Saturday 2 November 2013

India Saturday

Today has been a day away from the school before flying home. We’ve visited stone-breakers, walked through a slum-ish area and seen what the homes of many of the children we taught are like, relaxed in the grounds of a beautiful cool church, and visited a leper colony where they sang to us, and then we sang to them.  A real mixed bag of a day to end an incredible week.

Here are the thoughts of everyone about the week:

Abi: This week has been a great laugh but missing home. A really good experience, and I’ve loved every minute of it

Lily: an amazing experience with amazing people

Tara: An overwhelming experience that I am glad to have been part of

Alice: words can’t even begin to explain just how incredible this week has been

Julie: I have been totally inspired by the enthusiasm and commitment of all the students from Angmering and Worthing.

Carrie: an amazing experience, just finished visiting the leper colony, very humblingJevhan: An experience which I am honoured to be a part of, and to be able to help others.


Chloe B: words can’t describe what I am feeling

Nikita: As the week progressed this trip has got better and better and better

Jim: it has been amazing to see the team develop as the week has gone on…very proud of them all!!

Nancy: A new exciting experience, this has probably been, and always will be, the best time of my life

Megan: its been a great week meeting new people and amazing kids

Mikey: a great team for a great week, definitely the best half-term yet

Hannah: incredible week, wicked team, high-5’s all round!

Ollie: best team, best kids, best time!

Zach: a truly great week, and I really want to come back sometime in the near future

Kiran: we have all come so far from the first day, its been a life-changer

Ryan: one of the best things I’ve done in my life, hopefully the start of many trips to come

Kate: amazing week, thank you CRED for a fantastic experience, lots of happy memories to take home

Charlotte: a truly brilliant week, been a life-changing experience and although I’m going to miss being out here I’m really looking forward to seeing family and friends again

Mel: inspirational week that has made me see the world in a different way

Eden: really been a life-changing experience, so glad I could be a part of it. Memories will stay with me forever.

Gracie: this week has meant everything to me

Chloe H: a life-changing experience, so glad I could come and be a part of it. Looking forward to sharing my memories with everyone

Sophie: its been a trip of a lifetime and I’ll never forget it.

Katie: what a trip! So proud of all the pupils, they have been amazing and made us so proud.

Mark: I’ve had an unforgettable experience and learnt so much. Thanks everyone for all your hard work.

Stu: this trip has had an incredible positive impact on me, but also on so many others. Something, something, something. Nothing will ever feel the same again, as this is the best thing I have ever done

Helen: remarkable, resilient, flexible, enthusiastic and wonderful team. Worthing and Angmering, you should be very proud of your staff and students for all they have done (and not forgetting Megan and Kate, equally wonderful but not from W or A)

NB a few extra photos from yesterday that got missed - we really haven't been to the school today!



Kirsten said...

Sounds as though everyone has had an amazing but life changing experience.
A huge thank you to the cred team for all their hard work organising the trip and making it so successful .
Have a safe journey home.
...... Tara can't wait to see you Monday and what do you want for dinner? Xxxx
Hugs and kisses Mum and Dad

Andi said...

Lovely to hear everyone's thoughts.
Sounds like such an amazing a life changing experience for you all.
Again many thanks to everyone involved, you should be so proud of what you have achieved and the difference you have made to others lives.
Eden you are our inspiration and look so forward to hearing all you have to share.
Oh and by the way Dads buying dinner Monday at Dave's Lunch Emporium and John Claude Jackety will be there, with his jacket on !!

Mum,Dad,Clem,Daisy,Hot Buns, Nans,Pops,Jo,Lee,Boo,Bella,Maisy,Nanny,Grandad,Charlie,Mike and Tracey etc...etc......

See you at the finish line xxx

Unknown said...

wow there you go what an incredible week, thank you cred team for this life changing experience you have given to my chloe b.I know she will treasure what she has experienced forever. The people look so welcoming and friendly what an eye opener today and for the whole week, great comments from the children. Safe journey home now see you Monday baby girl remember to keep in contact when you can, love you lots big hugs and kisses mummy, daddy, Charlie, Ashley, nanny, granddad, millie and pickles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

What a treat to hear from you today too - should have read the schedule properly to see that your journe home starts on Sunday. Today must have given you all even more to think about when you return home. Great comments from every one of you.
Kiran - I see you have been to the mens clothes shop as well the ladies - nice shirt!
Have a safe journey and see you Monday xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Melissa
Lovely lot of photo's again today, we're all so proud of you, what an incredible journey you've been on. Massive thanks to The Cred Foudation for the opportunity for you to be a part of it and equally massive thanks to all the teachers for their support and keeping you all safe.
Enjoy your last evening and safe journey home Darling, can't wait to see you on Monday.
Love you sooo much.
Mum, Nannie, Grandad and Jordan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ps. Pierre sends his love xxxx
PPs. Francesca is coming for tea on Monday! xxxx

Unknown said...

Loved reading your reflections you should all be very proud of yourselves. Big thanks to CRED and Jim , Katie, Ryan, Mark and Stuart for your support in enabling this life changing experience for all and to all the Worthing High students for your commitment to the project.

Unknown said...

Hi Grace.... v envious of your week....sounds amazing and v rewarding... Have safe journey home ... cannot wait to see you xxxx Daddy

Mary Teakle said...

It was lovely to read all the fantastic comments, it seems that everyone has taken away such positive things from this trip - teachers, leaders, our beautiful children and the children at the school. Thank you to the Cred team and the teachers at Worthing High for making it possible for our children to have this life changing experience, it is one they will never forget and I am sure will have a positive influence on their decisions in the future.
Tom and Ollie, I we can't wait to hear all the details - so be ready to tell us all about it. M&D xxx

Unknown said...

Love all the comments, you have shared this incredible experience together and hope this friendship and team sprit will continue. Today was probably very hard Abi and we hope you will remember today and the rest of the week. We are so pleased you loved every minute. Have a safe trip tomorrow. Dad is looking forward in picking you up Monday, I will have to wait to give you a massive hug after work.
Lots of love
Mum, dad and Sophie. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Family Penfold said...

What an amazing week,thank you so much to all of you at cred and Worthing High for giving Sophie a fantastic trip and an unforgettable experience.Sophie,as we have said, we are all so,so proud of you and can't wait to have you back home! See you Monday! Love you so,so much.Mum, Dad and Millie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Katie glover said...

Agree with all. Big thanks to Cred and staff for organising and making this happen. Really proud of everyone involved.
Nancy, really looking forward to hearing all about it from you when we see you on Monday. safe journey back. Mum and Dad xxxx

mrabp said...

I know its been said several times here so sorry to be boring, but on behalf of Jevhan and all the Pandyas, a huge thank you to all the staff involved in making this such an amazing experience. Feel like we've lived it too thanks to the wonderful communication !
Tracey xx

Holly_Sabin said...

Well done, well done, well done! Gorgeous record of your trip, and I'm totally impressed with what you've done, and the maturity of your comments and reflections. Bravo, one and all. (And still sad that I wasn't with you!) Mrs Sabin.