Wednesday 29 October 2014

Its hot but we are very happy and sometimes very sad!

Day 5

Hi Tem and Tori here! Can’t believe we are over half way through this amazing experience. Today was our 3rd day of teaching and the tiredness was beginning to kick in. It gets incredibly hot through out the day and as we are both in the small church its gets really stuffy and dusty, but we don’t care because the kids make every struggle and hiccup worthwhile. Today we focused on numbers and have all been astounded by how clever the kids all are. They are all such hard workers and never let anything stop what they so desperately want to do, to learn. They loved the song, ‘one, two, three, four, five, once I court a fish alive”, in Tori’s lesson and proudly showed us how they can count to 100. Unfortunately mine and Chynna’s first lesson didn’t go to plan because of the lack of communication and the dust that was created with the running. However we changed our lesson and adapted to our surroundings and the lesson went perfectlyJ. After teaching, some of us went around the Acholi community and did home visits. Our group where welcomed into a very small house of a women who had been living there for 20 years. She had to flee Sudan because of the rebels, who had sadly killed her 5 older brothers and she was left alone at the age of 17 with no one, because her parents had died at a young age (when she was 5 and 8).  She was forced to marry because she had no money. Sadly her husband died 10 years ago which again forced her to move so she came here to the Acholi community. This wasn’t the only pain she had felt, she had 8 children however only 5 now live. She had been through so much pain yet she was able to forgive those who caused it a long time ago. Over the past couple of days everyone has grown so close and shared so many feelings, thoughts and emotions, which has bought us together as a group even more. Everyone on this trip shares the same joy and happiness when we first arrive into the Acholi community and see all the smiley, happy, excited faces that greet us at the coach door. We are all so excited for the rest of the week!

Hello, Danushka and Millie here (: Today was our 3rd day of this journey we embarked upon in terms of teaching. I’m sure everyone in our team would agree that our children in the big church were amazing. Our lessons today focused on animals and it was delivered in a variety of ways with a lesson, educational and craft. The lesson was lead by Chaila, Sharys and Joanna and the educational was lead by our two Beths and Connie and we did the craft, For us, planning the animal craft lesson was the best and most exciting so when we actually got the chance to execute it we were beaming with joy. The children responded extremely well and it gave us both a boost in confidence as the both of us tend to be very hard on ourselves. 
Nilda, Rob and Paul would like one of your famous comments.


Unknown said...

As always great to see and hear what you have been up to. X

Unknown said...

Hi Niamh, fantastic to see you getting stuck in, not surprised to see a football at your feet!!!
Hope everyone is well, working hard but also having fun. The house is very empty without you and strangely very tidy! Hugs from Mum, Dad and Mols x

Unknown said...

finite Hi Jo, hope your singing has improved! Lovely to see your experiences and gain an insight to all events. Take care. Looking forward to the next update already.

Unknown said...

Hi, firstly big thank you to Rob and Paul and the CRED team for giving Danushka and all the children a chance to experience this opportunity at this young age. And for looking after them so well. This will stay with them forever!

It's really nice to see you all having such productive time. Am sure the kids are learning a lot from you all and you are learning from them. Chaila you are concentrating so much girl!! chynna Millie Jamie to name a few you all look very good and hardworking. You all appear to be taking all in in a very positive manner. It's obvious these people's experiences are touching you all. I hope all your lessons go as planned or better. I can imagine how much fun you had today.
Way to go Danushka , love you loads and am surprised you only wrote a paragraph , not enough time??
Looking forward to your next blog

Helen Edwards said...

Hi Jo and Boo. So moved by, yet again, what the whole team has achieved today. What a bond you have all created. Can't wait to hear what you sung?! Did you manage to clear the room of small children and animals? We forgot to pack the ear plugs!! Love and blessings' Mum, Dad, Robert and the pets. PS Dave is sleeping in your bed now, much to Lottie's disapproval, as you know he doesn't take any prisoners!xxx

Unknown said...

Pictures of Sam Peach please, she is part of your team too ! Her family misses her a lot as well.. It's not just parents that are watching and wondering..

Thanks x

Unknown said...

Hi Jamie, we're enjoying reading the blog and seeing the photos - great one of you today ! Looks like you're all having a great time after such a long journey. Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip. Love from Sally, Nick, David and Paul xxxx

Pam Zaft said...

Wow what wonderful photos! You are all sharing such amazing experiences.It's hard to believe that breaking rocks are done with such small tools!
Really love the photo of you Mel, laughing with stars on your face and the one doing some DIY rock breaking.
Not that it compares to what you are up to but I have bought myself a bike and Dad and me have cycled miles along the sea front. Have found muscles I didn't know I had!!
Love you lots Mel. Have a great day everyone xx

Becca and Tim said...

Sounds like you all all having an amazing time. I so look forward to hearing all the news and seeing the photos every day. You are all doing a great job....Love you Pops xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi sharhys sounds like your all doing wonderful work with the children i so look forward to receiving the blog and pictures. You had good weather today we've had rain all day lol missing you heaps love you billions lots of love mum & Co including Nicole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lvu

Ebby and Hope Jupp said...

Hello Poppy
We're really enjoying seeing all the photos and to hear about some of the amazing things you are all doing. We can see how the children are so much enjoying all the activities you are doing with them. We know you'll miss them lots when you have to leave. What a wonderful experience. Lots of love from Granny and Gramps x

Unknown said...

Hi Jim Jam, we love you!!! You are a part of something so special that will have a huge impact on so many lives.
We are loving the blog and photos, thanku
Thank you to all those involved in looking after you all. Quite a challenge! Hugs to you all peeps!
Mama Jules

Unknown said...

Jim Jam

Kerry Simmons said...

You guys are amazing !! Thank you cred for the pics and fantastic blogs !! Can't wait to hear your stories when you get back and I'm sure you are all shattered as it so mentally and physically challenging but worth every second ! Such an invaluable experience !! We all send our love and enjoy every second of this amazing opportunity !! Xxxx live mum and Sean xx

Unknown said...

To Chynna...Wonderful pics of you all, hope your keeping well, hair looking great chelsie said, it's poured it down here all day, we went to choccywoccydoodah for a coffee got saturated. Can't wait too hear all about your trip. We all send our love and massive hugs to you . Love you lots xxxxx hope you sleeping well

Unknown said...

It great to see you having such an amazing time!
I'm glad the "fish" was a success Tors, - time is flying by though, so continue to enjoy every minute and work hard :) - oh and Victoria, stop doing your usual trick of avoiding the camera at all costs!
Will wait for tomorrows news -
Love from all of us xxx

amanda said...

There are some really amazing pictures today.Katy keep up the teacher training .I am missing you loads especially my 3pm coffee and gossip.Sleep well love mum x

Sarah Siggs said...

Some great teaching going on. Jack, we are missing your magic! x

Unknown said...

Keep up the good work! I love looking at the photos and I look forward to reading your daily blog! Well done to everybody.

softhearthardfeet said...

hiya team Uganda! I'm sitting in Doha airport, trying to stay awake and not miss my connecting flight home, and wishing I was still with you guys! Hope you all had a good day, and that Thursday and Friday at the Acholi Quarters go well.
Thanks for all you are doing for the Acholi children, they are being so blessed by your input, and it is spreading out into the wider community which is brilliant.
Keep doing what you all have done so well this far - teaching, working as a team, showing unconditional love and compassion, and wearing massive smiles.
Praying you all stay well, and drink lots of water

Unknown said...

hi little Beth big hugs xx
you all are doing a great job

Unknown said...

Hi Beth,
Looks like another fantastic day. Keep up the good work, all so proud of you. Looks like the team are working so hard and well together, which is great. Hope you have another good day tomorrow. Love You Loads. Love Dad, Mum, Alf and Joe. xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Millie lovely to read your blog tonight, another great day, so pleased all your hard work preparing the lessons have worked, have you sang the turtle song? We are all well at home, ollie getting a haircut tomorrow , it will only be a little cut! Love you loads xxxx mum and dad xxx

Kerry Simmons said...

posting on behalf on Alans for Ellie Simmons

Hi Ells,
Hope you are having a wonderful time and learning a lot. We are all loving the pictures and reading about what you have been doing. Hope you're not too tired and you're enjoying the food.
We cannot wait to see you when you're back as we think we are having 'Ellie withdrawal symptoms'!
All our love Neil, Alana, Jazz, Aaron and Connor xxxxx

Kerry Simmons said...

Sorry meant to say Alana x

Unknown said...

Hi everyone,

What an amazing journey you're all on! I bet going back to school will never quite be the same again. It sounds like you're all doing such a fantastic job of teaching and should be so very proud of yourselves, especially managing to overcome little blips. Arty and I are loving reading your blog every day and he's particularly loving looking at the pics! He liked this one best as he managed to spot "Dada"! I hope you're all surviving Robs terrible jokes, you have full permission to tell him to shut up if they get too much for you! ;)
Keep doing wonderful things and soak up every moment of this very special time.

Lots of love

Sarah and Arty

(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx there's extra kisses from Arty to Daddy)

Unknown said...

Jez that photo is so super cute! Looks like everyone's having an amazing time. Uganda is definitely on my list of places to travel to now :D

Mum and dad have been away for a couple of days so Amber and I went a little crazy hahaa. Also Amber says "Tottenham 2 - Brighton 0"

Speak soon Bro xxx

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Toni [Mrs Harris}
Hope you are having a fantastic time and are taking loads of photos.
The blog is realy interesting and the photos are great {even though you dont like being in them].
All the animals are fine and the living room door is doing its job.
Anyway miss you lots but am enjoying the peace and quiet,love you simon xx

Unknown said...
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