Thursday 24 July 2014

Wednesday home visits, and some of Thursday!

Hi everyone! It’s Molly, Issie, Jenny and Mary hereJ We’re having such an amazing time and thought we’d tell you a bit about our day, yesteerday.
In class 5 (with Molly and Mary) we’re really starting to know the kids better and they’re even teaching us some Amharic! (amseginialo – thank you). Today we did maths, biology and history and they got fully involved and seemed to appreciate every second of it. It really made us think about our work ethic in school. In maths, the kids didn’t give up, event when we gave them harder questions that we couldn’t even answer. Incorporating football into our history lesson was great because their lives seem to revolve around football. In biology we saw their competitive side and they couldn’t believe how long the digestive system is. They’re really fast learners and they're always up for any activity we suggest.  When they don’t understand us, our translator, Million, is so patient and funny and we really get on with him.

After school, we (Molly Mary Marianne and Mia) had the opportunity to go on a home visit. After hearing some of the stories from yesterday, we were all a bit apprehensive about it. We visited a boy called Getnet’s home. He is the sweetest, most polite 15 yr old boy and taught us some Amharic on the way there. He seemed so excited to show us his area, pointing out all of the important buildings and the compound he lives in which houses 13 other families.
His mother is a very shy, yet strong and inspirational woman. She has been on the WAR programme for 5 years now and it was nice for us to see how much the charity has helped her (particularly after hearing the stories from yesterday).
She is currently living in temporary (so temporary she could lose it tomorrow) government housing because it’s the rainy season here and her old house is not waterproof. WAR was able to get her one with luxuries, such as electricity, a kitchen and a TV. When we asked her questions, it was great to hear first hand how much the charity has helped her. It also highlighted how much she’d been through and how grateful she was for all the support she’d received.
The thing that she is most grateful for is how much WAR has been able to help her two boys. She said that the only thing she wishes for the future is their success. It’s been a really eye-opening experience and has really made us think, as lifestyle contrasts starkly to some of the others we saw later at the Hilton hotel where we went for a swim (except they’d drained the pool!)
Lots and lots of love, Molly and Mary J xxx

Today we (Jenny, Issie Maisie and Rebecca) were given the opportunity to go on a home visit to a boy in our class who is only 12 and called Hermarell. His mother is called Yamata and she was a prostitute for 19 years and has been on the WAR programme for 2 years. She was one of the most inspiring women we have ever met; she was so strong and really wanted to give her children the best opportunity that they can have. Hermarell is the cutest boy, he is so polite and will help you clear up and is finally coming out of his shell. He is so clever, his maths skills are truly amazing; the first time we did algebra he picked it up almost immediately. He always has the biggest smile and never lets anything get him down.
It really changed our views on life especially as we went straight to the Hilton afterwards that was a 3-minute drive from their ‘house’. It really put their situation into perspective, as the shack was 1m x 2m and 4 people were living there. When their mother was working as a prostitute, the children had to stay on the top bunk bed whilst their mother was ‘working’. Hermarell was 10 years when she stopped, his sister was 7 and his mother was still pregnant with his youngest sister at the time. WAR has really helped this woman and she is truly grateful.
It was a great but heartbreaking experience, we have all realized how truly lucky we are.
All our love, Jenny and Issie xx

And now a bit about today up until the home visits (which you will hear about tomorrow!)
Today we woke up bright and early this morning (7.00 to be precise). As usual we were so excited to see the kids again especially as we only had two days left with them:'( when we arrived in our vans they all came running up to us and swarming round us with the biggest smiles on their faces. After we said hello to all the kids we went into our separate teaching groups some of the older groups taught the class about eye, and some younger groups got taught about the human body and made paper airplanes for physics. In the afternoon we all came together and jimmy did another one of his fun and crazy activities where the whole school joined in a circle to the hokey cokey and duck duck goose. It was so great to the smiles on the all the kids faces even the older ones really enjoyed it. So sad that it's our last day tomorrow but it has been an incredible experience that will live with us forever! If you're reading this please contact other parents to comment on the blog.

Love Molly and Issie xx


Unknown said...

Thank you for the daily blogs and pictures, what an amazing experience you are all having. Can't wait to hear all about it in person. Make the most of your remaining time there, you are obviously inspiring those you teach and leaving wonderful memories for all of the kids.
We are very proud of all of you
Emma, Andy and William Scotland

Unknown said...

it is lovely to access the blog and see what you have been up to.The children look so happy in all the photographs. You are doing a wonderful job , well done all of you! I am sure you will find it difficult to say goodbye.
See you soon x

Benny said...

Glad to see you are working hard and making a difference. I hope the rest of your time goes well.

Unknown said...

Great to hear about your daily exploits, it sounds like you are absorbing so much, giving the kids some fantastic experiences and creating some precious bonds. It is also great to hear more about the children's everyday lives and their positivity. I imagine you will be all very sad to leave. Shame about the swimming pool but it sounds like you've probably had enough water this week anyway! Looking forward to seeing you soon
Frances and Nigel (Molly's mum and dad) xx

Unknown said...

The stories of the children's' backgrounds are so heartbreaking, but knowing that the mothers have found an avenue to pave a better life for their children must inspire hope. You all have so much to give to these children. Beyond the maths and art activities, the biggest impact you will have on these children will be your emotional connection and your smiles. Keep up the amazing work - we are very proud of you all,
G Forrester

Unknown said...

We have have loved reading your blog to date, it is giving us a real flavour of all that you have been doing. Still so proud of you. The home visit blogs bought a tear to my eye. We all have so much and they have so little ... Yet you still see these amazing smiles on the photos! Enjoy your last day with the children, I am sure both you and they have had an experience to remember for life. Look after yourselves and enjoy your last few days. ... And keep posting the photos!
Love and big hugs,
Alison and Dave Parsons

Sarah Bovill said...

Thank you all for posting the blog each day - wonderful to see the amazing photos and read about your experiences. The local children sound truly inspiring and seem to have had a massive impact on you all. Gemma - it was great to see the map of the world in one of the photos, last seen when you were checking it out on our living room floor!! Well done to all of you and can't wait to hear all about it next week. Thank you CRED Foundation!

Unknown said...

It is wonderful to hear what you are all doing in the blog each day. You all look to be engaging with the children brilliantly. What a fantastic experience. Relish your final few days. See you soon. Paula Phil Sophia and Bea Ritchie xxxx

Unknown said...

Thank you all once again for your daily blogs, appreciate you all taken the time to keep us updated. The home visit stories brought a tear to my eyes, what courageous & inspiring woman, & what a great job war is doing;-keep up the good work!! Wishing you all the best & safe journey home, Kay. (Ambers Gran.x

Unknown said...

It is lovely to see your amazing photos.Enjoy your last day with the children.
A big thank you to the Cred team: Helen ,jimmy and Simon for the hard work and the careful planning of your memorable experience .
Love you all.
See you soon xxxxx

Gigi & Ehab Kelada. ( Mary and Monica's parents)

Unknown said...

Humbling and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experiences and stories with us and for going there and trying to make a difference.
Murdo & Christina

Unknown said...

Thank you for all your great blogs and photos. Well done to all of you for your inspirational work.

Mike and Alex Witt

Unknown said...

We'll done all of you, we are so impressed with all that your are doing and we love to read your daily blogs. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Love Nanny Pat, Grandad Jim, Jo and Caitlin (Issie's Proud family)

Unknown said...

Thank you all for sharing your experiences with us. It's great seeing you with the children. You are are all doing a fantastic job. Well done and so proud of you all. Can't wait to see you Monday. Love you Milly.

Simon and Jemma Bellm

YvonneB said...

Have a wonderful last day with the children. It will be so hard to say goodbye but I'm sure they will remember this week as fondly as you will. Enjoy your last few days. xx

Unknown said...

Hi everyone, amazing photos and posts, thank you. The children all look so engaged and happy. The home visits sound really moving. Well done to everyone and thank you CRED. Looking forward to seeing you all. Love Michele & Huw XXX

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic experience for all of you, the children and the mothers. The difference that these few days will have for all of you will be life changing - and for the better.

Needless to say everyone is extremely proud of what you are doing - just reading the blogs and looking at those photos makes it very clear how much the children are enjoying the whole experience.

Enjoy the rest of your time there - we can't believe that it has gone this quickly. No doubt you will find it hard to leave but just focus on how much you have enriched the lives of the children and their mums!

Well done everyone.

Sean, Claire & Livi

Unknown said...

I'm loving the blog! It's brilliant to be able to hear what you've been up to, and the photos are great - not a dry eye in our house! You're all amazing - you really are! I'm sure you and the kids will always remember each other and the special time you've had together. Big thanks to CRED for making this happen.
Loads of love, Heather xx

Marianne said...

Hope you have had a wonderful last day with the children. I think it is going to be an emotional goodbye. You have made me so proud guys ..Thankyou to CRED and especially The BHHS staff for allowing Maisie to partake in this amazing experience.
Marianne x