Sunday 26 October 2014

Uganda - sunday blog

After breakfast today we left in the mini bus to travel to church. The church was situated in a very isolated, peaceful and rural place called Maya where we we're greated with so many smiles from the children and adults of the community, which was amazing for us all because this was the first interaction we had with them all. The church was full of singing and laughter as we had to join in and dance to their worship songs working up a real sweat. We then performed our own song at the front and introduced ourself's, with a great response from the adults and children. Danushka was handed a 5 week old Maya baby during the service proving that we were trusted even though a huge language barrier lies between our two groups. Unfortunetly he missed his mum a little to much and relived himself on her lap; great bonding session! Once church finished, we got a chance to talk and take pictures with the locals, and they were very fasinated by our cameras so we taught them how to use them. The team was shocked at how much joy 4 walls and a load of plastic chairs can bring to the children of Maya, putting into perpective how lucky we are and how thankful we should be for what we take for granted.

For lunch John took us to where he was working on a project that was started by a girl on a team trip just like ours called Christian, who dreamed to see women have a safe place to give birth to their babies. So far a family Christian was particually close with have moved into a house on the land on her request, a medical center and dental clinic have been bulit on the land John bought after the idea of this project, and the maternity center is well underway in construction with handmade, eco friendly bricks. A pair of cows are also kept on the land, previding the power for the lights and cookers. A biogas generated has been installed on the land previding a eco friendly and money friendly source of power.

Lastly after lunch we were taken on the mini bus into the heart of the Acholi commuity to see the space we'll be teaching in tomorrow. The children were the friendlyist we've come across this trip, jumping in to hold our hands and get our attention. The Acholi commuity is a extremely simple place to live, and seeing the kids energy gives the team an undoutable burst of happiness. We reflected this evening on how important the small things in life are, and, thanks to Paul, it will be hard to forget that message. We should be so grateful for what we have back at home, and learn a lesson from the Acholi comunnitry who are so thankful, content and grateful for what they have.


Unknown said...

So nice to see you all in action. You all look so committed. I smiled when I read that a baby had relieved himself on your lap Danushka!! Not first time for you!! It's an honour!

You look well. Wait till I show dad the pics.

You all look so happy. I hope. You have a great day teaching tomorrow. Can't wait to see tomorrow's pictures.

Am so proud of you sweetie. Love you loads

Ps. Please wear your hat!!

Unknown said...

Looks beautiful, the scenery, the children and all of you. Make the most of every moment, enjoy yourselves and have fun.
love n hugs x

Pam Zaft said...

It looks like you had a really lovely time. 😀 The country side looks so green and pretty and there seemed to be so many smiling faces. Cant wait for the next post xxx lots of love

Unknown said...

So lovely to see some pictures, you look like your having an amazing time Millie, love you enjoy lessons tomorrow x mum and dad

Unknown said...

Great photos, you are all looking as though you are already having a great time and are really immersing yourselves into the true spirit. Good luck tomorrow with your lessons. Xx

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures, so happy to see you all looking like your having fun and bonding. Have fun all, love you Chynna, looking forward to next posts xxx

Unknown said...

Glad you all got there safely. Nice to see some great photos! Can't wait for the rest.
Hope you're enjoying the wiggity grubs mum ;)
Have an amazing time! Lots of love Millie, Maisie, Paul and Wally xxxx

Unknown said...

Have fun

Unknown said...

Hey Temisis
What a beautiful part of the world you are all at. Have a fantastic day . Dad and John send their live xxx

Unknown said...

Hi there Jim Jam, we have so enjoyed looking at the photos from Sun. Hope your teaching sesh went good this am and you weren't too nervous or stressed!
Love you and thinking of you so much. Hope you slept ok, huge love and good stuff to you from all of us. Look after each other.x

Unknown said...

So proud of you all. The photos make the land looks more green than I expected...lots of colour. Take care all and a BIG kiss for Miss Amans baby :)

Unknown said...

Amazing photos - so good to see everyone looking so happy and relaxed. Make the most of every minute, I know you will :)
Victoria, puppy is home, safe and well - if a little sleepy lol
Love you loads - looking to the next installment.

Unknown said...

Hey Joanna, so glad you arrived safely, you all look so confident in the photos. What a wonderful experience for you and you seem to be enjoying it so much.
Your mum and dad must be so so proud of you.
Looking forward to seeing more photos.
Much love from Maria, Georgina and James x
P.S. Hope you remembered your hairbrush ! x

Andy Wigley said...

To my darling daughter Ms.Amans.
I can't tell you how proud I am of you and I wish I was there helping out with building stuff etc. can't wait to get you back. Keep out of the sun, Mind the midges and don't go near Sierra Leone! (Geography is not my strong point) xxx Dad.

Becca and Tim said...

It's great to hear all your news and see all the photos.. Loads of love x