Saturday 5 July 2014

Final thoughts - in random order!

Tracy: this week has been the most powerful and emotional week but I have loved every second of it.

Rosie: it’s been such an inspirational week and a big adventure with lots of ups and downs but it’s been an amazing learning curve.

Beth: emotional but life changing experience

Hollie: it’s been a life changing experience and it’s made me appreciate things a lot more

Georgia: this week has been truly incredible and I’ve loved every moment of it

Hannah: this week has been difficult at times but it’s the little moments that have made it really special

Ana: it’s been awesome, challenging, and incredibly humbling but I’ve loved it

Sydney: this week has been emotional but extremely rewarding and I’ve loved every second of it

Jimmy: humbled by inspirational people living in an incredible community

Jack: this trip has been a massive eye opener, which will make me more appreciative of things to come

Emma: this week has been a brand new experience and we’ve met a lot of inspirational people and I’ve loved every second of it

Louise: this has been an absolutely legendary experience because of all the amazing people that I’ve worked with

Kacy: one inspirational week, as well as they’ve learnt from us so we’ve learnt from them

Vicky: I feel so lucky to have met some inspiring people and along the way everything has been put into perspective

Sarah: a roller coaster of emotions that I feel privileged to have been on

Ellie: this week has been an eye opener and I’ll never forget the wonderful community that we worked with

Ella: this week has been unforgettable and I have learnt many life lessons that I will treasure forever

Megan: this week has been a truly eye opening adventure and it’s been a huge privilege to meet so many amazing people

Phoebe: this week has been an amazing experience and I’ve met some incredible people that I will never forget.

Danny: this trip has been an amazing experience and I’ll appreciate things a lot more now

Helen: As team leader, I get to have my say now! I have been to the Acholi quarters many times with teams, but on all previous occasions the visits have been just for an afternoon – to take a walk through the community, have a go at bead making, and spend a couple of hours doing games and activities for any children who show up.  This team was the first to actually do a week’s worth of lessons with the children, and I have been blown away by what has been achieved.

The impact on the children through what they have learned academically thanks to the high ratio of team to children allowing some really focused input has been wonderful. And also the impact on their behavior as they have thrived from the love and care of the team, for once being the centre of attention rather than having to spend each day fighting for survival or feeling cast aside.

The impact on the parents has also been noticeable as their children, the ones who normally have aimless, poverty filled days, have this week been the stars of the show, have had somewhere to go, and have started to learn – these parents now feel special, and noticed, and aware that people care about them.

I could go on, but I’ll spare you that! What I do want to say though is this:
Thank you to each of you for letting your son / daughter / wife / mum / friend / colleague come on this trip. I know, as a parent of teenagers, how hard it is to let them go somewhere that you have no experience of, which is outside your sphere of reference – thank you for trusting CRED and taking that risk. Each individual on this trip has been an absolute star and the trip wouldn’t have been complete without him or her – you can be extremely proud of all that they have achieved.

We all come home from these trips changed in many ways – even me who has done so many trips I’ve lost count! We can’t help but be changed and it would be a sad thing if the trip didn’t change us.
When the team get home, be gentle with them – adjusting back to life in the UK after a week such as this can take time, and there may well be a range of emotions coming through at various times as different situations are encountered. Dealing with the material wealth, and the various materialistic, and fairly self-centred attitudes of many in the UK can be hard – thank you for supporting your loved ones as they work that through.
There are lots of stories, and they will come out in time – sometimes they come in a flood, sometimes it is more like a dripping tap, little by little: I know you will enjoy hearing all of them over time.

Everyone is looking forward to coming home, and being with family again. Most wish they could fit a few of the Acholi kids in their suitcases! Have a wonderful reunion, enjoy hearing the stories and seeing the first lot of photos – many more of those to come once we have shared them with all. And remember, I’m always at the end of the phone / email if any queries.

Thank you again for all your support in so many ways, and may you all be blessed as a result of this trip.

God bless



Unknown said...

What you all have achieved in a short time is amazing. Whilst being apprehensive at first when Beth showed an interest in going we as her parents and Beth's sister Chloe feel immensely proud of her and all of the team. I know you will all have your own thoughts and memories of this trip and I wish you all a safe trip home. Thanks for the blogs . See you soon, Matt, Hazel and Chloe .

Unknown said...

Fundraising and the lead up to the trip certainly had it's ups and downs! And then there was the change of plan last minute! This week, just from seeing on the blog what you lot have achieved, has proved that every minute of that fundraising, planning and stressing!, has all been worth it. Hope you all have a safe and relaxing journey home! Love to Vicki and everyone! Mum n Tim xxxx