Friday 5 July 2013

friday - final day at Catch-Up, by Anna

This morning we all woke up excited and slightly scared about the day to come. The thought of saying goodbye was daunting and it became a lot clearer how much we felt for the children. The activities we planned were so much fun and our tigers all had face paint and looked awesome. 
When it came to say goodbye to the first group it finally hit me how much I loved these kids and how inspirational they were. When we gathered in the classroom and they all had their drinks and snacks their pure generosity and care for others shone through. They were offering us their cake and fizzy drink even though they rarely get to have these types of things. When we took pictures they were trying to put the bottles in our mouths for us to drink. It just shows that even though they have so little they are willing to share with people, who they have only known for a little time, whatever they have. 
One girl called Olive in my class came up and hugged me goodbye and she started to sing to me, she was crying and I couldn’t hold back the tears. That was the most emotional moment since I have been here. 
We had to clear up the tears to start the day all over again for the second group. When we left in the bus all the children were saying good-bye and chasing after us. It was heart breaking to see all the children trying to hold onto the bus and make sure they shook our hands as we were pulling away.

When we got back to the apartment we all got ready for our good-bye dinner with the staff from the school. The food was amazing and it was so nice to then spend time with the teachers without having to concentrate on our lessons. 
Saying good-bye to the teachers was emotional as they were all thanking us for being there and how they were so grateful for us, when really we were grateful for the opportunities and care they had given us and the respect that they continued to give. They have taught me a lot and  I hope that I will some day get the chance to make such a difference to people like they have to those children at the school. Anna 


Unknown said...

Sounds like you've all had an incredible, emotional week. Enjoy your weekend and thanks to paul for passing my message on. James I just can't wait to have you home now to hear all of your stories! Love you, Emma

Unknown said...

So glad youve had a lovely last day even though its been an emotional one! Everything youve all done is amazing; it is very hard and upsetting to imagine what they are all going through / have gone through... it just goes to show how much we take for granted, just simple things as a bed to sleep in / roof over our heads / running water etc. Make the most of the last few days there! Georgie we miss you and love you lots!! Xxx

Unknown said...

Glad you had an enjoyable last day, also very emotional for you all, what a week you have had , tears, fun , laughter, and the most rewarding gift of all the joy you have bought these children,have a lovely weekend, we all miss you so much Zac and can't wait till your home again, and a round of applause to you all , your all a credit to your loved ones see you soon love the cookies xxxxx