Friday 25 October 2013

Uganda 2013: Final fun with tears and plenty of shaving foam!!

Heather: I brought a girl into clubhouse from the streets and she has been coming every day. Today she wasn’t there and I thought she’d disappeared but when we went to Bulamu (means life in Uganda) she was there and she told me she is now staying there to learn English and study further to get back to her sister. Just wanted to send love to all, hope everyone’s ok and I hope you don’t mind if I stay out here for a few months ;) See you all soon.

Crystal: Today was our last day with the street children, making the day a very emotional one! However know that it’s the last day and I have properly stepped back and see how much progress the children have made, it really is incredible.
Just want to send my love to all my family and friends, p.s don’t miss me to much ;)

Susannah: It was a really emotional but crazy day today! At Tubabujja the children were crying at the thought of us leaving and it was just heartbreaking. I’ll remember all of their smiles and laughs and all the fun we had! Still missing you all at home! Can’t wait to share the stories of this amazing experience with you xxxx

Lorraine: Today was a very emotional day, had to say goodbye to all my friends I’ve made. Can’t believe the amazing experience I have been involved in, wish all my best to the boy’s in team universe and even through I didn’t teach the rest I wish them the best as well. P.s can’t wait to see you all when I get back x J x

Judy:  Today I was so sad to say goodbye to all of the boys at Clubhouse and the amazing staff who work so hard to help the boys and girls.  I would like to say thank you to them for the work that they do, the love that they show and for being so passionate.

Ali: hello mummy, today was a good bye to all the children and it was very emotional I don’t think I have ever cried as much! I can’t wait to se you I’m soooo excited I love you to the moon and back J xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel: Hi to everyone at home! I’ve had such an emotional day. We started out all excited for our last day teaching and having fun with the children and somehow managed to keep collected even when we were saying goodbye to all the kids. It’s so comforting to know we’ve made a difference even if it’s so small. Love to you all! J xxxx

Rianne: hi to everyone! Had a really emotional day today, but managed to not cry! So you’ll probably get all the tears when I get home! I love you all, and am missing you so much! See you in 3 days, looking forward to all the hugs and kisses! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nicole: said goodbye to the children today cant believe how much I cried and opened up in front of everyone, wish I could stay forever, cant wait to come home and let you know about the trip and the amazing experience xxxxx

Lexy: What  a wonderful end to a beautiful time here with the kids, cant wait to see all my family and friends, miss you all x x x

Paul says! I am glad you have enjoyed the blog. me and jimmy go to a local hotel when all are snuggled in bed and use there free internet, well we buy a drink, orange juice of course ;D  Its been an amazing day of tears and goodbyes and then a meal out with the staff with lots of words of thanks and praise passed on. We have got one more afternoon of work tomorrow so will try to blog Saturday night (match of the day??)

thanks for all the comments and we have tried to get every face in every other day so sorry if we have missed your loved one out. They have all worked so hard you are so right o be proud of them. take care (oh yes love you family if you are reading this see you monday!)

Daisy: Haven’t cried that much in a while, going to miss the kids at Tudabujja sooo much. Miss you mum, dad and Jack, see you on Monday, love you lots xxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah: Couldn’t put any of my feelings into words today. I haven’t cried that much in such a long time. Saying goodbye was heartbreaking. Wish I could come back some time and see where all of the children are on their journey!  Xx

Laila: Was so gutted to leave the clubhouse for good today, some of the boys’ speeches were so touching. I don’t think I want to come home!

Hannah: Wow! What a day! It was so difficult to say goodbye to the children at Tudabejja as it felt as if we had only just met them! It is amazing what Re-track do and they should be very proud! Missing Mum Dad Lee and Emma love you all!! Xxxxxx

Megan: Emotional day saying goodbye to all of the children and staff at Tudabejja. Was such a great experience! Hello to Mum, Jim, Jack, Cody and George, miss you all and will see you on Monday xx J

Lucy: Today was such a brilliant day, it really showed me that every troubled child can be helped! The children were so grateful for everything we did and in their tears we could see how much they had enjoyed the little time we were there! (HI mum and dad, yes I actually cried today!! See you soon J xx)

Jess: Today has been a emotional day with happiness and sadness of leaving the children at Clubhouse. Mum can you buy NME for this week.  Love you lots. J

Hanna: Saying goodbye to the children was heartbreaking, however if it’s good to know that they’re in safe hands at Clubhouse with fantastic staff and hopefully a great future ahead of them. See you soon mum, Kate and Sophie x

Cobi: I cried so much today driving away from the kids at clubhouse, will miss them so much! And hearing a girls story at Retrak was so emotional. Love you all, cant wait to see you Monday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Emmy Lou- today has been amazing but very emotional cant wait to be home to tell everyone about it. Love to everyone at home hope your giving Jonts and Bonbon lots of hugs love you xxxxx

Abi- today has been the hardest day so far saying goodbye to the boys we worked with was hard as we had built a bond and watched them grow best experiences so far. To the hole family I love you and miss you lots cant wait to see you all and tell you about the hole trip see you in a couple of days xxxxxxxxxxx

Iona- wow what a day… soooo emotional having to say bye to the children and staff today! Has been such an amazing experience to work with them throughout the week and to see the development of there confidence! Missing home, mum and Jonathan though.. but not ready to come home yet L xxx

Tamzin; Such an incredible and emotional goodbye to some amazing people! It was such a great experience. Missing you Mum, Granny, Auntie Janice, Kia, Misty and Lulu, looking forward to the reunion on Monday J xxxx

Chelsea; Today’s probably been the most emotional day of the week; having to say bye to all of the children we shared a bond with along with all of the amazing staff!! This week has been such an eye opener to me, the children are so inspirational and happy to see us they’re helping them. Missing and loving you all lots mum, dad, Sophie, Jodie and Jas <3 xxxx

Sue: It’s been such an amazing and emotional day! Have loved every minute of being here and sharing with such wonderful people. Looking forward to sharing all my stories. Love to David, Josh,Hannah, mum and dad and every one at home. See you very soon! Xxxxxxxx

Emily: Wow what a week, it has been a fanstastic experience, with a lot of amazing work being completed by all. Thank you Retrak for having us, keep up this essential work. Good luck for Saturday Si and have a good holiday mum and dad! See you soon xxxx

Rebekah: No words to explain – totally amazing bring on 2014. Hopefully my husband is alive after a week on apples x lov u x

Jimmy!: Great week! Amazing partner working in an amazing project, and I felt privileged to be a part of it. Couldn’t have asked for a better team to spend the week with.


Unknown said...

Been great to keep up with every thing you are doing. Loved reading the blog. Happy it's all gone well. Lots of love Mum and all. Xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Cobi, Those two photos of you today were beautiful, I hope paul can give them to us. Reading your little message made me and dad cry!! and Lana told us off for being stupid. We are soooo proud of you, cant wait to see you on mon, Loads of love Mum, Dad and Lana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

hi nicole glad to see you have had a fantastic time and no doubt you have learned a lot as well love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Peter Timblick said...

Hi Sarah, It obviously was a very emotional day for you having to say goodbye, I wish we had been there for you, we certainly shared your tears. I'm sure this is an experience that you will never forget and something that will have a part in shaping your life and all those that you have shared this with and helped, for the better. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday and hope our weather does not delay you. Miss you lots love Mum, Dad and Dan xxxxx and milly and Molly and Lola xxxxx

jane west said...

Hi Jess
Have loved reading the blog and seeing the photos - hope you had a fantastic time - enjoy the next 2 days
miss you
mum and adam xxxx

clive said...

hey ri ri cant wait to see u monday i want mega big hugs and ruby will want even bigger ones hopefully darrell will be able to get over to but remember big hugs for me first lol enjoy the next few days hun love u so much miss u loads love dadxxx

Unknown said...

emotional day wot more can i say uve done wonders well done xxxx

Unknown said...

hi sweetie. good girl for being strong today(you are so my daughter)cant wait to see you on Monday,just upset I will be working until 2.45.hope you all enjoy a bit of a rest in the next couple of days, but its bad weather here until mon,. apparently so hope you are not delayed. nanny and marky send their love (you know what they are like with this stuff) oh by the way I did this blog stuff all on my own!no help from dad, but I did go to call out to you for help when I had to set up a google , but then realised you was not there love you babe and see you mon xx

kate123 said...

Hi sarah.its been great looking at the the blog and all the pictures. What an amazing experience. I want to come out and work with the kids too now!!
Enjoy yr day tomorrow - we r all so proud of you. Love auntie kate, ken and boys x x

Unknown said...

Hi Hannah, lovely to know you've been enjoying yourself. can't wait to see you monday :) love and miss you xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Hanna, it's been really great to hear from you today. You've obviously had a very emotional, heart-rending day...such good memories, though. We'll have a get-together with the family when you get back so we can hear all the details.
Love you loads, see you soon, Mum xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Laila, Sorry I haven't posted in the last couple of days but we have all been reading the blog and looking out for you in the photos! I have even been showing people at school! Was very excited to see your close-ups a few days ago! It looks like you have had a great time and we have all really enjoyed following your journey on here! The goodbye looked really sad! :( But we miss you and can't wait for you to come home! (mum says she doesn't miss your singing! haha)What an experience though!I can see why you always want to go back!! see you soon Amira xxxx

Unknown said...

aw bless you alex! So nice to hear from u! Nice to see you smiling in ur pic - it lets us know ur doing well. We all love you & miss you lots & are counting down the days till u are home again! Enjoy the rest of ur time out there, hugzz & kisses lily-mum & family! xxx

Unknown said...

Wow xx well done to you all xx counting the hours now xxxxalixxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Em hope you enjoy your last couple of days. Once again brilliant photos and blog.I'm all set for tomorrow morning looking forward to seeing Potter! Take care lots of love mum and dad xxx

Unknown said...

Hey Nala (Heather) I've been reading your blogs! I'm so proud of you, missing you lots. Keep up the amazing work you're doing, well done to the team too. Love you loads, Amber xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Heather - this time its mum..... I hated seeing the photo of you crying - I just wanted to hug you. This trip has been an amazing journey for you. You have been part of a team who have experienced living in a culture so far removed from the one you all know. From the blogs I have seen, you all appear to have embraced the situation and hopefully managed to make a positive impact on the lives of the children there. Congratulations and well done to you all. Enjoy the last few days. I am SO looking forward to seeing you on Monday. Love you, Mum x (ps Matt says Hi - not one for many words!!!). x

George said...

hi meg so glad you enjoyed the whole experience x can't wait to see you home x enjoy the rest of your time out there x love mum Jim Jack cody and George x

Unknown said...

Lovely to read about your work and fun with the kids. You make me very proud and as you can imagine have been showing my work colleagues thr blog and pics! So looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about it. Love you lots xxxx mum xxxx

Unknown said...

Hey little squirt!
I hope you have had an amazing time out there hun. I certainly can't wait for you to be home! Girly day is very soon! By what I've read and pics I've seen-it looks like you have had an amazing time!!! The children look do happy!! I'm so proud of you! Patch can't wait to see you and give you lots of cuddles!!! :D love you lots Jadey! Have a safe journey home :) love, from your nugget <3

Unknown said...

Ahh wow Iona u look like you are having a brilliant time I've been updating mum as u no she's useless on a computer haha see you soon love Jonathan

clive said...

hi ri ri ruby says good night sunshine i like your moustache i miss u i love u blah blah blah n all that how many days to trick of treating and will this make u laff blur blur blur blah blah lol xx love u hun xx

Unknown said...

Have a safe journey home looking forward to seeing all your photos.This morning was a huge success.Love mum and dad xx

Unknown said...

Hi Jess dad he loves you lots and very proud of you xx

Mr Hall said...

It was really good to see you all in action, so committed and totally impacted by your experiences. Have a fabulous last day or so in Uganda and give my love to John, Sophie and Patience, Annet, Ephraim, Moses, Hakim and Dan (I hope I haven't missed anyone out!!). Don't forget to keep in touch with John's work over the coming months and years
By the way, I am convinced that the week we overlapped will prove to be a landmark week in John's story, but we wont know for a few years - only time will prove the pudding!! Tim