Sunday 27 October 2013

India Sunday

After a massive thunder storm in the night, we started the day off with another cold shower, however we persevered and braved it. After getting ready, we headed for St Josephs School for breakfast. On our way, we drove through rural ares where we saw the devastation that the cyclone had left behind. We also saw a few monkeys, which we stopped to take pictures of.

Today was the first time we had visited the school, so we were all very excited to see what it was like. When we arrived, we met Janaki the founder of the school, who welcomed us into her community. After eating a quick breakfast of curry and chapatti, we made our way to one of Janaki's local churches she visits. Before we entered the church, we took off our shoes and split into boys and girls. We walked in to see everyone clapping and singing with high spirits. Janaki introduced us to the church, then passed the microphone to Helen. She explained the reasons for our trip to India, and what an honour it was for us to help out in the community.

The singing and clapping continued, and after several prayers and speeches from the locals, the service came to an end. We were all very moved and uplifted, and also admired the passion they shared. On our way out, we were greated with a cold drink, whilst we posed for the locals pictures of us.

We ventured back to the school for lunch, surprise surprise some more curry.. but we weren't complaining!! We then spoke about the plans for the rest of the week at the school, and were given the time for some last minute, well needed, lesson preparation. During the time that we prepped we decorated our classrooms, sorted our resources, and even rehearsed tomorrow's lessons to fellow team members.

As we embark on our journey back to the hotel, we reflect on our day and mentally prepare ourselves for the rest of the week. Although we are nervous about delivering the lessons, we are all very excited and keen to start.

Written by The Angmering girls, Tara, Lily and Alice. 


Unknown said...

Amazing...what an adventure x

Nyree said...

Hey Gracie, looks like you're working hard...shame about the rain...
"I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny"
Enjoy yourself and remember to take lots of photos
We love you
Mummy, Daddy, Ethan, Nanny, Grandad, Obi, and Macy

Unknown said...

You will all do fantastic, everyone has put so much effort in, with your enthusiasm and desire to spur you on the only outcome will be success.............enjoy every moment, even the cold showers and the endless curry, The Suthies

Unknown said...

Hello Precious Gracie ..... Loved the photo's ----- So glad to see you have settled in well and enjoying this fantastic opportunity and adventure. Love you lots Nanny & Grandad xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Abi,
Great to see you smiling in all the photos looks like you are enjoying the experience. Your rain coat is coming in handy, hope you see some sun this week. Good luck to you and Sophie for your lessons tomorrow. We love reading the blog each day and hope you are enjoying curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!
Lots of Love
Mum Dad and Sophie. xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Lissie
Hope you're ok and enjoying this wonderful experience, keep taking and appearing in lots of photo's! Good luck for your lessons tomorrow. Love and miss you sooo much.
Mum, Nannie, Grandad and Jordan xxxxx

Unknown said...

Loving hearing your updates good luck for tomorrow hope the lessons go well.

Andi said...

Lovely to see you all.
Sounds great, I'm sure you will all be amazing tomorrow and the kids will love your lessons.
Just read all Blogs to The Moyles and everybody sends their love and is so proud of all of you, although Rup is now singing Korma Chameleon :(
Sleep well hope the storms are gone
Love mum, dad, Clem and Daisy xx

Sam the Amazing said...

Hi Nikita, surprise!! x We are all so so proud of you, it's really great to see you in the photos - keep going. Well done everyone.

We all love & miss you
Mum, Sam, Zoe, Melany & Bob xxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Eden,loving seeing the photos,the colours are amazing. Dont worry about delivering lessons tomorrow,only you and Lily will know if youve gone wrong,the children wont! :). We're having a very stormy sunday here and its supposed to get worse. Good luck for tomorrow. Sam and Char send Big hugs. Love the Bevis' xxx