Monday 16 February 2015

AfriDACA blog 2 - by Travis, Amy, and Drew

Hello again, family and friends of the AfriDACA team this is our second blog post from here in Uganda, by Travis, Amy, and Drew.

After last night’s blog post we had a debrief and went through our personal strengths and challenges of the day, although after this the power for most of the area went down, including the boys’ rooms, however the main house and girls rooms were alright as John, the host had stored solar power.

The first trip of today was to the rural community of Maya, in which we performed with the church in their service and had lots of exercise in the form of singing and dancing with the children and the Pastor. We were also gifted fresh watermelon by the local missionary Joy Kim. After this we travelled to the newly built Dental Clinic nearby and were given a tour and a look at the soon-to-be-finished Maternity Clinic.
The weather’s been a bit cooler today and we were ‘treated’ to a large thunderstorm around midday which lasted for an hour or so and was one of the first to happen in Uganda in around 2 months. Although John’s wife, Sophie made us a great meal as usual, in the form of a veggie curry and Chapattis with plenty of fresh fruit to go alongside.

The last trip of the day was to the Acholi community for a tour of the churches that we will be teaching in soon. We also tried our luck at making bead bracelets and necklaces before walking around the shanty town with lots of children on either arm. We also visited a massive quarry where the children work for their food, money and rent- 2000 Uganda Shillings on a good day, which is about 50p.

As of writing this, we are all eagerly awaiting our tea and look forward to receiving your comments as usual. Again, we’ll continue to update you and otherwise with love from all the AfriDACA team !!! xxx


Unknown said...

Good Morning all,
Enjoying reading your blogs and seeing your photo's.
Travis, Tayla is missing you loads and is enjoying playing in your bedroom whilst your away lol.
Love you, miss you
Mum, dad, Tayla,nana and

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Aaaaawwww wow what amazing photos mum's in tears Jack. You're all so lucky - what an amazing experience! Bet you're enjoying the curry! Power off in the boys room?!?!?! What about your hairdryer and straighteners Jack :/
Missing you loads - love you loads. Rocky Rabbit enjoying the peace and quiet!
Mum, Dad, Lewis and Rocky Rabbit xxx

Unknown said...

Oh my you all had a busy day hope today is even better. House is too quiet Tobes well apart from Callum today being the 1st day of half term x box madness going on will blog you soon x x x ps it's mum dad doesn't do x x x

nicola maher said...

amazing pic's you all should be so proud of yourselves ,great to see you Joe love & miss you mum dad Luke & Karl xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi sweetie all looks totally amazing & fun - missing you like crazy but knowing you are having amazing time (as I knew you would) makes it all ok - we are so proud of u all - your doing something amazing so enjoy - keep up the great work & savour every minute love to you all - especially my mols xxxxxx speak soon luv,maisie,rabbit.chickensx4,cow,sheep&goat - sorry last 3 made up ! :) be happy xxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Jaden! How did you cope with the power going out? No lighting for selfies! Not your idea of fun eh? Hope you're having a great time. I'm so proud of you Jaden! Lots of love Katie xx

Unknown said...

Well guys looks like ur having fun. Drew bet u wish you had a torch as knowing your luck tonight will b girls no lights, no lighty no likey. Cant wait for more updates.
Vics xx

Unknown said...

Hope your having a good time Moll ,don't get to much of a tan,your doing a great thing,ps don't forget my present please🙋love the best lil sister ever xxx