anonymous said...

hi drew how are you. ? it's me Ahmed. I just wanna tell you . you're doing a great job. by sharing your experience with people. and making good things. keep going you and the team. good job ..

john121uk said...

Hi Tom it's fantastic what your doing over there.Something that you can be proud of and will stay with you for ever........Grandad ......