Sunday 29 June 2014

Uganda - Sunday

We started today by getting a flight from Nairobi into Uganda. It was a relief to get all the flights over with!
The first place we visited was Maya dental practice. It was inspiring to hear the story about how it all started from a girl’s dream when she was the same age as us. It was also exciting to meet some of the children who lived in the rural area and their enthusiasm was great to see.
After this we went to see where we would daily be working the next week and met the Acholi tribe. The children were so happy to see us and we were all completely swarmed by the young children. We visited the church and met the pastor and all had a small gathering.
We all got to know the children a little bit more which was a rewarding feeling because we could see first hand how much we could help them.
We were slightly overwhelmed and shocked to see the conditions some of these children were living in, but also felt inspired by the optimism and positive spirits.

Emma and Vicky J


Unknown said...

Looks amazing ! :-)

Becci Brown said...

Great photos ��

Unknown said...

Lovely to see these great pictures. Looking forward to seeing more over the week and reading your blog.

Rachel Wheatley said...

What a wonderful welcome! Rachel, Ella's mum

Unknown said...

Have a great week.