Wednesday 10 July 2013

day 3 photos (in reverse order for some weird reason!)


Unknown said...

It is so great to see pictures and hear your stories every day. It is the highlight of my day over here. It looks as though you have all settled into the job in hand with ease and are having a great time with the children who also look extremely pleased with their handiwork (especially the shaving foam!!).
Hard to believe you are halfway through now.... keep on treasuring every day out there and we will see you next week.
Jacob - we miss you very much but are extremely proud of you.
Suzy, Olu and Alexa

Unknown said...

Well done to everybody in the group, it looks like everybody is fully involved and connecting with the children and making the most of this great opportunity and experience. You are all exuding enthusiasm and happiness and passing that on to the other children. Alexander, we saw that you managed to get the cricket set out there - remember to run the bat in, love from Mummy and Daddy.

Unknown said...

It's so nice to see photo's of you Mutti and Evie. You look like you're having a blast and doing some important and inspiring work. I bet all of the hard work getting there now seems so worth it.

I can't wait to hear all of your stories when you're back.

SUPER proud of you.

Love Jody and Tegan xxxx

Unknown said...

Viewing the photographs illustrates a week of hard work and fun. Well done all.
To Mel and Mikayla. Proud of you both...missed you.